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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Journey into space travelogue book Trevor Wishart original score ! 1975 €15.00
Beach Singularity / Menagerie / Vocalise CD Paradigm PD03 re-issue of LP from 1979, with bonus piece "Vocalise" recorded 1991 at Recommended Records ! 1996 €13.50
Journey into Space CD Paradigm Discs PD18   2002 €15.00
Fabulous Paris. A Virtual Oratorio CD Trevor Wishart TW03 hard to find self-released CD of the complete version (3 movements) of this newer WISHART work dealing with "our collective and individual experience of the mass industrial society"; incl booklet 2007 €14.00
Machine CD Paradigm Discs PD 25 re-issue of first major composition of WISHART, released in 1972 as 3 LP Box; no instruments used, only voices & choirs, machine sounds, musique concrete ! 2008 €13.00
Encounters in the Republic of Heaven BOOK + CD Trevor Wishart (self released) "... all the colours of speech"... new amazing work completed Sept. 2011, an exploration of the music inherent in everyday speech, collected from all kinds of oral sound sources (fishermen, farmers, city-dwellers, etc.), highly processed vocal material between musique concrete & experimental earplay; comes with lovely 64p book 2011 €24.00