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Where is the green Parrot? CD ReR Megacorp RER PC1 first CUSACK album for ReR, merging incredible bird-recordings (woodlark, pheasant, weird sea-birds, nightjar, pets, etc..) with guitar, bouzouki and other field recordings, for a bizarre & beautiful experience.. 1999 €14.00
Baikal Ice (Spring 2003) CD ReR Megacorp ReR PC2 great location-recordings of ice & environment from the Lake Baikal, the "Pearl of Siberia", made during the ice break-up in spring. A must for "pure field recording" fans ! 2003 €14.00
Sounds from dangerous Places do-CD & BOOK ReR Megacorp PC3&4 "What can we learn of dangerous places?" - for this fascinating project PETER CUSACK has visited "dangerous places" in Chernobyl and Azerbaijan (Caspian Oil fields) & recorded acoustic phenomena & atmospheres as ghost towns, radiometers, wildlife, people, nuclear, military, greenhouse gases; this acoustic psycho-geographic journey comes with an impressive book (hardcover, 100 colour images, 80 pages) and two PDF files on the CD with more images 2012 €24.00
Favourite Berlin Sounds CD ReR MegaCorp ReRPC5 an audio book of city-sounds from Berlin with 31 recordings, ranging from city traffic (U-Bahn & S-Bahn stations) over nightly party people crowds to courtyards & animal sounds typical for Berlin, characterizing its aural atmosphere very well... feat. booklet with detailed descriptions of every recording; very nice & cafefully put together 2013 €14.00