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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Dhringa Aorta CD-R Mbira Records mbira v.04 wonderful SEETYCA-album from 2005 now available in a "handmade" CDR-edition: sounds as being inside a blood-circle, mysterious pulsations & drones.. 2005 €12.00
The Lake (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-87 lim. 300 handmade cover / black-green vinyl 2007 €7.00  
Zeit CD-R Mbira Records 0036/24mbnt. very meditative one-tracker from 2004; glossy cover, lightscribed edition, 60 min playtime 2009 €8.50
Bleakscapes CD Essentia Mundi EM018 finally a proper CD-album by this German dark / deep / cosmic ambient artist known from the Drone Records 7"; extreme vast spaces, emotional drones, interesting sounds, perfectly arranged! Recommended for any dark ambient lover ! Lim. 300 copies! 2011 €12.50
The Luminous Deep CD Gterma gterma017 hard to find seetyca album on a Swedish label, inspired by deep sea phenomena & atmosphere, cold & soft & timeless...feat. three long really suspended tracks, almost 80 min. playtime, comes with nice 16p. booklet 2012 €13.00
Lieder zum Summen CD Gterma gterma038 a collection of 16 purely electronic 'songs'/ miniatures by the German ambient project dedicated to autumn atmospheres... => soft poetic aural pictures, with track titles like "sonnentropffen", "erde riechen", or "regen gucken"... very subtle and calm, this music mirrors certain 'magic moments' while experiencing nature phenomena... comes with full-colour 16p. booklet 2014 €13.50
Deus ex Machina CD Essentia Mundi EM034 four new long tracks going into the 'romantic' dark ambient direction, refering to the theme "machinery" => very organic and subtle atmospheric drones, as wide & cold as the cosmos:.. but then some wonderful harmonies appear, the machine gets melancholic... one of our favourite releases by the German electro / deep space ambient project; 70+ min playtime 2015 €13.00
Eis CD-R Mbira Records mbira 93/73 mbnt. a monochrome sound-entity that can be located in the loneliness of the mind, in the mountains of the own brain = in cold delusion (as the german info puts it) => extremely bleak drone- & fogscapes with twinkling shimmers, wide & borderless, we love it ! Six long tracks incl. the epic (37 min) "Plattentektonik"; comes w. handmade cover & on lightscribed CDR 2015 €12.00
Mbira CD-R Mbira Records v.08 epic one tracker of 80 minutes using sounds of various artists from the MBIRA-label such as VZUSDW, ARTIN MUCHT, MOEDRA, [:kopfapffel:], etc. etc.. => cosmic bubbles drenched in endless reverb, far away sonics waving in slow passages, weird electronic and non-electronic acoustic objects appear for a short time, etc...no rhythms, extremely subtle, real subconscious space - mind music ! full-colour cover, lightscribed cdr, the MBIRA jubilee release ! 2015 €12.00
Nemeton CD Winter-Light WIN 003 "In the ancient Celtic tradition, a Nemeton was a sacred space, primarily situated in natural areas, often sacred groves of trees" - dark romantic ambience over full 70 minutes, similar to the great EP for Drone Records, "The Lake" (2007)... drone minimalism with much emotion & depth.. 2015 €13.00
Nebelwald CD-R Mbira Records mbira 99/78 mbnt. this long one-tracker with very amorph and ultra smooth, somehow harmonic drone-clouds is the perfect soundtrack for experiencing a foggy and silent forest in late autumn... tiny concrete sounds appear in the mix, but the mystery is never unveiled... 60+ min playtime 2016 €12.00
Zwischenwelten CD Winter-Light WIN 006 this release shows SEETYCA further exploring and enhancing romantic 'intermediate worlds', for the nine compositions diverse guest-musicians (THOM YEESLAND, JULIAN ECKSTEIN, KRIS CAELIS) helped and many 'real' instruments were used (ocarina, zither, acoustic guitar, trombone), forming gracious, deeply multi-layered drones full of beauty and width, with tiny sounds and micro harmonies appearing.... definitely one of his masterpieces, 79+ min. playtime 2016 €13.00