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Alarm Valhalla 7inch Autarkeia Vinyl 005 avi 046 second 7" by the Lithuanian industrial project, vibrating dark noise with martial WWII atmosphere, eerie and dramatic... very good and captivating! lim. 230, luxurious design: heavy vinyl, very thick cover with embossed print 2010 €8.00
Checkpoint CD Autarkeia acd 047 first album by this promising Lithuanian electronic industrial band, dealing with the violent aspects of religion; dark synthetique ambient & slow pulsing (c)old school industrial.. lim. 300, embossed digipack 2010 €12.00
Holy Grief 7inch Autarkeia Vinyl 003 their first 7", masterful dark spiritual ambience with ethnic elements (beautiful chants)... lim. 246 copies, nice cover with embossing 2010 €8.00
Patrols of Paradise 10inch Autarkeia AVI 043 new Lithuanian project combining "oriental" field recordings with post-industrial tunes, very political and provoking - like a darker version of MUSLIMGAUZE; lim. 240 2010 €12.00
Vermin CD Autarkeia ACD 049 Makes your hair rise - the second full length album by this interesting industrial band from Vilnius, Lithuania, concentrating with this release on the 'arcane supernatural world'... "Vermin is the invasion of powerful and especially malicious demons into the everyday life upon the accidental uttering of the forbidden mantra." lim. 300 2010 €13.00
Verger CD Autarkeia ACD 060 the third full length album by this interesting industrial band from Vilnius, Lithuania, thematically dealing with the strange conspiracy theory of the "Maldur Atai" cult, responsible for the deception of reality and perception... 'Verger' is like a industrial sound collage with lots of different musical and speech samples, connected with droning and throbbing dark ambient industrial tunes.. lim. 300 2011 €13.00
Borgata CD Autarkeia acd 085 dark & threatening apocalyptic industrial tunes - newest album by this post-industrial project from Vilnius, very spooky, centered around the murder of film-maker PIER PAOLO PASOLINI in 1975 2012 €12.00
Umbra Nihili I CD Moontrix MTXCD007 the Lithuanian male/female industrial duo with four new claustrophobic and highly atmospheric tracks which are conceptually related to Nepal myths, plus five remixes by VOICE OF EYE (!), DEUTSCH NEPAL, OORCHACH, SKELDOS and POGROM, all mastered by COLIN POTTER; to discover! 2014 €12.00