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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Consumer Electronics do-DVDR L White V03 lim. 150 / SURVIVAL UNIT, IRIKARAH, AXON NEURON/VAGVWA, etc.. live Berlin 19.04.2003 0000 €21.00
Noise Battle Royale CD-R L White LW026 lim. 200 tribute to KINJI FUKASAKU/ M.S.B.R, HENTAI, SEED MOUTH, SICKNESS 0000 €8.50
Swedish Contemporary Music LP Fylkingen Records FYLP 1030 orchestral & chamber music by these Swedish composers: MATS PERSSON, JAN SANDSTRÖM, LARS SANDBERG, TOMMY ZWEDBERG; last NEW copies in stock of this 30 year old record!! 1983 €16.50
TZOTZILES. Psalms, Stories and Music LP Sub Rosa Sub33012-17 MAYA-music & field recordings of the Tzotziles-community in Chiaphas / Mexico made by THIERRY ZENO 1975-1985. Rare vinyl-version with different cover! Re-issue 1988 €14.00
Myths 3 CD Sub Rosa SR05 re-issue of this legendary comp. originally released as LP in 1987 / CD in 1989 / JON HASSELL, HAROLD BUDD, GAVIN BRYARS, LES ARCHIVES SONORES SUB ROSA 1989 €13.00
TOTAL Volume One LP Parade Amoureuse PHOE 012 Collector's item ! We got some NEW / UNPLAYED copies of this classic electro-industrial compilation, feat. THE ANTI GROUP, COIL, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, BOURBONESE QUALK, PORNO SECT, FINI TRIBE, and others. On the backcover a text by ROBERT ANTON WILSON ! 1991 €16.00
Must be Musique LP Dark Vinyl DV#15 last copies of this nice experimental / post-industrial compilation with (partly very long) tracks by JOHN WATERMANN, ASMUS TIETCHENS, OPHIOLATERIA (aka JOHN MURPHY), SIGILLUM S, TRANCE, CV MASSAGE (JOHN DUNCAN & CIRO IAMARCO); lim. 500 1992 €15.00
TESTAMENT CD RRRecords RRR-CD-21 CD-version of the legendary Industrial & Noise-series (LP from 1988 with different material); tracks by ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, THOMAS DIMUZIO, MICHAEL PRIME, RLW, JOHN WIGGINS, KOJI MARUTANI, JEROME NOETINGER, etc.; soon to be rare 1993 €12.00
5 Composers - Second Coming CD Fylkingen Records FYCD 1003 the oldest available FYLKINGEN CD at this time, presenting Swedish electroacoustic music: ANDERS BLOMQVIST, JONAS BROBERG, AKEMI ISHIJIMA, TAMAS UNGVARY, AKOS ROZMANN; "expressive, dramatic, monumental and humoristic music gives the CD features of a journey within different landscapes of sound" 1994 €12.50
Soundtrack for the End of the World CD Self Abuse Records SAD-01 first ever CD-release for this U.S. label, this industrial, harsh & drone-noise collection with TAINT, CON-DOM, RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK, MACRONYMPHA, HATERS, AUBE, S-CORE, SKIN CRIME, VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA, THOMAS DIMUZIO, etc... probably last copies, now better priced 1994 €10.00
5 Composers - 3rd Hearing CD Fylkingen Records FYCD 1006 ROLF ENSTRÖM, LARS LARSSON, ERIK PETERS, CRISTIAN MARINA, PATRIK THORELL - the third CD compilation on FYLKINGEN with exciting new electroacoustic music from Sweden 1995 €12.50
Abschied aus Berne MC Wachsender Prozess WP 01 cassette-version of this long deleted LP from 1995. Exclusive material from the experimental Hamburg-scene: ASMUS TIETCHENS, TBC, KLANGKRIEG, Y-TON-G, G. REZNICEK, and others.. 1995 €6.50
Variations CD Paradigm PD01 JOHN WALL, ADAM BOHMAN, KYMATIK, JOHN GRIEVE, etc.. 1995 €13.50
1 x 40 MC Anachronismus AD-14 german edition of this lovely TABLOID-compilation cassette with 40 artists doing 1 minute pieces ! With little booklet & tracks by M.NOMIZED, RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK, BESTATTUNGSINSTITUT, ABNER MALATY, KLIMPEREI, SUDDEN INFANT, etc etc.. ONE 2nd hand copy in stock 1996 €10.00
Autoficial 7inch Noisopoly NOP-01 SMELL & QUIM, CHOP SHOP, COM-DOM, THE HATERS 1996 €6.00
Music of our time - Wergo Collection II CD Wergo WER 6600-2 the perfect introduction to contemporary / "new music"; pieces by JOHN CAGE, CLAUDE DEBUSSY, MORTON FELDMAN, GYÖRGY LIGETI, ARNOLD SCHÖNBERG, PAUL HINDEMITH, etc etc; material from 21 Wergo-releases, celebrating 35 years of this label (1962-1997). SPECIAL OFFER! 1997 €7.50
Psychogeographical Dip CD GD Stereo GD013 back in stock this nice compilation based on the "Psychogeography"-theory, feat.: GEN KEN MONTGOMERY, CHOP SHOP, GEOFF DUGAN, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, SEAN MEEHAN, BRIAN CONLEY, JOHN HUDAK, IF BWANA, PAT COURTNEYM; comes with poster-inlay 1997 €13.00
Release your mind vol. 2 3 x CD Release Records RR 6961-2 classic & cheap priced compilation with ILLUSION OF SAFETY, BRUME, HYBRYDS, YEN POX, LULL, etcetc 1997 €18.00
Ambient Intimacy I CD-R EE Tapes ET50 compilation with: TROUM (their very first released track 'Stredan' appeared here January 1998!!), DE FABRIEK, YASNAIA (HYBRYDS), HYPNOSKULL, DISUMANA RES, SONAR, etc.. 2nd ed. lim. & numbered 69 copies, very rare now, ONE 2nd hand copy in stock, excellent condition 1998 €12.00
SOLAR - A musical Travelogue Vol. 2 CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOLAR 2 "music travelogues charting the ever cross cultural curents in music's textural paths", compilation with MICHAEL PRIME, SCANNER, FREEFORM, "TAJ MAHAL INTERIOR", "BUDDHIST PRAYER CEREMONY", etc.. linking field recordings & electronic experimenation; comes with large fold-out poster inlay; SPECIAL OFFER ! 1998 €7.50
TZOTZILES. Psalms, Stories and Music CD Sub Rosa SR17 MAYA-music & field recordings of the Tzotziles-community in Chiaphas / Mexico made by THIERRY ZENO 1975-1985 1998 €13.00
Variations 2 CD Paradigm PD05 AKEMI ISHIJIMA, CLIVE GRAHAM, HUGH DAVIES, etc. 1998 €13.50
Water & Architecture CD Sub Rosa SR120 compilation between post-rock & ambient-electronica / avantgarde with: SEEFEEL, ATOM HEART, BISK, AER, DIRECTIONS (project with TORTOISE/JUNE OF 44 members); previously unreleased material 1998 €14.00
Ambient Intimacy II CD-R EE Tapes ET55 compilation from 1999, feat exclusive material from: BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, AUBE, BAD SECTOR, TARKATAK, DRONAEMENT, IETER MÜH, AH-CAMA SOTZ, NO vs. KENOTAPH; numbered ed. 169 copies, rare now, ONE 2nd hand copy in stock, excellent condition! 1999 €12.00
Ambient Intimacy III CD-R EE Tapes ET63 third part in this nice compilation series, feat. VANCE ORCHESTRA, VIDNA OBMANA, ANEMONE TUBE, KLANGWART, INFANT CYCLE, etc.. lim. 200, ONE 2nd hand copy in stock, excellent condition ! 1999 €12.00
Armenian Folk Music CD Sounds of the World SOW 90126 compilation of 14 traditional Armenian folk pieces, most tracks are played on Duduk by DJIVAN GASPARIAN and MARTITCH MAHOSSIAN; most beautiful & touching music 1999 €13.00
Six Winners: The Stockholm Electronic Arts Award 1991-1996 CD Fylkingen Records FYCD 1014 outstanding electroacoustic compositions from: RAY GUILETTE, MARK WINGATE, AKE PARMERUD, GILLES GOBEIL, MATHEW ADKINS, JOHN YOUNG - these were the winners of the "Stockholm Electronic Arts Award" from 1991-1996; complex & dynamic NEW music to discover !! Comes with booklet. 1999 €12.50
TEKNOIR do-CD Hymen Y701 crucial compilation which marked a kind of "manifesto of dark technoid music" for the Ant-Zen sublabel, still sound great today: BLACK LUNG, ORPHX, IMMINENT STARVATION, VROMB, SOMATIC RESPONSES, WINTERKÄLTE, ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO, SYNAPSCAPE, BEEFCAKE, MOTHER DESTRUCTION, etc. etc. SPECIAL OFFER now ! 1999 €8.50
They've got the whole World in their Hands do-CD Methods to Survive 001 great Networking compilation compiled by Robert Schalinski (COLUMN ONE), with: VANCE ORCHESTRA, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, MUSLIMGAUZE, MLEHST, BOURBONESE QUALK, MASONNA, S-CORE, and activists from the Berlin experimental scene at that time; many groups have 2 tracks, all exclusive stuff ! BACK IN STOCK last copies! 1999 €15.00
HANDS 2000 5 x LP -Box Hands B011 lim / numbered 500 copies / exclusive material by ORPHX, AH CAMA-SOTZ, XABEC, MS GENTUR, WINTERKÄLTE, etc. 2000 €25.00
An Uncommon Nature LP Anomalous Records NOM 6 exclusive tracks by MIRROR, COLECLOUGH, CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS, RICHARD LERMAN, MONOS, AGOG, JEPH JERMAN, etc. BACK IN STOCK LAST COPIES!! Still sealed ! 2001 €14.00
CHALEUR LP GmbH LP 02 back in stock few copies of this great compilation on the new defunct GMBH label from France! With TOY BIZARRE, JONATHAN COLECLOUGH, SETH NEHIL, JOHN HUDAK, BRUNO MOREIGNE, MANON ANNE GILLES, GEN KEN MONTGOMERY, PATRICK MC. GINLEY (now known as MURMER), all exclusive to this compilation, dealing with the theme "HEAT"; last chance! 2001 €13.50
ELECTRIC LIGHT (COLUMN ONE REMIXES) CD 90% Wasser WCD004 remixes from the "Electric Pleasure" album by RECHENZENTRUM, SILK SAW, MARC WANNABE, DITTERICH VON EULER-DONNERSPERG, etc. and 5 tracks by COLUMN ONE themselves 2001 €13.50
Inventionen 2000 do-CD/book Pfau-Verlag / Edition RZ Parallele 10012/10013 wonderful full-colour art-book & documentation of sound installations, by FRANCOIS DONATO, ADRIAN MOORE, ALVIN LUCIER, CHRISTINA KUBISCH, and many more 2001 €29.00
Polyhedric Tetrapak CD Ooze.bap Records UN CADDIE RENVERSE DANS L'HERBE, ERIK M, STEPHEN VITIELLO, DJ OLIVE, etc.. 2001 €8.00
Training im Achter 7 Happy Zloty lim. 300 METAMORPHOSIS, ILSE LAU, ENDICHE VIS SAT, etc. 2001 €5.00
UND III - Klang-Kunst-Festival Wiesbaden 2001 CD / Book Verein zu Förderung Künstlerischer Projekte mit gesellschaftlicher Relevanz e.V. ULRICH ELLER / CHRISTOPH LAHL / ROBIN MINARD / ALEXANDER R. TITZ / ed. of 250 2001 €23.00
VARIOUS (Chartier, Brume, Tsunoda, M.Prime, Pimmon, Meelkop, J. Hudak, etc etc) do-CD Intransitive Reordings INT013 nice compilation from this US-label, numb. ed. of 1000 copies 2001 €16.00
