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same CD Anima Arctica Productions AUER-005 dark experimental folk from Finland with industrial & doom influences (the labels calls it "gloomy earth-folk") using banjo, e-bass & guitar, reverberant percussion, voice, found sounds, noises... their debut-album, worth to check out for fans of GLASS THROAT- releases for example.. 2009 €10.00
Taival CD Anima Arctica AUER-013 new album by the Finnish "ritual folk" duo (with JUHA KETTUNEN from OTAVAN VERET) which bandname translates as "Tar Wedding", especially inspired by the natural environment (trees, animals) and spirt of the ancestors; created with bass, shimmering string harmonics (guitar, banjo and kantele?) and vocals on Finnish, this is deep & melancholic neofolk from the heart.. "the music works with me like a spiritual guide to the Suomi landscape that Im yet to visit" [Malachy O'Brien / Heathen Harvest] 2014 €13.00