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Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D. CD Actual Noise AN02 "aural mysticism" by the Italian artist PIETRO RIPARBELLI, working with esoteric concepts & short wave radio sounds as "instrument", + organ & voice, all recorded in the old Assisi Cathedral in Umbria; includes video-track with visuals from the Cathedral 2010 €13.00
The Sacred Wood CD Old Europa Cafe OECD141 great album by PIETRO RIPARBELLI aka K11, who is already called the "new BAD SECTOR", using sounds recorded at the "Bosco dei Mostri" (Monsters Grove) in Bomarzo, Italy, an amazing park built 1552 with huge sculptures 2010 €13.00
K MC Silentes Tapestry we got very few single copies of this MC usually only available with the full (A-Z) set of COLLEZIONE DEL SILENZIO; numbered. ed. 100 copies, C-24 2011 €7.50