Zeitenwechsel 2 CD Edition RZ / Parallele 20002 compilation with ELLEN FULLMAN, FAST FORWARD, OLGA NEUWIRTH, etc. 2001 €14.00
Zeitenwechsel: JOHN CAGE CD Edition RZ / Parallele 20001 Sonatas and Interludes (1946-1948) 2001 €14.00
Brain in the Wire 3 x CD-Box Brainwashed 004 NURSE WITH WOUND, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, CURRENT 93, MATMOS, STARS OF THE LID, CYCLOBE, C. HEEMANN, TIGHPAULSANDRA, COIL, BOWERY ELECTRIC, etc. etc... comes in wired metal-box w. sticker, key-chain, poster.... sold out at the label 2002 €45.00
Contemporary Culture Convention Compilation III do-LP Everest Records compilation in gatefold-cover with RM74, STEINBRÜCHEL, HERPES Ö DELUXE, BALDUIN, EVEREST, and many more.. ONE 2nd hand copy in stock. quality: vg+ 2002 €10.00
Dark Transmissions CD Force of Nature Prod. fon01 with: TARMVRED, MONSTRARE, WILT; ENDZEIT, WHEN JOY BECOMES SADNESS, SYNTH-ETIK, etc.. 2002 €10.00
Dutch Fidelity 7 Antenne AN01 very short pieces by dutch artists only, w. PETER DUIMELINKS, JOS SMOLDERS, GOEM, BEEQUEEN, SHIFTS, THU20, RADBOUND MENS, BOCA RATON, DMDN, FREIBAND, etc.. each sides ends in a lockgroove; lim. 500 2002 €7.50
Floating Foundation Vol. 1 CD Sub Rosa SR146 back in stock, sound sculptures by artist who are working in the field of "plastic arts" too: JANEK SCHAEFER, MAIN, C. CHARLES, STEPHEN VITIELLO, KURT RALSKE 2002 €13.00
HANDS 2001 5 x LP Box Hands B 016 lim. 500 Box with: SQUAREMETER, XABEC, NEEDLE SHARING, PROYECTO MIRAGE, TYPHOID, etc.. back in some last copies. sold out at the label 2002 €30.00
Ich glaube ich höre Genesungswerk CD Genesungswerk GW 16 nice ambient / electronica / experimental compilation from this now in-active label based in Dortmund, Germany, run by one MULTER member, with exclusive material by: KALLABRIS, SEGMENT, MULTER, N , PALE ASLE PETTERSEN, KRILL MINIMA, KARTEN FRANKREICH, KONRAD BAYER, P. MILES BRYSON, and others....special price now ! 2002 €8.00
Ju-Jikan do-CD 23five Incorporated and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 23F/SFM 901 with: FURUDATE, INADA, IKEDA, TANAKA, YOSHIHIDE, etc. 2002 €15.00
Not able to organize do-10inch Multi National Disaster Records DIKTAT, AXON NEURON/VAGWA, ASCHE, RECTAL SURGERY, TOLE ACHE, etc.. lim. 399 copies special package. last copies !! SPECIAL OFFER ! 2002 €16.50
Ringtones CD Touch Tone 14   2002 €14.50
SUL - dedicated to Chris Marker CD SIRR Records 2006 ERIC LA CASA, MARC BEHRENS, PIMMON, VITRIOL, OREN AMBARCHI, etc 2002 €13.00
Tel Aviv Aftermath CD Tophet Prophet TP001 Israel-only compilation, with: AGNIVOLOK, CHAOS AS SHELTER, IGOR18, GRUNDIK + SLAVA, etc.. first release on this label, lim. 1000 2002 €8.00
Ultrason LP Association ÜNE V01U02 ed. of 500 copies feat. MILITIA, SCHLOSS TEGAL, FOLKSTORM, CATHARSIS, etc. 2002 €14.50
Variable Resistance CD 23five Incorporated and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 23F/SFM 901 with: OREN AMBARCHI, PIMMON, PHILIP SAMARTZIS, etc.. 2002 €13.00
We're running out of West LP & CD-R Narrowminded lim. 300 incl. PETE NAMLOOK, SENCHA, LIVING ORNAMENTS, ORPHAX, PSYCHON TROOPERS, etc. 2002 €10.00
33 rpm : Ten Hours of Sound from France CD 23five Incorporated and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 23F/SFM 903 LIONEL MARCHETTI, MIMETIC, LAURENT DAILLEAU, KASPER T. TOEPLITZ, etc. 2003 €12.00
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 2 do-CD SUB ROSA SR200 plus 40pp booklet 2003 €16.50
Complete 10inch-series from Cold Blue 3 x CD Cold Blue Records CB0014 re-release of a series of seven remarkable 10"es from 1982/1983; feat. CHAS SMITH, PETER GARLAND, MICHAEL JOHN FINK, RICK COX, and others.. minimal / experimental composers music at its best ! 2003 €24.00
Construction Sonor do-CD Pro Helvetia / Gallerie 57>34.6km on one CD field recordings made in swiss alpes underground-railway tubes & shafts by BERND SCHURER (ex DAS ERDWERK, etc..) , 2nd CD remixes by LUIGI ARCHETTI, BORIS BLANK / YELLO, ERIK M., FENNESZ, SEELENLUFT, GUENTER MUELLER / TOMAS KOERBER, etc... comes with poster & nicely designed !! back in stock, still to discover !! 2003 €17.50
Dissolution Tapes: The Musique Concrete Ensemble remixed CD Zeromoon ZERO 004 with: ULTRA MILKMAIDS, FE-MAIL, VIOLET, DEAD LETTERS SPELL OUT DEAD WORDS, FREIBAND, A. KIRITCHENKO, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, ETC.. 2003 €10.00
Guitars undressed CD Marrakech Recordings MRKC-CD001 japanese comp. with AMBARCHI, SHIFTS, DAVID GRUBBS, LEE RANALDO, RAFAEL TORAL, RICHARD YOUNGS, NAOAKI MIYAMOTO 2003 €12.00
Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled do-CD Important Records imprec016 digipack. Remix comp. with DJ SPOOKY, NEGATIVLAND, HRVATSKI, MOUSE ON MARS, KK NULL, KIM CASCONE, etc etc 2003 €16.00
On Paper do-CD Cronica 005 comp. with: VITOR JOAQUIM, STEPHAN MATHIEU, PURE, PAULO RAPOSO, etc. 2003 €15.00
Salon Bruit CD-R Sciss Berlin-Compilation with: SCISS, ANTON SULAK, MOBS, JAYROBE, etc 2003 €10.00
SURFACE TENSION BOOK & CD Errant Bodies Press EBP 09655570-4-9   2003 €25.00
The Golden Road 7 Early Morning Records EMR COMP-7 four ed. of each 80 copies. With: BRUCE RUSSELL, ANTONYM, SINDRE BJERGA / ANDERS GJERDE, TAMING POWER 2003 €6.00
The walls are whispering... CD EE Tapes ee03 lim. 525 copies in gold-printed 7"-cover, with exclusive material from: TOY BIZARRE, DIETER MUH, KALLABRIS, C.RENOU, VIDNA OBMANA, STEVE RODEN, SVEEN, PBK, INADE, TROUM 2003 €12.00
2 x 5inch (AUBE, KARKOWSKI, MERZBOW..) 5inch & CD-box Licht-ung metal box w. 5" vinyl and CD-R inside, handwritten covers, tracks by AUBE, Z. KARKOWSKI, ALLIE, LICHT-UNG, KILLER, MERZBOW. lim. 500 ! back in stock !! 2004 €13.00
ANGST - A Spectre Compilation do-CD Spectre Records S20 compilation to the theme "fear", with OKK-ULTH, KRAKEN, ISZOLOSCOPE, THIS MORN' OMINA, TEMPLEGARDENS, BAD SECTOR, STUPOR, etc etc. 2004 €16.50
Antologia de Musica Electronica Portugesa CD Tomlab TOM38   2004 €15.00
Archives GRM - l'art de l'etude CD INA GRM ina c 1032 30 years anniversary compilation part 2/5 with historical material from PIERRE SCHAEFFER, LUC FERRARI, IVO MALEC, ALAIN SAVOURET, etc..incl. 32 page booklet. special priced 2004 €9.00
Archives GRM - le grm sans le savoir CD INA GRM ina c 1035 30 years anniversary compilation part 5/5 with historical material from ROBERT WYATT/FRANCOIS BAYLE, BORIS VIAN/PARMEGIANI, GUY REIBEL, CHRISTIAN ZANESI, etc..incl. 32 page booklet. special priced 2004 €9.00
Archives GRM - le son en nombres CD INA GRM ina c 1033 30 years anniversary compilation part 3/5 with historical material from FRANCOIS BAYLE, JEAN-CLAUDE RISSET, DENIS SMALLEY, JEAN SCHWARZ, F. DHOMONT, etc..incl. 32 page booklet. special priced 2004 €9.00
Archives GRM - le temps du temps reel CD INA GRM ina c 1034 30 years anniversary compilation part 4/5 with historical material from PARMEGIANI, DENIS DUFOUR, HORACIO VAGGIONE, DANIEL TERUGGI, MICHEL REDOLFI, etc..incl. 32 page booklet. special priced 2004 €9.00
Archives GRM - les visiteurs de l'aventure concrete CD INA GRM ina c 1031 30 years anniversary compilation part 1/5 with historical material from PIERRE BOULEZ, JEAN BARRAQUE, DARIUS MILHAUD, EDGAR VARESE, XENAKIS, MESSIAEN, etc..incl. 32 page booklet. special priced 2004 €9.00
Chromaticfield Remixes CD Apostrov Dodek # 1 w. SCISS, OHMNOISE, ANDROVIRUS, LIFELOOP, KDONOVAN, CEM AKKAN, etc. 2004 €10.00
Clicks & Cuts 4 CD MillePlateauxMedia mpm004 fourth volume for the famous compilation series of "experimental electronica", advanced glitch, ambient & technoid stuff by ULTRA-RED, BIZZ CIRCUITS, THOMAS BRINKMANN, RAN SLAVIN, @C, ELECTRIC BIRDS, HAKAN LIDBO and many more... SPECIAL PRICED NOW 2004 €10.00
Ein Prosit zur letzten Tide do-CDR Hörbar e.V. Hamburg A compilation collected by the Hoerbar in Hamburg and usually only available at the club, exlusive material by : ASMUS TIETCHENS, HYPH, GRADIENT COMMUNICATION, EVAPORI, AUDIBLE PAIN, TBC, JETZMANN, TOTSTELLEN, WILLI W, Y-TON-G, SONATA REC, etc. 2004 €12.00
ERRATUM # 4, Revue Sonore 3 x CD Erratum Musical EM004 Sound Poetry and poetry of sound, edited by JOACHIM MONTESSUIS; feat. FRANCISCO LOPEZ, CHRISTINA KUBISCH, ROBIN MINARD, LEE RANALDO, ATAU TANAKA, R.H.Y. YAU, IRA COHEN, PHILL NIBLOCK, BRANDON LABELLE, and many many more.. 53 artists !! 2004 €26.00
FREQ_OUT [0 - °°Hz] CD Ash International # 5.8 sound installation (premiered in Copenhagen June 2003) consisting of 12 individual audio works which are presented as single piece, each one using a specific frequency range only; JANA WINDEREN, BRANDON LABELLE, JG THIRLWELL, KENT TANKRED, JACOB KIRKEGAARD, BJ NILSEN, etc.. 2004 €13.00
Haunted Weather do-CD Staubgold 52 comp. to the book, with FENNESZ, AUTECHRE, PAN SONIC, AKIO SUZUKI, ALVIN LUCIER, IKEDA, etc.etc. 2004 €15.00
Heilige Feuer IV CD Der Angriff Nr. 17 VETROPHONIA, PAINSLUT, RASTHOF DACHAU, ALLERSEELEN, BEARER OF THE INMOST SUN. oversized cardboard cover 2004 €14.00
Instruments CD List L5 with: W. DAFELDECKER & M.SIEVERT, JANEK SCHAEFER, STEINBRÜCHEL, MOU, LIPS!, etc 2004 €10.00
Kompilation do-CD Kranky KRANK077 cheap-priced compilation giving a great overview about this important ambient-label from Chicago, U.S.; contains two exclusive tracks: STARS OF THE LID, PAN AMERICAN, KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN, GREG DAVIS, GROWING, CHARALAMBIDES, BRENT GUTZEIT, JESSICA BAILIFF, LOSCIL, and many more.. BACK IN STOCK 2004 €8.00
Land:[schaft] do-10" Cold Lands CLAN01 lim. 444 in wood-box, with 18 p. deluxe booklet, sealed with banderole, feat. BAD SECTOR, INADE, CISFINITUM, PREDOMINANCE 2004 €30.00
