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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Anomie CD-R Reverse Alignment RA-3 numb. ed. 200 copies / printed cover 2007 €8.50
Black City Skyline CD-R Reverse Alignment RA-7 guitar driven dark ambient from Norway with a very melancholic and emotional touch; the 3rd album from 2009; A4 cover lim. 250 2009 €9.00
Access to a World of Pain CD Greytone (grey006) first real CD by this "dark melancholic drone" project from Norway (once a member of NORTHAUNT); mainly based on sad guitar harmonics & ultra deep drones, lim. 500 2010 €13.00
Taphephobia CD Greytone grey011 super sad & desolate guitar drones (enriched with electronics, whisphered vocals and environmental recordings), dark ambience with a deep emotional gesture, all slowed down & sounding as coming through shadows... 2nd album by this Norwegian project 2012 €13.00
Escape from the mundane Self CD Cyclic Law 61st Cycle the emotional & melancholic side of dark ambience, using especially spheric guitar-based sounds & dark harmonies, the perfect soundtrack to an introspective inner journey, excellent new album reminding on TROUM/MAEROR TRI, DESIDERII MARGINIS, etc.. beautiful & desolate at the same time! 2013 €13.00