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Resonant Cuts do-CD & BOOK Edition RZ 10018-19 concert (performed by ENSEMBLE POLWECHSEL) and sound-installation, both recorded summer 2008 at the "Kleiner Wasserspeicher" in Berlin; comes with big book (63 pages), German & English texts & photos; lim. 500, excellent edition ! 2010 €30.00
Antiphon do-LP Edition RZ ed. RZ 9010--11 recordings of a site-specific sound-installation that happened at the choir of a church in Krems/Stein (Austria) in 2011, where MICHAEL MOSER used large glass sheets and metal plates that were set into vibration, creating shimmering, enormously reverberating drones... ; based on the ideas about "Atmosphere" of German philosoph GERNOT BHME, the sounds and the special architecture merge into a resonating organism; gatefold cover with lots of background info, a masterpiece!! 2016 €30.00