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The Black Book of Capitalism CD Type Records TYPE025 re-issue of his wonderful first album from 2000, a true masterpiece of melancholic chamber / film music, lonely & nostalgic... perfect if you like RACHEL'S, MAX RICHTER, LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NUIT or JOHANN JOHANNSSON 2008 €13.00
Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated) CD Type Recordings TYPE057 a more song-oriented album from the French composer 2010 €15.50
Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated) LP Type Recordings TYPE057V lim. vinyl version 2010 €16.50
Kogetsudai LP Brocoli BROCOLI 013 the following release to "Singular Forms", reconstructing the classic song structure, influenced by Japanese Zen gardens.... minmimal electronics sounds and subtle drones, ghostly piano and CHAUVEAUs remarkable voice form an intimate, personal music.... feat. guest musicians as STEVEN HESS or STEPHANE GARIN and production help of ADAM WILTZIE (STARS OF THE LID, etc.) 2013 €15.00