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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Iconclastar (Icon CD Musica Maxima Magnetica eee09 very last NEW copies found, this experimental ambience classic by the "german ZOVIET FRANCE" (maybe), CRANIOCLAST !! 1992 €14.00
(THE) L.K.A. SONAR KIT (SOLD OUT) pic-7 Drone Records DR-44 (2nd) we could find some NEW copies of this gem, the first pic-7" on Drone Records, 2nd ed. 11/2000, by the legendary post-industrial / ambient band from Germany 2000 €8.00  
(THE) L.K.A. SONAR KIT (SOLD OUT) pic-7 Drone Records DR-44 lim & cryptically numbered to 250 copies, with 11 different coloured & printed transparent papers around 2000  
Carl's on Acit 10inch Auf Abwegen travel_document # 4 CARLS ON ACIT baths the listener in a futuristic atmosphere with sci-fi beats and obscure sounds, at the boundary of new technologic myths and the archaic ground of the soul.... this is the very last release by the German industrial mythologists.. lim. 500 2003 €9.00