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(THE) L.K.A. SONAR KIT (SOLD OUT) pic-7 Drone Records DR-44 (2nd) we could find some NEW copies of this gem, the first pic-7" on Drone Records, 2nd ed. 11/2000, by the legendary post-industrial / ambient band from Germany 2000 €8.00  
(THE) L.K.A. SONAR KIT (SOLD OUT) pic-7 Drone Records DR-44 lim & cryptically numbered to 250 copies, with 11 different coloured & printed transparent papers around 2000  
Carl's on Acit 10inch Auf Abwegen travel_document # 4 CARLS ON ACIT (another CRANIOCLAST anagram) baths the listener in a futuristic atmosphere with sci-fi beats and obscure sounds, at the boundary of new technologic myths and the archaic ground of the soul.... this is the very last release by the (for us: legendary) German industrial mythologists from 2003... lim. 500, BACK IN STOCK 2003 €10.00