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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
De Schroef LP Le Souffleur lim. 200, 10 pieces, each piece seperated by a lock groove 2009 €27.00
L'Opus L'H LP Dekorder 040 second title in the series "the advantages of schizophrenia" by this unique sounding Dutch artist; lim. 300 2010 €13.50
De Schaal CD & BOOK EE Tapes EE19 Soundart-release by RAYMON DIJKSTRA (ex K.S.P / INDRA KARMUKA. who once had a 7" on Drone Records [DR-21]!) - with music on the CD that is somehow uncomparably strange, but builds a logic in itself; (consisting of) a brusque, inaccessible dimension of art & music, that shares some charm at the same time... lim. 200, comes with 40 page 10" sized book with collage artworks 2013 €18.00