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Reflections on black CD Silentes minimal editions sme 0713 Italian dark ambient supergroup, a collab project of AMON (ANDREA MARUTTI), NEFELHEIM & NIMH!! dark, melancholic, otherworldly.. 2007 €13.00
Forgotten Realm CD Silentes Minimal Editions SME0927 second album by this project consisting of NIMH & AMON, feat. SUBINTERIOR & UR 2009 €13.00
Altered Nights do-CD Malignant Records TUMORCD54 the third album by this Italian duo consisting of AMON (Andrea Marutti) and NIMH (Giuseppe Verticchio), very dark & amorph ambience with a post industrial touch.. " At its core, this is dark ambient, but with its roughly edged, mildly corrosive machine edges and cascading factory whir".. feat. contributons of VESTIGIAL, NEW RISEN THRONE, K11 / PIETRO RIPARBELLI.. great release !! 2012 €15.00