Lust from the Underworld do-CD HORUS CyclicDaemon HCD 02-2 comp. dedicated to "Love & Eros in mythology, symbolist & decadent art". With JACK OR JIVE, CHAOS AS SHELTER, MONDBLUT, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, ONE INCH OF SHADOW, MUSTERION, 4th SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE, etc ...lim. 500 with beautiful art design & big booklet w. 30 "bizarre erotic pictures" 2004 €22.00
Neurot Recordings I CD + DVD Neurot Recordings NR032 the ultimative compilation from San Franciso's cult label NEUROT REC., has many previously unreased tracks, DVD clips, etc. by NEUROSIS, OXBOW, GRAILS, LOTUS EATERS, ISIS, ZENI GEVA, TARENTEL, HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE, etc etc now for very low price ! 2004 €7.50
Serene Moments (NACHT / NORTHAUNT / SHINJUKU THIEF / UMBRA) do-7 Fluttering Dragon Rec. DRAGON 0.27 7" gatefold cover, lim. 505 copies, numbered 2004 €10.00
STATEMENT 1961 do-LP/CD/7 Ironflame IF000 Compilation with 32 artists focused on the theme "Berlin Wall 1961-1989" in special double gatefold design, w. APOPTOSE, ASMOROD, BAD SECTOR, CO CASPAR, EX.ORDER, GREY WOLVES, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, REUTOFF, SARDH, ULTRA, and many more... lim.594 copies. last copies back in stock ! 2004 €62.00
The Walls are whispering Vol. 2 CD EE Tapes EE05 silkscreen 7" cover / lim. 525 with REUTOFF, ERIC LA CASA, IAN ROBERT MCKENZIE, AH CAMA-SOTZ, [LAW RAW] COLLECTIVE, VANCE ORCHESTRA, etc. 2004 €12.00
This Place is Dreaming CD Argos / Kraak K047 Psychogeographic compilation in DVD case w. large booklet: H. WESTERKAMP, AKI ONDA, JUSTIN BENNETT, STILLUPPSTEYPA, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, etc. 2004 €13.50
Transit CD aRtonal Recordings aRR05 digipack 2004 €15.00
... It Just Is . In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance do-CD Fulldozer Records FDCD20 / NHCD02 Russian JOHN BALANCE-tribute with exclusive tracks by PETER CHRISTOPHERSON (directing the THRESHOLD HOUSEBOY's CHOIR from Thailand!), THIGHPAULSANDRA, COH, ALVA NOTO, SCANNER, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK and many many more unknown acts, mainly from eastern Europe!! SPECIAL OFFER NOW ! 2005 €13.00
Alliance CD L White LW031 lim. 500 power electronic comp. with DEATHPILE, CONTROL, AZOIKUM, LA COMUNIDAD, ATRAX MORGUE, HENTAI 2005 €13.00
Archive I CD + BOOK 90% Wasser WCD03 BACK IN STOCK this huge art-book & CD, now special priced, last copies!! Compilation and re-release of wonderful book / magazine "WARTEN" from 1990, with many texts and photos, post modern philosophy, literature (JÜRGEN PLOOG, BURROUGHS, GYSIN), collages... music by: ETANT DONNES, STILLUPPSTEYPA, COLUMN ONE, ZA SIODMA GORA, lofts of dadaistic and surprising stuff, etc.. 2005 €12.00
Archives GRM 5xCD-BOX INA GRM INA c 1030 AVAILABLE AGAIN !! Wonderful 30-year-jubilee-box with 5 cds and 80p. booklet and tons of rare material from the GRM-archives, FERRARI, BAYLE, BOULEZ, XENAKIS, MESSIAEN, SCHAEFFER, DHOMONT, PARMEGIANI, ZANESI, etc. etc. Contains INA C 1031-1035 ! 2005 €50.00
DIY CANONS do-CD Pogus Productions 21036-2 comp. based on LARRY POLANSKY's "Four Voice Canons" (from the 70's), w. KYOKO KOBAYASHI, SIMON WICKHAM-SMITH, PHILIP CORNER, MIKE WINTER, GEORGE ZELENC, etc etc.. lots of surprising interpretations to discover ! 2005 €16.00
Epitaph for John CD Korm Plastics KP 3016 Post-mortem Waterman-collaboration compilation w. ASMUS TIETCHENS, RLW, MERZBOW, FREIBAND, and the original source-material from JOHN WATERMANN. oversized cardboard-cover 2005 €13.00
Four Studies for a Human Portrait : Tribute to Francis Bacon CD Vital Records Vital 002 double digipack. Compilation dedicated to FRANCIS BACON using his paintings as inspiration: H. NORDVARGR BJÖRKK, CONTAGIOUS ORGASM, HENTAI, LASSE MARHAUG 2005 €13.00
FREQ_OUT 2 CD Ash International # 6.8 recording by the "FREQ-OUT ORCHESTRA" (JANA WINDEREN, BRANDON LABELLE, JG THIRLWELL, KENT TANKRED, JACOB KIRKEGAARD, BJ NILSEN, etc.. ) made during Ultima Oslo Music Festival 2004, curated by CM VON HAUSSWOLFF 2005 €13.00
Go-To-Cat-Man-Do CD Monotype Records MONOTYPE 001 compilation with WOLFRAM, ZA SIODMA GORA, ONE INCH OF SHADOW, VION & MEM, EMITER, etc 2005 €13.00
No New York CD Lilith Ldt. LR102 re-release from 1978 (ANTILLES), w. CONTORTIONS, TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS, MARS, D.N.A. 2005 €15.00
Oscotarach do-LP Deafborn Records Dbvn04 1 band per side: SKALPELL, SPHERICAL DISRUPTED, CARSTEN VOLLMER, HIDDEN TECHNOLOGY. lim. 500, heavy vinyl, special sewed tissue-cover. back in stock this collection of german / swiss industrial tunes.. 2005 €16.50
Paranoise One CD Paranoise Records pnp10 spec. ed. lim. 220 in woodbox with branding, MELANCHOHOLICS, GERECHTIGKEITSLIGA, CO CASPAR, INCITE, GUMMINONNEN, MILAN SANDBLEISTIFT, etc etc incl. 20 page booklet 2005 €13.00
Radiation CD-R L White LW021 lim. 300 / oversized cardboard-cover / STABAT MORS, BARADELAN, NARBENERDE, DAWN PROJEKT, GOVERNMENT ALPHA, I.S.ISABELLA, XOTOX, SEKTOR, etc.. 2005 €10.00
RECORDS ARE NOT FOR BAKING [RANFB] (Full Subscription) 12 x 12inch Beta-Lactam Ring Records RANFBUSA subscription ed. lim. 200 / 6 x 12" plus 6 picture LPs only for subscribers!!! Contains also poster & original artwork. with: NURSE WITH WOUND, IRR.APP(EXT.), LA STPO, FRIDAY GROUP, BRUNNEN, CHRISTUS & THE COSMONAUGHTS. LAST FULL COPY IN STOCK - SPECIAL OFFER NOW! (the cover image shown here is from the IRR.APP(ext.) pic ed!!) 2005 €300.00
Red Square CD KultFront KF-III compilation with KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, CISFINITUM, NOISES OF RUSSIA, LINIJA MASS, COMFORDEBT, NAZI BASTARDS FROM ALDEBARAN, RUPOR UDARA, and many more russian acts. Edition of 500 2005 €13.00
Runeology 2 CD Rune Grammofon RCDS 2 cheapo label sampler, w. ALOG, ARVE HENRIKSEN, NILS OKLAND, DEATHPROD, ARCHETTI/WIGET, etc.. only non-exlusive material ! 2005 €8.50
Shadows Infinitum : Further Explorations of the Drone CD-R Crucial Blast BLISS02 DEAD RAVEN CHOIR, ENCOMIAST, NADJA, FEVERDREAMS, etc.. oversized cardboard-map-cover. lim. 250 LAST COPY! 2005 €10.00
Spire: Live in Geneva Cathedral do-CD Touch TONE 21_2CD oversized cardboard-map w. booklet. w. FENNESZ, P. JECK, BJ NILSEN, etc.. 2005 €19.50
Text-Sound Compositions. A Stockholm Festival 5 x CD-Box Fylkingen Records FYCD 1024:1-5 re-release of deleted LPs released between 1968 to 1977. With LARS-GUNNAR BODIN, HENRI CHOPIN, BOB COBBING, FRANCOIS DUFRENE, STEN HANSON, BERNHARD HEIDSICK, AKE HODELL, and many more... incl. 60 page booklet, comes in nice box !! 2005 €45.00
Thalamus II CD KultFront KF-II comp. dedicated to the 2nd Thalamus-Festival May 2005, each 2 tracks by CISFINITUM, LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM, EKRAN, MAJDANEK WALTZ, SHUMY ROSSII (NOISES OF RUSSIA). Special bound cardboard-cover and many insert-cards, lim. /numb. 500 2005 €12.00
Verfassung LP Hörbar Hamburg Hamburg-Compilation of the HOERBAR-Club, excl. material from EVAPORI, ASMUS TIETCHENS, [HYPH], Y-TON-G, INCITE, TBC, SONATA REC, GREGORY BÜTTNER, and some more..... lim. ed. of 300 2005 €15.00
Wahrnehmungen 1980 / 1981 3xLP-BOX Vinyl-On-Demand VOD 18 Rare Material of the P.D.-members on this pre-SELEKTION-Label: DER APATHISCHE ALPTRAUM, P16.D4, ERTRINKEN VAKUUM, KURZSCHLUSS, PERMUTATIVE DISTORSION, LLL .... comes with extra-covers in the box & booklet. lim. & numb. 500 2005 €45.00
Yokomono 02 (Staalplaat Soundystem + FENNESZ, PALESTINE, FM3, RADIAN, TIM HECKER, ILPO VAISANEN, etc.) LP Staalplaat again 110 loops on this record, 55 by Staalplaat Soundsystem, others were made by: Anton Nikilae, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Charlemagne Palestine, Christian Fennesz, fm3, Ignaz Schick !! clear vinyl and looks really arTy ! 2005 €13.50
4 sides a circle 4 x mCDR Banned Production 16 tracks by 17 acts, weird squared object-package with 4 sticked 3"jewel-cases & real compass inside !! HIVE MIND, AL MARGOLIS, VERTONEN, MITCHELL BROWN, TOM GRIMLEY, THE CHERRY POINT, R.H.Y. YAU, YELLOW SWANS, VERTONEN, BRUTUM FULMEN, HOWARD STELZER, JASON TALBOT, BRENT GUTZEIT, ... 2006 €15.00
ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE presents: Interpretations CD-R Wachsender Prozess WP20 interpretations of graphical works from AMT by: MAISON_MEDICALE, DALE LLOYD, KARKOWSKI, SECRET SOCIETY MUSIC, DAVID MC CARTHY, JEAN LUC GUIONNET, AIOFE MC GOVERN, NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES, and additional tracks by AMT, TBC, SKWI + Y.BUCHHEIM 2006 €9.50
Avanto 2006 CD Avanto AAAAA long tracks by TONY CONRAD, RALF WEHOWSKY & JIM O'ROURKE 2006 €13.00
CALIFORNIA 10xLP-BOX Ground Fault / RRRecords massive boxset w. 20 Californian noise-artists, each covering 1 LP side: JOE COLLEY, GX JUPITTER-LARSEN, SOLID EYE, JOHN WIESE, DAMION ROMERO, CONTROL, YELLOW SWANS, and many more... lim. 1000 and to be sold out soon 2006 €78.00
Coilectif. In Memory ov John Balance and Homage to COIL do-LP Rotorelief ROTOR0001 the "French" homage to Jhon Balance ! Lim. / numb. 400 gatefold cover, clear vinyls, exclusive material from : ETANT DONNES, PACIFIC231, DDAA, NLC, VIVENZA, DESACCORD MAJEUR, etc etc.. incl. quotes from the artists and an essay from Jean-Marc Vivenza "Meditation sur la mort" 2006 €31.50
Coilectif. In Memory ov John Balance and homage to Coil CD Rotorelief ROTORCD0001 the "French" homage to Jhon Balance with exclusive material from ETANT DONNES, PACIFIC 231, DDAA, NLC, VIVENZA, DESACCORD MAJEUR, ILITCH, PALO ALTO, JAC BERROCAL, etc etc.. incl. quotes from the artists and an essay from Jean-Marc Vivenza named "Meditation sur la mort"; probably the most experimental & least "cover-version" based compilation that was released after the death of the legendary COIL singer... last copies now back in stock !! 2006 €14.50
