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Cables & Signs (ten underwater field recordings) CD Fissr r06 ten underwater field recordings, "a collection of hydrophonic recordings of plants and insects" - first fabric-pressed CD release for "TO" (with accent on O that we can not display here) aka THOMAS TILLY who is exploring strange micro worlds like JOHN HUDAK or MICHAEL PRIME 2010 €12.00
Le Cebron / Statics and Sowers LP Aussenraum Records AR-LP-002 THOMAS TILLY aka T shows his skills again to record unusual enviromental sounds for his compositions => intriguing sounds of (crushed) ICE on the frozen lake Cebron (France) [Side A], recordings of beehives and electric circuits from a mixing board [Side B] - dedicated to Z. KARKOWSKI... explore thee outlandish sounds! Lim. 300, clear vinyl 2014 €16.00
Script Geometry do-LP & CD Aposiopese APO 09 first vinyl release by this French soundartist also known as TO => a work about 'density', using sounds of a tropical forest as if they were synthetic, as if it was a city or artificial construct => quite massive, pulsing drone waves with eerie organic sounds inside, arrays of undecipherable microsounds, atmospheric vibrations with strange 'electronic' sounding animal phenomena and surprising cut-ups; a mysterious sounding album with interesting concept, comes in gatefold cover with additional CD !! 2014 €24.00