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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Negativland LP Seeland Records SEELAND 001 2nd hand; 'first LP, handmade wallpaper cover, numbered, VG+ ; almost perfect condition! 1980 €45.00
Points CD Seeland Records SEELAND 002CD CD-version of the second LP from 1981; obscure collages & weirdest songs & senseless noise, using tons of objects & instruments & found sounds, at times almost unlistenable & something like the even more bizarre counterpart to NURSE WITH WOUND; a masterpiece of US-American experimental music !! 1992 €13.00
Escape from Noise CD Seeland 006CD LP-version is sold out completely, so we stock the CD version now! Probably the most well known album (1987) from the cultural terrorists, feat. their hits "Michael Jackson", "The Playboy Channel" and "Christianity is stupid", and lots of guest musicians like JELLO BIAFRA, DAS (BIG CITY ORCHESTRA), FRED FRITH, JERRY GARCIA (GRATEFUL DEAD), ALEXANDER HACKE (EINST▄RZENDE NEUBAUTEN), THE RESIDENTS, etc.. 1999 €13.00