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Aestuarium LP Ideologic Organ SOMA002 "minimalist spectral music" with beautiful vocals sung on Latin by JESSIKA KENNEY & viola-sounds by EYVIND KANG, inspired by Gaelic and Tibetan folk traditions. Re-issue of CD-R from 2005. Really breathtaking stuff, highly recommended ! 2011 €20.00
The Face of the Earth LP Ideologic Organ SOMA 011 second album for this duo, merging together Persian vocal & music traditions with the violin/ setar (old persian lute) / electronic-work by EYVIND KANG => graceful oriental tunes, orchestrated in a very discreet way, just beautiful ! comes with double sided A4 insert 2012 €16.50
Reverse Tree LP Black Truffle BT025 viola player EYVIND KANG and singer / composer JESSIKA KENNEY have teamed up again for two side-long tracks, this time working with a chamber group of guest-musicians: HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR, OREN AMBARCHI, STEPHEN O'MALLEY and the GAMELAN PACIFICA ensemble amongst others => unique compositions merging Asian influences and poems with 20th Century western music... 2016 €17.50