CRYOSPHERE CD-R Glacial Movements GM001 first release from a new italian label, a comp. dedicated to the theme "frozen landscapes", with: CLOSING THE ETERNITY, NORTHAUNT, THO-SO-AA, TUU, TROUM, AIDAN BAKER, NETHERWORLD, OOPHOI, LIGHTWAVE. lim. 300; LAST COPY !! 2006 €15.00
Debris Field (MAX EASTLEY / LOREN CHASSE / COLIN POTTER / PHIL MOULDYCLIFF / KEITH ROWE / etc.) CD & book Bolton Museum / ICR Distribution ICR 53 exhibition catalogue & installation-sound-CD published on the occasion of the exhibition "Debris Field" at Bolton Museum, Art Gallery and Aquarium, 7 April - 3 June 2006, curated by PHIL MOULDYCLIFF. 2006 €16.00
Frozen Light CD-R Essentia Mundi EM002 romanian comp. w. ABBILDUNG, OBJEKT 4 / WOLFSKIN, NEXUS SUN, WAPSTAN, etc.. lim./numb. 100 a very nice spheric / ambient drone compilation, highly recommended!! 2006 €8.00
How to stay young & healthy in a modern world do-CDR Abgurd AB-28 lim. 222 w. KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, EXIT IN GREY, CISFINITUM, HALO MANASH, AEOGA, BARDOSENETICCUBE, VELEHENTOR, etc etc.. 2006 €14.00
I, Mute Hummings: A collection of drone music and dulcet atmospheres CD Ex Ovo EX0001 compilation with: KEITH BERRY, FEAR FALLS BURNING, DRONAEMENT, TROUM, JEFFREY RODEN, PAUL BRADLEY, STEVE JOLLIFFE, COLUMN ONE, RICHARD LAINHART. All exclusive material on new german label 2006 €14.00
Jukebox Buddha CD Staubgold 72 15 tracks using the Buddha-soundbox, with SUNN O))), MINIT, AKI ONDA, BLIXA BARGELD, SUN CITY GIRLS, ROBERT HENKE, KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF, ADRIAN SHERWOOD, etc.. 2006 €10.00
Million Ways to spend your Time CD Quasi Pop Records QPOP040 compilation with BLACK TO COMM, TV POW, LASSE MARHAUG, ANDREY KIRITCHENKO, ANDREAS BRANDAL, etc etc.. 17 very varifying & exclusive tracks from this Urkainian lable, lim. ed. 500 copies 2006 €12.00
Montreal Sound Matter / Montreal Matiere Sonore CD Pogus Productions P21041-2 back in stock this nice compilation based on a workshop & soundproject using environmental recordings from Montreal, with: FRANCISCO LOPEZ, HELENE PREVOST, STEVE HEIMBECKER, LOUIS DUFORT, TOMAS PHILLIPS, CHANTAL DUMAS, A. DONTIGNY, MATHIEU LEVESQUE... lots of new names to discover with highly sophisticated approaches... 2006 €13.00
Nekton Falls 3 x CD Sonic Dragon excellent dark ambient / deep sea drone compilation from Hongkong with SEETYCA, HERPES Ö DELUXE, I:WOUND, YANNICK DAUBY, FRANS DE WAARD, MICHAEL NORTHAM, MICK HARRIS/LULL, NID, MATHIAS GRASSOW, etc. etc.. 2006 €16.00
One Man Drone 12inch Petty Bourgeois Broadcasts SR 500-18 / Mayo Records 09 nice clear vinyled 12" with tracks by B°TONG, OLDINE, TAMAGAWA, SHIT 2006 €8.00
Penumbra EP Collection Vol. 8 CD-R Penumbra 038 collects 3 maxi-EPs of the now sold out first 30 Penumbra-releases. Here: TAU CETI, L.E.M., PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE 2006 €12.00
Swarm do-CD Cold Spring Records CSR60CD label compilation w. ANDREW LILES, MERZBOW/ NORDVARGR, JOHN WATERMANN, ZOS KIA, SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY, TENHORNEDBEAST, BAND OF PAIN, WERKRAUM, etc. etc . all exclusive material !! 2006 €13.00
Table For Six: All Quiet? CD EE Tapes EE09 comp. in 7" sleeve with long pieces by TARKATAK, CISFINITUM, CIVYIU KKLIU, KENDO NAGASAKI, THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE, 33 MHZ. ed. of 300 copies only 2006 €13.00
The Black Square CD KultFront KF-VI russian compilation in great design; NECROPOLIS, SAL SOLARIS, TSARAAS, ANTHESTERIA, MISERY, REUTOFF, EKRAN, RITUALNAYA BIOINGENERIA, BARDOSENETICCUBE... lim. 444 copies 2006 €13.00
The Walls are whispering Volume III CD EE Tapes ee07 ed. of 525 copies in silkscreen 7"fold-out cover / SHIFTS, MNORTHAM, OREN AMBARCHI, SETH NEHIL, ERIC LANZILOTTA, AF URSIN, YANNICK DAUBY, CONTAGIOUS ORGASM, etc.. 2006 €12.00
Until Human Voices. Wake Us and We Drown 5 x 10inch BOX Rune Grammofon RLP 2050 collector's item celebrating the 50th Rune Gr. release. 16p. booklet, each 10" in own cover, w. SUPERSILENT, FARTEIN VALEN, NILS OKLAND, MAJA RATKJE, DEATHPROD, etc etc. lim. 1000 2006 €55.00
Yokomono 03 LP Staalplaat white vinyl. one side w. 55 loops featuring BLIXA BARGELD, MERZBOW, KARKOWSKI, HATERS, MAIN, A. BORISOW; etc (each one 5 loops); other side tracks by MIKA VAINIO & PETRI KULJUNTAUSTA 2006 €12.50
20 Jahre Inventionen VI CD Edition RZ 10016 pieces performed at Inventionen 2005 & 2006-Festivals in Berlin, by EDGAR BARROSO, MARIO VERANDI, PAUL WILSON, RICARDO CLIMENT, VLADIMIR DJAMBAZOV, LUDGER BRÜMMER. 2007 €14.00
20 ways to float through walls CD Crammed Discs label-compilation with TUXEDOMOON, KOCANI ORKESTAR, FLAT EARTH SOCIETY, etc.. 2007 €10.00
A tribute to the wor(l)ds of Jhonn Balance CD Creative Fields Records CF CD 01 the "italian" tribute to JHONN BALANCE of COIL, with: BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS, CORPOPARASSITA, SELAXON LUTBERG, WERTHAM, and many more unknown names... lim. ed. 500 2007 €12.00
AIRPORT SYMPHONY do-CD ROOM 40 EMDR 417 compilation to the theme "travel", comes in metal-box, with DAVID GRUBBS, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, DALE LLOYD, TOSHIYA TSUNODA, TIM HECKER, FENNESZ, and many more 2007 €18.00
ARYAN MEMORY. Musical Traditions in Pamir do-CD / DVD / BOOK - set Kailas Records KLS 041, 042, 043 Very impressive box-set about the traditional music of the Pamir-region in Central Asia: Two CDs, one DVD with film, a CD-booklet & a 100page full-colour book (14 x 25cm) housed in a double DVD-digipack & box; numbered edition of 1000 copies, an absolute beautiful edition!! (one set has 740 grams in weight) BACK IN STOCK; BETTER PRICED ! 2007 €50.00
Avtogen-Shaitan do-CDR Ostroga OTR-015 Russian compilation packed in a totally handmade 7" or A5 collage cover, each cover is completely different, with tracks by MISERY, CISFINITUM, BARDOSENETICCUBE, FLUTWACHT, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, FIRE IN THE HEAD, and many many more unknown acts.. 2007 €12.00
Beyond ignorance and borders. An African, Middle-Eastern, Asian noise and electronic compilation CD Syrphe S002 amazing compilation compiled by C-DRIK (AMBRE, AMMO, etc) with 20 tracks from the so far "dark continents" of experimental undergroundish music! 2007 €12.00
Desert Space 3 x CD-R Tosom 025 massive compilation that comes in a 7" photo-cover sleeve with diverse full-colour photo-postcards: HALO MANASH, N.STRAHL.N, FEU FOLLET, AIDAN BAKER, ROY-ARNE KNUTSEN, KARL BÖSMANN, CLOSING THE ETERNITY, OOPHOI, NETHERWORLD, PHELIOS, CRIA CUERVOS, SHRINE, AEOGA, BARADELAN, and many more unknown names.. a good view on todays experimental underground, lim. 350 copies 2007 €18.00
ENERGIA CD Oms Records OMSCD003 compilation dedicated to S.P.KOROLYOV, a pioneer of russian spacecraft-research: FIRST HUMAN FERRO, AUTOPSIA, ISOMER, FILIVS MACROCOSMI, POLYGON, CISFINITUM, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, DEUTSCH NEPAL, VISIONS, SATORI, THOLEN, ATOMINE ELEKTRINE, VESTIGAL, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS. comes with booklet & extensive liner-notes in english & russian 2007 €13.00
EXTRACT. Portraits of Soundartists BOOK // 2 x CD Nonvisualobjects NVO 011 professional 96p book with articles (interviews, essays, photos, drawings) from & about ASMUS TIETCHENS, KEITH BERRY, RICHARD CHARTIER, TAYLOR DEUPREE, HERIBERT FRIEDL, BERNHARD GÜNTER, JOHN HUDAK, DALE LLOYD, ROEL MEELKOP, TOMAS PHILLIPS, STEVE RODEN, STEINBRÜCHEL, NAO SUGIMOTO, UBEBOET, MICHAEL VORFELD, etc.. plus 22 tracks on the CDs. Very nice !! Lim./numb.500 2007 €36.00
Foglands CD-R Umbra 062 compilation with SEREN FFORDD, DARKENED SOUL, MATHIAS GRASSOW, NETHERWORLD, DREAMSTATE, OÖPHOI, THOMAS WEISS, oversized full-colour cover 2007 €12.00
FRANNCE 3 x CDR Ruralfaune rur024 3 CDRs of exclusive tracks by 45 international artists from the "experimental drone folk & beyond" scene:... UTON, SILVESTER ANFANG, FURSAXA, TANAKH, TOM CARTER, BLACK FOREST/BLACK SEA, BEN REYNOLDS, VOLCANO THE BEAR, GIANLUCA BECUZZI & FABIO ORSI, etc etc.. ed. of 300, comes in a wallpaper-cover, sold out at the label ! 2007 €18.00
I.D. Art # 2 CD Paradigm Discs PD23 re-issue of very early / rare LP (1976) from the LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY (not included on the 10 CD set released some time ago); 44 pieces, lots of obscurities 2007 €13.00
IDIOSCAPES CD Idiosyncratic Records idcd 001 "drone paradise" -compilation with JANEK SCHAEFER, KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN, RAPOON, KK NULL, C PALESTINE, BASHO-JUNGHANS, TROUM, JAZKAMER, DANIEL MENCHE, and others.. low priced! 2007 €10.00
John Barleycorn Reborn : Dark Britannica do-CD Cold Spring Records CSR84CD "the darker side of British folk music", inspired by the famous folk song JOHN BARLEYCORN (1588), a metaphor for various cultural and historical implications.. feat. SOL INVICTUS, PETER ULRICH, MARTYN BATES, ANDREW KING, SIEBEN, THE OWL SERVICE, SHARRON KRAUS, FAR BLACK FURLONG, SAND SNOWMAN, etc etc 2007 €16.00
KKH 1 LOCK GROOVES 7inch Royal Records / Royal University College of Fine Arts lock grooves by : LINDA JANSSON, CM VON HAUSSWOLFF, KLASNY RUSSIA ERIKSSON, MATHIAS JOSEFSON (MOLJEBKA PVLSE), LENA BERGENDAHL, JENS EVALDSSON, NANNA HELLBERG on one side, and a mix of all on Side B 2007 €6.00
