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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Big Time Crash Bang 2008 LP RRRecords RRR-001 composed entirely of car crashes, ed. of 500 (GX = THE HATERS) 2008 €15.50
Expanded Slam 10inch Hrnir hr4441 two new tracks by JUPITTER-LARSEN aka THE HATERS, comes in a lovely gatefold-10-design & inlay with a text by GX about "permawave" and "polywave"; lim. 500 2010 €16.00
The Internationale MC Banned Production bp157 MC-only release in the new limited Banned Prod tape series (standard jewel-cases & printed full colour covers); six versions of THE INTERNATIONALE, as obscure sound-poetry ending in harsh noise, in a jazzy brass-band version, with piano & drones, etc.. lovely insane stuff !!! 2011 €6.50
Empty Holes, Empty Homes BOOK & 5 Blossoming Noise BN060BK+ ZERO IS THE JOURNEY - nice book of the (anti) muzak & noise pioneer (aka THE HATERS), 'an amanthopaedia of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, & cryptograms', incl. thoughtful philosophic texts from 1990 until now, little short stories, strange schematic drawings, and 5" flexi disc; printed by using traditional offset methods 2013 €23.00