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Quality Time LP Very Friendly VFSL-12 re-issue of the '95 album, recorded by Steve Albini, with cover-artwork by TREVOR BROWN 2009 €16.00
The Sound of Being Alive do-LP Susan Lawly SLA 005 a collection of classics & rare material, originally released 1998-2007; all re-mastered and with new collage work by MIMSY DEBLOIS; gatefold-cover 2016 €25.00
Dedicated to Peter Krten, Sadist and Mass Slayer LP Dirter Promotions DPROMLP121 first ever VINYL re-issue of the LP from 1981, an extremely provocating industrial milestone, inspired by Germanys most well known serial killer from the Weimar Republic; re-mastered, 180 gr. vinyl, 500 copies; "Unavailable on vinyl for 36 years, this iconic and ground-breaking masterpiece of electronic and extreme music is finally back." 2017 €28.00