Landscape I / The Forest CD-R Centre of Wood C.O.W.004 drone / folk - compilation lim. 100 in handmade sleeves closed with little tree-branch. With TIM COSTER, CHORA, WE WAIT FOR THE SNOW, NEBELUNG, and others... 2007 €10.00
Listen to something different CD Ars Macabre AMREC 04 CD 10th anniversary comp. for the record-shop from Rostock, who also organized many concerts on the MS STUBNITZ ship ! Mainly exclusives from MUSLIMGAUZE, BEEQUEEN, DITTERICH VON EULER-DONNERSPERG, HAFLER TRIO, ASMUS TIETCHENS, WINDFAHNENAMT, TROUM, INADE, COLUMN ONE, RAPOON, ETANT DONNES, AUBE, CONTROLLED BLEEDING. nice coverpackaging 2007 €13.00
Musics in the Margin Vol.1 CD Sub Rosa SR254 digipack & 12p. booklet, compilation with most obscure "outsider art" -music: DANIEL JOHNSTON, WESLEY WILLIS, KONSTANTIN RAUDIVE, etc.. 2007 €13.00
Need for a Crossing. A New Zealand Vol. 1 CD Table of the Element / XERIC Compilation with the typical NZ-drone/folk/psych-sound: BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL, PETER WRIGHT, ANTONY MILTON, GREG MALCOLM, PUMICE, etc.. 2007 €14.50
Noise Factory Records Sampler Vol. 3 CD Noise Factory Records NOISECD113 label-sampler with BEEF TERMINAL, HEXES & OHS, NYBBL, TINKERTOY, NAW, MINISYSTEM, NEON TETRA, ADCBICYCLE, AIDAN BAKER (TROUM-Remix)... 2007 €12.00
Roulette Russe pour un peu de Caviar CD Monochrome Vision (mv12) russian compilation for the "Bruit de la neige"-Festival April 2007: NOISES OF RUSSIA, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, HUM, INSTANT MOVIE COMBINATIONS, CISFINITUM, EXIT IN GREY, BARDOSENETICCUBE, MOSCOW LAPTOP ORCHESTRA, ALEXEY BORISOV, INTERIOR DISPOSITION, CD-R, KOLPAKOPF... 2007 €13.00
Table For Six: All Quiet? # 2 CD EE Tapes EE11 lim. 300 / 7"-sleeve with silkscreened-cover-card / OBJEKT4, ANDREA MARUTTI, LAURENT PERRIER, LUTNAHIMAT, JUNE11, BRIAN LAVELLE 2007 €13.00
TESLA : Werkstatt Klangapparate DVD Edition RZ 20005 documentation of 4 performances happening in Berlin 2006 & 2007 using historical sound apparatuses, by STEVE RODEN & MARTIN RICHES, THILGES, FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER, BENZO (consisting of OLEG KORNEV & RICHARDAS NOVILA, who was once a member of CISFINITUM!). Comes with colour-booklet, bonus material (video documentation feat. WOLFGANG MÜLLER) and PDF files, really nice! 2007 €12.00
Three aural interpretations of a drawing by Eric Lanzillotta 7inch Anomalous Records NOM28 this was the last release on the legendary ANOMALOUS RECORDS label from Seattle ! => JEPH JERMAN, LEIF ELGGREN, and RALF WEHOWSKY are transforming drawings of label founder ERIC LANZILOTTA into different granular & collagic sound / noise scapes... lim. 250 clear vinyl, absolutele last copies 2007 €8.00
Untitled. A Tribute to Zdzislaw Beksinski CD Wrotycz Records WRT004 compilation dedicated to the polish painter & sculptor Z. BEKSINSKI, who was murdered in Febr. 2005 in Warsaw. Includes 12 postcards with replicas of his dark & surrealistic paintings (all untitled). Unreleased tracks by: ASMOROD, CONTEMPLATRON, DESIDERII MARGINIS, GUSTAF HILDEBRAND, HIS DIVINE GRACE, HYBRYDS, INADE, JOB KARMA, KRATONG, NECROPHORUS, SVARTSINN, ZENIAL. Very beautiful edition (oversized map-cover), recommended! 2007 €15.00
Wild Tigers I have known CD Durtro Jnana Soundtrack for Cam Archer's film with DAVID TIBET, SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE, PANTALEIMON, NATE ARCHER, CURRENT 93, etc. 2007 €14.50
23 Drifts to Guestling CD IHAM Products / FOPI Nana 004 / LAT23 re-issue of MC from 1983, compiled by DAVID TIBET, "the missing piece of the jigsaw between COUM TRANSMISSIONS, THROBBING GRISTLE and PSYCHIC TV", lots of tracks (51) with rehearsal pieces, demo-versions, live-tracks, interviews, radio snippets, phone calls, conversations, etc., feat. GENESIS P ORRIDGE, PETER CHRISTOPHERSON, TG & COUM TRANSMISSIONS & PTV, ADI NEWTON, FRANK ZAPPA, CHARLES MANSON, MONTE CAZAZZA, etc. essential for anyone interested in the history of Industrial Music !! 2008 €13.00
>Manifesto Rumorarmonico Post Futurista. Tributo a LUIGI RUSSOLO do-LP Old Europa Cafe OELP009 fullside-long contributions each from SACHER-PELZ, RAPOON, MERZBOW, GX JUPITTER-LARSEN. Numbered ed. of 765 copies, white vinyl, nice foldout-cover 2008 €22.00
A cleansing ascension CD Elevator Bath eeaoa040 label-compilation celebrating the 10 year anniversary of this fine label, with: MATT SHOEMAKER, ADAM PACIONE, JIM HAYNES, KEITH BERRY, RICK REED, DALE LLOYD, COLIN ANDREW SHEFFIELD, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, JAMES ECK RIPPIE, TOM RECCHION. Exclusive material, edition of 650 copies 2008 €13.00
Active Agent of Sound do-CD Klangwirkstoff Records KW 002 cosmic / trance-ambient compilation with projects using planetar harmonies; with MORPHON, BRAIN ENTERTAINMENT LABORATORY, COIL, AKASHA PROJECT, etc.. 2008 €18.50
Audible Geography CD Room40 EDRM416 excellent compilation on the theme "geography" with 11 tracks by ERIC LA CASA, STEPHEN VITIELLO, ASHER, JEPH JERMAN, T. TSUNODA, MARC BEHRENS, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, etc.. 2008 €14.00
Audioscoop Compilation 1 do-LP Audioscoop / Intro in Situ IS 01 compilation with artists who were part of the AUDIOSCOOP-events between 2005-2007 happening in Situ, Maastricht, Netherlands: ASMUS TIETCHENS, DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE, AUBE, KAPOTTE MUZIEK, INCITE, SUDDEN INFANT, and many more... all exclusive material, numbered ed. of 444 copies in gatefold-cover, one vinyl black, one white, nice edition 2008 €25.00
BAKU: SYMPHONY OF SIRENS BOOK + do-CD ReR Megacorp ReR RAG1 & 2 Sound Experiments of the Russian Avantgarde. Original Documents and Reconstructions of 72 Key Works of Music, Poetry and Agitprop (1908-1942), incl. the legendary "Symphony of Sirens" from ARSENI AVRAAMOV! Comes with 72 p. clothbound book, absolutely essential for anyone interested in this!!! 2008 €32.00
BRAINWAVES 2008 3 x CD Brainwashed BRAIN013 we got few leftover copies of this set from the BRAINWAVES 2008 festival (November 2008 Boston) with exclusive material from performers & friends: REFORMED FACTION OF ZOVIET FRANCE, ANDREW LILES & J. COLECLOUGH, THRESHOLD HOUSEBOYS CHOIR, C. HEEMANN & ANDREAS MARTIN, STARS OF THE LID, NURSE WITH WOUND, LITTLE ANNIE & PAUL WALFISCH, MATMOS, BABY DEE, etc etc.. totally blank cover, lim. 500 2008 €30.00
Dark Ambient Radio Volume 1 CD Dark Ambient Radio the great internet radio-programme from Hamburg presents its first compilation, with exclusive material from PHELIOS, SVARTSINN & ALLSEITS, AH CAMA-SATZ & ALL SIDES, MEGATONE, DARK MUSE, STEPHEN PARSICK, and some newcomers 2008 €14.50
Departure of Melancholy CD Firework Edition Records FER1076 very strong collection of Swedish Sound Poetry, lots of unknown artists & wonderfully obscure material: PÄR THÖRN, EVA KRISTINA OLSSON, ARIJANA KAJFES, JOHAN ANDREN, etc. etc.. between sound-art and experimental earplay... for daring minds & souls ! 2008 €12.00
Destroying the Night Sky (CADAVEROUS CONDITION-remixes) CD Klanggalerie gg119 remix-compilation with exclusive tracks by NURSE WITH WOUND, ASMUS TIETCHENS, ANDREW LILES, CONTROLLED BLEEDING, THIGHPAULSANDRA, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, ALI HELNWEIN, etc.. lim. ed. 700 copies 2008 €12.00
Forerunners. Swedish Electronic and Concete Music 1955-1965 CD Fylkingen Records FYCD 1027 RUNE LINDBLAD, STEN HANSON, LARS-GUNNAR BODIN, KARL-BIRGER BLOMDAHL, and many more.. 2008 €14.50
Japanoise of Death I+II do-CD / metal box Steinklang Industries SK-IN 12 BOX collectors item in a die-cut metal-box! Only Japanese noise acts, compiled by KOJI TANO & SHINICHI SHIKADA, with: MSBR, KK NULL, INCAPACITANS, K2, MASONNA, HIJOKAIDAN, GOVERNMENT ALPHA, AUBE, ASTRO, NORD, etc. etc. - 26 tracks of ecstatic noise ! Lim. 300 - original released in two parts in 2003 2008 €24.50
Lenghedivacje do-CDR Finalmuzik FM15 / Hybrida interesting compilation-project about the "Friulian language", with interviews & stories on CD1 and transformed sound-art pieces on CD2 by ERIC LA CASA, SLAVEK KWI (ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE), ANTJE VOWINCKEL, WEIS WARD, GUISEPPE IELASI; comes with 18 page booklet & professional cover 2008 €12.00
Message from a Subatomic World CD Hypnos Recordings hyp2854 transcension & dark ambience compilation with excklusive tracks by SVARTSINN, OÖPHOI, TRUE COLOUR OF BLOOD, STEPHEN PHILIPS, PHAENON, JASON SLOAN, NUMINA, RELAPXYCH.0, EVAN BARTHOLOMEW, AUSTERE; very good material !! 2008 €13.00
MUZYKA VOLN CD Zhelezobeton / Muzyka Voln MV-I back in stock, this fabulous "Russian drone" compilation with only Russian acts, could be the sister release to the 'EVOLVED AS ONE' CD a great collection of transcension drones.. with EXIT IN GREY, CLOSING THE ETERNITY, HUM, CISFINITUM, LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM, BARDOSENETICCUBE, POLARIS, KSHATRIY, NECROPOLIS, ANTHESTERIA feat.KAJ?, INSTANT MOVIE COMBINATIONS, REMOTEBAND. Numbered edition of 500, digipack, highly recommended! 2008 €13.00
OEC 100 / THE OLD EUROPA CAFE 7 x CD-Box Old Europa Cafe OEC 100 Celebration-Compilation for the 25th OEC anniversary with 101 contributing artists spreading on 7 CDs, working on the theme "Europe": BAD SECTOR, BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS, DEUTSCH NEPAL, KALLABRIS, MOLJEBKA PVLSE, RAPOON, CHRISTIAN RENOU (BRUME), S.Q.E., TAM QUAM TABULA RASA, TROUM / ASIA NOVA / VOICE OF EYE, VOX POPULI, and many many more from the areas of post-industrial, neo-folk, dark ambient, harsh noise.. 2008 €35.00
