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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Infektio CD Conspiracy Records CORE CD102 newest album by this uncategorizable Finnish psych / metal / drone / minimal-rock group active since 20 years now ! 2011 €14.50
Prospekt CD Essence Music ESS017 re-issue of album from 2000 by the Finnish cult hypno/drone rockers, with long bonus track (18 min.) that could only be found on the long deleted vinyl version.... "Non stop motorik grooves, relentless circular rhythms, megaton riffs and krautified geniality played to the exhaustion.." 2011 €13.50
Soundcheck CD Essence Music ESS018 the most contemporary document possible of a CIRCLE concert experience - recording of a soundcheck from October 2009 by the Finnish drone-psych-kraut--minimal-hypno-whatever 'rock' band... lim. 800 2011 €13.50
Meronia do-LP Svart Records SRE076 first vinyl re-issue of the FIRST album by the Finnish "hypno/psych-rock" group from 1994; lim. 700 black vinyl 2016 €28.00