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An Occupied Space CD-R Dragon's Eye Recordings de5031 debut-album by this artist & curator from Los Angeles, using field recordings of public places in L.A. where "music is integral to the experience of these social constructs"; he transformed this to great organic drone-ambient sound-landscapes; ed. of 200, professional design, another convincing release by DRAGON'S EYE, highly recommended ! 2011 €10.00
Sublunar CD Touch Tone 056 a highly minimal / meditative attention drone composition by this sound-artist known from releases on Dragon's Eye and LINE => a slowly pulsative, airy, hyper subtle "intelligent drone", where the sound or composition is seen as a sculpture, architecture or choreography, with numerous conceptual relations... the source material was delevoped in performance with YANN NOVAK & RAFA ESPARZA 2017 €11.00