Pangaea Noise CD Syrphe S009 follow up compilation to the great "Beyond Ignorance and Borders", this one has again artists from around the globe, like Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East, along with some known European acts... 20 tracks to explore for the open-minded Noisehead! 2008 €13.00
Risveglio Di Una Citta (In Memory of Luigi Russolo) 6 x CD-R / book Impulsy Stetoskopu IS 009 another RUSSOLO memorial release but this one is really special: a handmade full-colour A4"book" with many photos, paintings, two essays (one by JEAN-MARC VIVENZA) on the subject, and 6 CDRs with new material by CRIA CUERVOS, LIEUTENANT CARAMEL, BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, HEAD58m, GOVERMENT ALPHA, HYWARE. Numbered. ed. 160 copies 2008 €33.00
SACRAL SYMPHONY CD EE Tapes EE14 compilation around the theme "Sacral Symphony", compiled & mixed by CISFINITUM; exclusive material only by 1000SCHOEN, TROUM, RAPOON, FIRST HUMAN FERRO, and CISFINITUM. Nice silver / grey 7" silk-screen cover, edition of 300 2008 €13.00
Shapes and Phases of Ambience CD Ghostsounds PXYCH.01 first CD release on this new label from Sweden, a compilation based on the idea to include & deconstuct "everyday sounds" within ambience, drones & rhythms. Various tracks by RELAPXYCH.0, QUANTEC, and DEER; nice priced 2008 €10.00
SPIRE LIVE FUNDAMENTALIS do-LP Autofact FACT12 / Touch Tone 28 third in the SPIRE LIVE-series with experimental organ works performed live throughout Europe; contains recordings by PHILIP JECK (May 2006, Brussels), CHARLES MATTHEWS (May 2006, Brussels, performing a piece by GIACINTO SCELSI), MARENS DAVIDSON (Oct. 2005, Göteborg), BJ NILSEN (Oct. 2005, Göteborg), and FENNESZ (May 2006 Brussels). Vinyl-only edition, gatefold-cover, art by JON WOZENCROFT 2008 €18.50
Table for Six: All Quiet? # 3 CD EE Tapes EE15 third volume of this compilation series, 6 long tracks by NEUESTRASSE, STORMHAT, ANEMONE TUBE, BRUNO DE ANGELIS, FRANS DE WAARD, and (AD)VANCE(D) (ex VANCE ORCHESTRA); lim. 300 7" silkscreen-cover 2008 €13.00
Ten Grand Tonearm LP Head Worse Records HW-05 Australian underground / experimental / free & abstract noise / impro compilation with a lovely handmade / recycled cover (on the RATS WITH WINGS -label): RLW, SUN OF THE SEVENTH SISTER, THE VITAMIN B12, CASTINGS, RAHDUNES, LOACHFILLET, etc.... amazing stuff included here for the adventureous hearts !! lim. 300 2008 €15.00
The Recommended Records Sampler 1982 - 25th Anniversary Edition do-CD ReR 25 A/B re-issue of this historic milestone collection - the first compilation Recommended Records brought out, now a collectors item, with exclusive material by: FAUST, ART BEARS, THE HOMOSEXUALS, UNIVERS ZERO, ASKAK MABOUL/HONEYMOON KILLERS, THE WORK, HENRY COW, ART ZOYD, THIS HEAT, THE RESIDENTS, PICCIO DAL POZZO, ROBERT WYATT, and many more... 2 hours of material, special priced 2008 €15.50
This Infernal Love of Life CD Monochrome Vision (mv23) re-issue of an LP from 1989 feat. swedish artists only (TOPYSCAN) (except Karkowski), feat. OMALA (who worked with JOHN FRYER - THIS MORTAL COIL, and GRAHAM LEWIS - WIRE, as HE SAID OMALA), WHITE STAINS (who collaborated with PSYCHIC TV often), PHAUSS, Z. KARKOWSKI. Edition of 500 2008 €13.00
v-p v-f is v-n 7 Winds Measure Recordings wm10 amazing art-compilation with 20 short tracks & lock-grooves by JEPH JERMAN, RICHARD GARET, BEN OWEN, LAWRENCE ENGLISH, CIVYIU KKLIU, ILVA MONOSOV, etc... lim. / numb. 350 copies in letter-press art-cover 2008 €9.00
War Frequencies 01 CD Teder Music TDR012 compilation with GAL TUSHIA, AVI ELBAZ, FILTER FEEDER, TANJA SCHLANDER, AUTISTICI, etc.. on this profilic label from Tel-Aviv 2008 €13.00
Ya Ji CD Kwan Yin Records YJ001 Chinese cross-cultural/remix compilation on a sub-label of SUBJAM with LOOP ORCHESTRA, RELAPXYCH.O / OBJEKT4 / ANDERS PETERSON, BAI TIAN, SHIZ; nice envelope sleeve cover with 4-part fold out insert, all info written in Chinese and English 2008 €12.00
Zelphabet Vol. A CD Zelphabet first volume in a new series, this one has tracks by ACHIM WOLLSCHEID, AMK, ARCANE DEVICE, ASMUS TIETCHENS. Edition of 1000 2008 €10.00
Zelphabet Vol. B CD Zelphabet second part of this crazy compilation-project, Volume B feat. BEST PEOPLE, 16 BITCH PILE-UP, BLACKHUMOUR, BOB BELLERUE 2008 €10.00
Zelphabet Vol. D CD Zelphabet fourth part of this crazy compilation-project, Volume D feat: DAMION ROMERO, DANIEL MENCHE, DAVE PHILLIPS 2008 €10.00
Abnormal Beauty CD Beast of Prey bop 4.3 compilation with DESIDERII MARGINIS, BOCKSHOLM, KARJALAN SISSIT, HOROLOGIUM, STAHLWERK9, CONTEMPLATRON, etc.. most tracks seem to be exclusive to this release 2009 €12.00
Adventures in Sound CD EL / Cherry Red Rec. ACMEM159CD the ideal introduction to some of the main pieces of early electronic music & musique concrete, like "Gesang der Jünglinge", "Poeme Electronique", or "Diamorphoses", by KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN - PIERRE SCHAEFFER - IANNIS XENAKIS - EDGAR VARESE - PIERRE HENRY - great collection with some hard to find historic pieces 2009 €15.00
An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music (1992-2008) 4 x CD Sub Rosa SR265 an overview of experimental & non-academic music in China; feat. 48 artists from China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore & Malaysia; the perfect introduction in the growing Chinese electronic scene!! 2009 €25.00
Dark Ambient Radio Volume 2 CD Dark Ambient Radio second compilation of exclusive tracks by mainly unknown or newcomer-acts from the Dark Ambient-scene, collected by the excellent online-radio programme from Hamburg; THOLEN, INNER VISION LABORATORY, ARKHITEKTUR NOIR, THERRADAEMON, ASPECTEE, PHELIOS, CREPUSCULAR, NAGUAL ART, TROUM, PHOBOS, FALSE MIRROR. A must for any dark ambient fan !!! 2009 €13.00
Desolationhouse do-CD Desolation House Records DH-1200 closing compilation of this nice experimental series of Relapse Records, exclusive material from: TROUM, BASTARD NOISE/C.RENOU, WÄLDCHENGARTEN, AMAZING GRACE, GRUNTSPLATTER, SUBTERRANEAN SOURCE, ANGEL OF DECAY, JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY HOUR, KEPLERS ODD, RISE OF BECAUSE. Double Digipack w. booklet, limited one time pressing 1000 copies 2009 €15.00
DruckEmpfinden-Festival CD Chamber Music Records CMR001 remaining copies of the festival-sampler that was released to the "Druckempfinden-Festival" in Darmstadt, Germany, 7. November 2009; BAD SECTOR (2 tracks!), PROPERGOL (3 tracks) and GENEVIEVE PASQUIER (3 tracks), lim. /numb. 250 copies, nicely designed, all material previously unreleased, incl. festival-postcard 2009 €13.00
Enkele Gemotiveerde Produktiemedewerkers MC (C-100) Incubator re-issue of a MIDAS MUSIC Tape compilation from 1990 (C-100), comes in totally handmade multi-coloured silkscreen cover; with handpainted MC; YEAST CULTURE, ARCANE DEVICE, KK NULL, THU 20, HANDS TO, L. CARAMEL, SMERSH, KAPOTTE MUZIEK, ACHIM WOLLSCHEID, etc etc.. 2009 €10.00
Heilige Feuer 6 do-CD Indiestate IST056 / Der Angriff Nr.32 Volume 6 in this successful compilation series linked with the festivals happening in St. Petersburg of the same name, each 2 tracks from KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, THE PROTAGONIST, I-C-K, DES ESSEINTES, A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR, ANTHESTERIA, LEICHE RUSTIKAL, RADIO MURMANSK. Comes in deluxe digipack printed with bronze on designer paper, with embossed festival logo, lim. 500 2009 €18.00
HÖGA NORD LP Segerhuva SEGER 26 diving deep into the current Swedish post-industrial / experimental underground with this compilation, 4 groups: BOCKSHOLM, NIELLERADE FALLIBILISTHORSTAR, DUSA, VARTGARD. Edition of 300 copies 2009 €14.00
Le Mystere des Templiers CD Naive Classique AMT195 middle age vocal pieces from the 11th to 13th Century performed by different Ensembles; composers are HILDEGARD VON BINGEN, GAUTHIER DE COINCY, LEONIN, ALFONSO EL SABLO and many unknowns; 2009 €13.00
Magnetic Traces CD Swarming 002 Soundart compilation with works for installations by Australian and French composers: THOMAS TILLY, TARAB, MARC BARON & JEAN-LUC GUIONNET, CEDRIC PEYRONNET (TOY BIZARRE), PHILIP SAMARTZIS, ERIC LA CASA, and more.. for explorers, on ERIC LA CASAs own label !! 2009 €13.00
MICHIGAN 6 x LP-Box RRRecords lim. 600, 12 sides with noise-artists from the active MICHIGAN-scene, with WOLF EYES, HIVE MIND, SICK LLAMA, PRINCESS DRAGONMOM, etc.. 2009 €55.00
MOM CD Beta-lactam Ring Records bb11 Godspeed Mom! Tribute & benefit compilation for Chris Mc. Beths (label owner) mother Jeanine with exclusive material only; NURSE WITH WOUND, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, VOLCANO THE BEAR, NADJA, LA STPO, TROUM, ANDREW LILES, EARTHMONKEY, and many others from the label; comes in thick oversized cover 2009 €13.00
Open Strings. Early Virtuoso Recordings from the Middle East, and modern responses do-CD Honest Jons Records HJR039CD collection of earliest Middle East string recordings from the 1920s (artists from Iran, Iraq, Turkey & Egypt), plus tracks / new interpretations inspired by this from the likes of SIR RICHARD BISHOP (SUN CITY GIRLS), BEN CHASNY (SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE), MV & EE, MICHAEL FLOWER (VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA), BRUCE LICHER (ex SAVAGE REPUBLIC), STEFFEN BASHO-JUNGHANS, etc.. 2009 €18.50
Pop Ambient 2009 LP + CD Kompakt KOM186 last years volume for this successfull series feat. tracks by KLIMEK, SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU, TIM HECKER, MARSEN JULES, MINT (WOLFGANG VOIGT), etc... exploring the are between ambience & electronica; lim. ed. with bonus CD of the album incl. bonus-track 2009 €14.50
