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An Occupied Space CD-R Dragon's Eye Recordings de5031 debut-album by this artist & curator from Los Angeles, using field recordings of public places in L.A. where "music is integral to the experience of these social constructs"; he transformed this to great organic drone-ambient sound-landscapes; ed. of 200, professional design, another convincing release by DRAGON'S EYE, highly recommended ! 2011 €10.00
Organs CD Dragon's Eye Recordings der011 this soundartist from L.A. has worked with choreographer JULIE TOLENTINO for three pieces, illustrating the encounter of organic and technical bodies... "The interplay of the soft tissue, sinew, bone and blood of the body-organ, pushing against/within/outside the sustained tones and synthetic expressions of the techno-organ. Each organ exists simultaneously alienated from, and an extension of, the other." excellent, challenging sounds and atmospheres.. 2015 €13.00
Sublunar CD Touch Tone 056 a highly minimal / meditative attention drone composition by this sound-artist known from releases on Dragon's Eye and LINE => a slowly pulsative, airy, hyper subtle "intelligent drone", where the sound or composition is seen as a sculpture, architecture or choreography, with numerous conceptual relations... the source material was delevoped in performance with YANN NOVAK & RAFA ESPARZA 2017 €12.00