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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Crossings CD Lovely Music LCD 1018 works from 1982-1985 1990 €13.00
I am sitting in a room CD Lovely Music LCD 1013 his most famous piece, from 1970 1990 €14.00
Music on a long thin wire CD Lovely Music LCD 1011 rec. from 1979 1992 €13.00
Clocker CD Lovely Music LCD 1019 piece from 1978, performed 1991: "for amplified clock, performer with galvanic skin response sensor, and digital delay system" 1994 €13.00
Sferics / Music for Solo Performer CD Lovely Music LCD 5013 SFERICS (1981): recording of radio-frequency emissions in the ionosphere; MUSIC FOR SOLO PERFORMER (1965): new version of this piece using LUCIERS alpha-brainwaves as activator for different percussion instruments; two great concept to make the "Unlistenable" listenable, with curious results ! 2009 €14.00
Almost New York do-CD Pogus Productions 21057-2 Four quite NEW pieces (written 2001-2006) by the famous conceptual / electronic / minimal composer, feat. CHARLES CURTIS on cello and others.. 2011 €18.50
Still and Moving Lines CD Pogus Productions P21072-2 four LUCIER works performed by the Australian new music ensemble DECIBEL, three were recorded for the first time: "Ever Present" (2002), "Carbon Copies" (1989), "Hands" (1994), and "Shelter" (1967)... 'amazing examples of Alvin Luciers fertile mind and exploring, experimental sensibility' 2014 €13.00
Dark Matter LP GOD Records GOD30 highly minimal / droning works merging electronics, tapes and flute drones: 'Still and moving lines of Silence in families of hyperbolas' (1984), '13 degrees of darkness' (2013), 'Double Himalaya' (2012); "I use the pure sound of the instruments, with alterations in tuning to make audible [acoustic] beating" 2015 €20.50