SILENTES 2004-2009 ANNIVERSERY SET 14 x CD-BOX & T-Shirt Silentes 20042009 massive Anniversary box with all 13 new CD-releases (autumn/winter 2009), plus T-Shirt, badges, anniversary bag, and exclusive bonus CD by MARIBOR (Italian ambience-supergroup feat. AMON, NIMH, M.B., STEFANO GENTILE, PIERPAOLO ZOPPO); lim./numb. 150 copies, we have only few in stock so be fast if interested !!!! 2009 €125.00
SLEPPET BOOK / 2 x CD +3dB Records +DB006 beautiful art-book with full colour pics of the Norwegian spring and field recording based pieces from NATASHA BARRETT, MARC BEHRENS, STEVE RODEN, CHRIS WATSON, JANA WINDEREN & BJARNE KVINNSLAND, who were touring through Norway in spring 2007 and created basic material for the SLEPPET sound art exhibition in Bergen; presented here are new versions of these works 2009 €26.00
SOURCE RECORDS 1-6. Music of the Avant Garde, 1968-1971 3 x CD Pogus P21050-2 re-issue of six 10" records that were published by the "Music of the Avant Garde" journal from 1968-1971, with materal by ROBERT ASHLEY, DAVID BEHRMAN, ALVIN LUCIER, ANNEA LOCKWOOD, LARRY AUSTIN, ALLAN BRYANT, ARTHUR WOODBURY, MARK RIENER, STANLEY LUNETTA, LOWEL CROSS, ARRIGO LORA-TOTINO, ALVIN CURRAN. Comes with booklet w. extensive liner-notes & infos 2009 €33.00
Stählerne Lichter CD Licht und Stahl LICHT 006 post-industrial compilation on the label of N.STRAHL.N with exclusive tracks by DIETER MÜH, FLUTWACHT, GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ, MINIMATA, LE SYNDICAT, etc.. a good mixture of well knows acts and newcomers, working on the theme "steel & lights"; lim./numb. 300 copies 2009 €13.00
Trans_Canada. ZKM Karlsruhe DVD-Audio Empreintes Digitales IMED 09100 DVD-Audio Surround 5.1 Dolby & Stereo (48KHZ 24bit); 8 works produced by Canadian composers at the ZKM-studio in Karlsruhe, Germany & premiered at the "Trans_Canada"-festival in 2005: NICOLAS BERNIER, DARREN COPELAND, FRANCIS DHOMONT, LOUIS DUFORT, GILLES GOBEIL, ROBERT NORMANDEAU, BARRY TRUAX, HILDEGARD WESTERKAMP 2009 €12.50
Zelphabet Vol. E CD Zelphabet fifth part of this crazy compilation-project, Volume E feat: ED OSBORN, ELLIOTT SHARP, EMIL BEAULIEAU, EVIL MOISTURE 2009 €11.00
Zelphabet Vol. F CD Zelphabet sixth part of this crazy compilation-project, Volume F feat: FAILING LIGHTS, FIN, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, FRANS DE WAARD 2009 €11.00
Zelphabet Vol. G CD Zelphabet seventh part of this crazy compilation-project, Volume G feat: GIANCARLO TONIUTTI, GOVERNMENT ALPHA, G*PARK, GREGORY WHITEHEAD, GX JUPITTER-LARSEN 2009 €11.00
Zelphabet Vol. H CD Zelphabet eighth part of this crazy compilation-project, Volume H feat: HANATARASH, HALALCHEMISTS, HATERS, HOWARD STELZER 2009 €11.00
Zelphabet Vol. I CD Zelphabet ninth part of this crazy compilation-project, Volume I feat: IDX1274, INCAPACITANTS, IRENE MOON and IF, BWANA 2009 €11.00
Musics in the Margin Vol. 2: Musik Oblik CD Sub Rosa SR299 compilation mixing visual arts and music, combining modern art, contemporary art, outsider art; very weird stuff!; KLAUS BEYER, NORMAND L'AMOUR, BAUDOUIN OOSTERLYNCK, THE WILD CLASSICAL MUSIC ENSEMBLE, OTHIN SPAKE, ADOLF WÖLFI, etc. 2010 €13.00
25 Years of Kapotte Muziek CD Korm Plastics KP 3039 25 year anniversary release which documents two celebrative concerts held in Nijmegen & Amsterdam 02.2010 by KAPOTTE MUZIEK and friends: RADBOUD MENS, DMDN, ASMUS TIETCHENS, ASRA, HOWARD STELZER, JOS SMOLDERS; lim. 200, multi-colour art cover printed by KNUST ; special low price ! 2010 €10.00
A tasty Swarm of small Signals DVD-Audio Störung str008 sound-art project curated by FRANCISCO LOPEZ, collecting 91 x 2 minute micro-compositions from different sound-artists, feat. JAMES WEBB, LAWRENCE ENGLISH, ASMUS TIETCHENS, LOUIS DUFORT, ALAN COURTIS (REYNOLS!), Z. KARKOWSKI, and the master himself, FRANCISCO LOPEZ; 3 hours playtime, DVD-audio (24 bit) playable in any DVD player or computer 2010 €18.00
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 2 3 x LP SUB ROSA SRV200 lim. vinyl-version of the second Volume! Spanning from 1936-2003 with major & previosly unreleased works by VLADIMIR USSACHEVSKY + OTTO LUENING, LUC FERRARI, TOD DOCKSTADER, JOHANNA M.BEYER, MORTON SUBOTNICK, KIM CASCONE, SPK, AUTECHRE, ARCANE DEVICE, SUN RA, LAIBACH, etc.etc. + extensive liner-notes; lim. 1000 copies gatefoldcover 2010 €27.50
Attention Patterns do-LP Important Records IMPREC263   2010 €40.00
Clicks & Cuts 5.0 - Paradigm Shift CD Mille Plateaux MP 300 MILLE PLATEAUX has been re-launched with a new volume of the legendary compilation series "Clicks & Cuts" ! AOKI TAKAMASA, WYATT KEUSCH, LOOM, AMETSUB, KABUTOGANI & many more unknown / new names trying to create truly advanced experimental electronica 2010 €14.00
Clicks & Cuts 5.1 - Paradigm Shift (The Bonus Package) CD Mille Plateaux MP 306 bonus-tracks & full-length versions accompanying the 5.0 release 2010 €10.00
Ekhnaton CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme1036 re-mastered re-issue of LP compilation from 1984 presenting the Italian experimental scene at that time: T.A.C., TASADAY, MAZE 1066, EVITAXAL 2010 €12.50
Offstrings LP Complacency Records CR201001 the label of DAN BURKE (ILLUSION OF SAFETY) is back with a very experimental compilation feat. new work from Chicago-based guitar players: DAVID DANIELL, MARK SHIPPY, TRAVIS BIRD, DAN BURKE, MICHAEL VALLERA; 180gr. vinyl, colour vinyl, download coupon 2010 €18.50
SECRET ASSEMBLY (live CANYON Club 16. May 2009) DVD OMS Records OMS DVD 01 professional live-recordings & filming of a festival that happened in May 2009 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, with DEUTSCH NEPAL, NOISES OF RUSSIA, FIRST HUMAN FERRO and FILIVS MACROCOSMI; 149 minutes, very good sound quality, lim. 500 ! 2010 €16.00
The Year 25 - 25 years of Korm Plastics MC Korm Plastics KP 2525 lovely 25 year anniversary release on MC (the format it all began with), with previously unreleased material by ILLUSION OF SAFETY, RICHARD FRANCIS (ESO STEEL), MIRKO UHLIG, ASMUS TIETCHENS, Z'EV, IDEA FIRE COMPANY, FREIBAND, THE HATERS, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, EDWARD KA-SPEL, MACHINEFABRIEK, JOS SMOLDERS, PETER DUIMELINKS, HOWARD STELZER, RAYMON DIJKSTRA; etc. each track is 2:50 min, lim. 250 copies!!! 2010 €8.00
Things that happened do-CDR Reduktive Musiken REDUKT 013 five complete recordings from concerts that have happened in Hamburg 2005 & 2006: AUDIBLE PAIN (harsh ponding analogue industrial noise), NOTSTANDSKOMITEE vs TBC (chaotic anarcho-noise impro), WÄLDCHENGARTEN (great 35 min recording of their show at HÖRBAR in May 2005!), GOVERNMENT ALPHA (piercing analogue Jap harsh noise), PRAYING FOR OBLIVION (short but extreme voice-processions); comes in silk-screened LP cover with cardboard plate & 4-panel A4 inlay poster; numbered ed. of 100 copies 2010 €17.50
Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep do-LP Rune Grammofon RLP 3100 label-compilation to the 100th release of the Norwegian label; exclusive material by ALOG, ULTRALYD, MAJA RATKJE, SUPERSILENT, DEATHPROD, and many more Norwegian acts.. lim. vinyl version with luxurious cover (350gr. cardboard) 2010 €22.00
Twisted Cabaret Vol. 1 CD Volvox Music VOLCD92 compilation with "New Cabaret" influenced music & acts "using, altering or diverting the codes and rules of Weimar Cabaret": TIGER LILIES, BABY DEE, DRESDEN DOLLS, RESIDENTS(!), LITTLE ANNIE, DE KIFT, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, ARANOS, and many more 2010 €14.50
Vox:one CD Ohm Records 0.8 ohm strong industrial / experimental compilation with intense tracks based entirely on the human voice of ELLEN AAGAARD: KK.NULL, WILT, BAND OF PAIN, KOBI, FREDRIK NESS SEVENDAL, CHAOS AS SHELTER, MOURMANSK 150, OLE MELBY, PAL ASLE PETTERSEN, V.V. (VEN VOISEY), R/A/A/N. The material was collected already in 2001, but is finally released only now in 2010 ! 2010 €12.00
XXXII° Concorso Internazionale die Musica Elettroacustica e Rumore do-CD Monochrome Vision mc33 pricewinners of the "La Bruit De La Neige" festival happened in March 2010 dedicated to Luigi Russolos Bruitism concept from 1913: YOTA KOBAYASHI, ELIA MARIOS JOANNOU, VALERIE DELANEY, ERDEM HELVACIOGLU, and many others, lots of fresh composer to discover here ! 2010 €17.00
Zabriskie Point: Original Soundtrack 3 x LP Music on Vinyl MOVLP150 soundtrack to ANTONIONI's cult-film (1970), incl. four bonus tracks each from PINK FLOYD & JERRY GARCIA that were used in the film, but not on the previously released soundtrack versions!! Gatefold-cover 2010 €32.50
...plays BAD SECTOR mCDR Bastets Kitten BK003 BAD SECTOR-fans Achtung! Four different artists worked on new BAD SECTOR-source materials for a stunning result: FREIBAND, IF,BWANA, HYPNOSKULL as 33MHZ, and newcomer dEmutE; excellent tracks all around, lim. 122 copies in oversized (fullcolour) cardboard cover 2011 €6.00
Ambient of TIME CD Whereabouts Records WHACD-5 Japanese compilation on the theme "Time", ambience /electronica / experimental artists all from Japan like NAPH, MUJIKA EASEL, EL FOG, PSYCHEDEISM, RADI STRAND, TADAHIKO YOKOGAWA, DOI ITSUQI, etc.. fragile & introspective stuff, lots of acoustic guitar, piano, harmonic voices & field recording tunes, to discover ! 2011 €13.50
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 1 (test-pressing!) LP Drone Records MIND-01* test-pressing on black vinyl with white labels, lim. ed. 10 copies, comes with original cover. UNPLAYED ! 2011 €20.00
