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Ura itam taala' momojmuj lwajamuj cooconaja mCD Ferns Recordings ferns_rhizome_04 fascinating dronescape derived from field recordings made on a mountain in Italy, using a 3 m cross & bell sounds; nice full-colour mini-gatefold cover / ed. of 500 2007 €6.50
qwalsamtimutkw italuc'ik (and now he almost did make himself into hemlock needes, it is said) CD Alluvial Recordings A27 "Sound Field for Rattle Harp" - TONIUTTI performs one hour on a self-build metal instrument, creating deep-droning and rumbling sounds.... very meditative & archaic, these recordings from 2001 that are finally being released... comes with 16p booklet; BACK IN STOCK ! 2008 €13.00
La Mutazione CD Klanggalerie gg117 re-issue of the BROKEN FLAG LP / MC from 1985, his very first album! Comes with bonus track and updated artwork 2009 €14.50
Igilagiilal Aglalgal (was brought together in baidars) mCD-R Kaon fe10 / < La riviere > serie 1 first part in a new series dedicated to the "Taurion River Theme" with source field recordings by CEDRIC PEYRONNET (TOY BIZARRE); numbered ed. 100 copies, professional cover 2010 €8.00