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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Coav CD Aural Hypnox [AH02] octagon shaped cardboard covers including 6 panel textured sleeve, handmade. 2004 €13.00
Zenith beyond the Helix-Locus CD Aural Hypnox [AH05] lim. 1000 in 7" 4-panel cardboard cover 2005 €13.00
Temple Treye CD Aural Hypnox [AH13] after a long break the Finnish AEOGA return, a project with Antti Haapapuro (HALO MANASH, ARKTAU EOS)....bleak synth-expanses and distorted gong-drones with pulses and vocal material form an intense atmospheric voyage to the outerlands of the mind and reality... captivating stuff.. "This is archaic dronumental Temple Music in its purest form"; lim. 444 copies, special cardboard cover with eight panel booklet 2014 €13.00