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 1 : HALO MANASH, UBEBOET, JARL, B*TONG (SOLD OUT) LP Drone Records MIND-01 the NEW LP-series from Drone Records, dedicated to the Drones of the World, and the Drones of our Minds. Each LP features four artists from the international drone-scene and is limited to 500 copies, pressed on four different vinyl-colours. Volume 1: UBEBOET (Spain), HALO MANASH (Finland), B°TONG (Suisse), JARL (Sweden). Stunning artwork paintings by British artist PETE GREENING, design by NINA KERNICKE (ALL SIDES). RELEASE-DATE: 5. DECEMBER 2011 !! 2011 €15.00  
Framework Seasonal Issue #1, Autumn 2011 CD-R Framework Editions limited fund-raising release for the great 'Framework' radioprogramme dedicated to all kinds of experimental field recordings, run by PATRICK McGINLEY aka MURMER; comes in handmade silk-screened origami packaging, first volume feat. unreleased material only by: MARC BEHRENS, PAULO RAPOSO, MECHA/ORGA, ERNST KAREL, SEB. HEGARTY, etc... explore the beauty of field recordings, found sounds, environmental micro-worlds !! 2011 €20.00
From Earth to Sirius do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 020-2 amazing compilation dedicated to the SIRIUS star & the memory of the genius "Illuminatus" writer ROBERT ANTON WILSON (1932-2007); with exclusive tracks by S.E.T.I., EXPO'70, NORDVARGR, RAPOON, PHELIOS, HYBRYDS, EMME YA, ATOMINE ELEKTRINE, and many more... between rhythmic industrial & esoteric ambience, 130 min. of material !! 2011 €15.00
IMPREC300 LP Important Records IMPREC300 10th anniversary release with exclusive material from BASS COMMUNION & PIG, MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE, GRAILS, BARDO POND, CHORD..:. one side is more "rocking", the other more "experimental".. 2011 €12.00
Radioactive Astral Bell Noises do-CDR Wachsender Prozess WP032 Compilation with long "live in the studio" recordings by HATI, TBC, ASTRO, RENOISE, KAKAWAKA; sessions performed at FSK studios in Hamburg, Germany, for the Radio Gagarin live series 2011 €10.00
Strade Trasparenti CD Staubgold staubgold digital 9 original film-soundtrack of the film by Brazilian film-maker AUGUSTO CONTENTO with exclusive material only: a very long (28+ min) airy NECKS track and similar minimal & atmospheric pieces by DAVID GRUBBS (GASTR DEL SOL, BASTRO, etc.), MIRA CALIX, MUTE SOCIALITE, O-TYPE. "Strade Trasparenti (Transparent Roads) is a cinevoyage, a ritual of initiation to the journey, to the discovery of the unknown, the indecipherable and the irreducible..." 2011 €15.00
TF100 BOOK/ 2 x 10inch Tonefloat TF100 jubilee-release presenting the history of this Dutch label in a beautifully designed 108-page hardcover book showing the full discography, cover pictures, background-infos, etc.. plus two 10" vinyls with exclusive collab-material by DIRK SERRIES (FEAR FALLS BURNING), STEVEN WILSON (BASS COMMUNION), THEO TRAVIS, PETER VAN VLIET, MOONSWIFT, SAND SNOWMAN, MAARTEN VAN DER VLEUTEN. Limited ed. & soon to be rare ! 2011 €39.50
The Sound Ecology: Range CD Nitkie label patch two great compilation of "sound ecology" / environmental / field recording pieces by the current "creme da la creme" of sound artists, comes with extensive 24p. full-colour booklet: MATHIEU RUHLMANN, YANNICK DAUBY, MICHAEL NORTHAM, ERIC LA CASA & CEDRIC PEYRONNET, JOHN GRZINICH, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, JEPH JERMAN, RALF WEHOWSKY, CHRISTOPHER McFALL, MURMER; ed. of 500 copies and first Volume in ongoing series on this new Russian label; highly recommended for any fan of field recordings !!! 2011 €13.50
Zelphabet Vol. K CD Zelphabet K 11th part of this crazy compilation-project, Volume K featuring exclusive material from: K2, KEY RANSONE (=SMALL CRUEL PARTY!!), KK NULL and KLUSTER 07 (aka CONRAD SCHNITLZER) !! 2011 €11.00
30.2 - Electronica, Experimental and Noise from Africa CD Syrphe S013 the hyper-active (& now Berlin based) C-DRIK FERMONT compiled the maybe very first true dark electronica & "experimental" underground compilation with acts from AFRICA (Egypt, Tunesia, Mauritius, Morocco, Madagascar, Angola, Reunion, South Africa and Algeria); many new names to discover ! 2012 €12.00
Art of the Muses CD Syrphe S012 compilation of female experimental music from Far East Asia with acts from MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA, SOUTH KOREA, TAIWAN, VIETNAM, CHINA & JAPAN - 10 composers, 13 tracks, lots of new names to discover; compiled by the amazing electro-cosmopolitan C-DRIK !! 2012 €12.00
Benefiets for Japan do-CD Licht-Ung benefit sampler project that was planned immediately after the Tsunami-catastrophe in Japan; 36 artists have taken part, for example: EMIL BEAULIEAU, MICHAEL BARTHEL, YUI ONODERA, PRURIENT, FRANS DE WAARD, DAVE PHILLIPS, ANLA COURTIS, SUDDEN INFANT, CHRISTIAN DERGARABEDIAN, HER NAME IS CALLA, THE HATERS, RUDOLV EB.ER, etc. etc.. 5 Euro from every sold copy goes to the Red Cross and to the "heart on coin-kizuna" project in Japan 2012 €17.00
Compilation Festival Electronica en Abril * 2003-2012 do-LP BOX La Casa Encendida Ten exclusive tracks to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this Spanish Festival, by ELEH, THOMAS KÖNER, RADIAN, MAJA RATKJE, MATMOS, FARBEN, SND, etc.. comes in beautiful textured cloth-bound box !! 2012 €29.50
Cycles: Cyclic Law's 10th Anniversary Label Sampler do-CD Cyclic Law - 50th Cycle a nice present to the fans of this Canadian label, definitely one of the TOP dark ambient labels on the globe; feat. exclusive material from almost all of their acts like SHRINE, ALLSEITS, AUN, KAMMARHEIT, DESIDERII MARGINIS, NORTHAUNT, etc. etc.. top material only, one of the best dark ambient compilations we ever listened to ! 2012 €14.00
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 2 LP Drone Records MIND-02 second volume in the NEW Drone Records series, feat: YANN NOVAK (USA), STROM NOIR (Slovakia), EMME YA (Colombia), KARL BÖSMANN (Germany); lim. 500 - four different vinyl-colours! Official RELEASE DATE: 31.12.2012, OUT NOW!! 2012 €15.00
Framework Seasonal Issue #2, Spring 2012 CD-R Framework Editions limited fund-raising release for the great 'Framework' radioprogramme dedicated to all kinds of experimental field recordings, run by PATRICK McGINLEY aka MURMER; comes in handmade silk-screened origami packaging, first volume feat. unreleased material only by: LASSE-MARC RIEK, JAMES WYNESS, DAVE PHILLIPS, AYMERIC DE TAPOL, etc... explore the beauty of field recordings, found sounds, environmental micro-worlds !! 2012 €20.00
FUCK YOU. Fucking Noise in China now DVD Sub Rosa / OME#13 Is noise political? Is there music after Mao? Impressive film about the new NOISE-scene in China - a 100 minute-trip & road movie filmed 2006 between Beijing & Shanghai, feat. TORTURING NURSE, WANG CHANGCUN, WANG FAN, LI JIAN HUNG/DICKSON DEE, Z. KARKOWSKI, etc.. by GUY-MARC HINANT & DOMINIQUE LOHLE 2012 €15.00
Gravity's Drop Out. Tracks for non-existing Movies CD Alrealonmusique ALRN037 compilation curated by THORSTEN SOLTAU, feat. PAS, MARGITT HOLZT, HERR PENSCHUCK, EBINGER; NIKA SON, PENSCHUCK & SOLTAU - experimental music that should work as little movies for the head; a nice collection of the new (mainly German)underground; lim. 300 2012 €12.00
Gyalpo CD Gterma gterma005 very nice deep ambient / ethno compilation with four projects as a tribute to the "Four Heavenly Kings of Caturmaharajika" (Lokapalas - the guardians of the four horizons in Buddhist mythology) - ANDERS PETERSON (OBJECT4, RELAPXYCH.0), EARTH VIBRATION, MATHIAS GRASSOW and a very long stunning track by INDO (34+ min.); highly recommended for any 'meditative drone / ambient' lover ! 2012 €13.00
Impedance CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACS 1003 perfect introduction into the world of ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, this highly interesting DIY-label from Augsburg, Germany: low priced sampler with 14 unreleased tracks by EMERGE, B°TONG, ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF, MYSTIFIED, SUSTAINED DEVELOPMENT, DEEP, DOC WÖR MIRRAN, ESA RUOHO, ELEKTROJUDAS, ORIFICE 2012 €4.00
INVENTIONEN VII : 30 Jahre Inventionen 1982-2012 do-CD & DVD-BOX Edition RZ 3006-8 great jubilee edition of the Berlin based 'new music' festival with 310 min.(!) of dolby surround material on the DVD feat. mainly exclusive long pieces / recordings by HANS TUTSCHKU (genius!), IANNIS XENAKIS (from 1982!), FRANCIS DHOMONT, HANNA HARTMAN, GILLES GOBEIL, etc.. + a 75 min. recording of a TREVOR WISHART piece (2010), plus CD re-issues of three very early deleted Ed. RZ LPs: RICARDO MANDOLINI (1982) and the two INVENTIONEN LPs from 1985; comes in nice box with 68p. booklet !! 2012 €29.00
Islands In-Between LP Touch T33.2v re-issue of MC release from 1984 with field stunning recordings (gamelan music and daily noises) made in Indonesia (Bali & Java), excellent quality, lim. 500 2012 €14.00
Mystic Soundz from Afrika. Lost Field Recordings 1960-1973 LP Lost in Space Records LP-01 collection of rare music field recordings made by ethnologists in Ethopia, Zaire, Ghana, Ivory Coast, etc... subtle poly-rhythms, unusual vocal material & chants, exotic melodies performed on selfmade harps & flutes, energetic & beautiful !! 2012 €20.00
Revenge? Yes! NORDIC AUDIO MODERN 2012 CD Autarkeia acd 086 compilation released to the occasion of the "Nordic Audio Modern" festival that happened May 2012 in Vilnius, Lithaunia; exclusive material only by: INADE, DEUTSCH NEPAL, HERBST9, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, LAND:FIRE, FJERNLYS, MALDUR ATAI, CIRCULAR, etc.. lim. 500, 14 tracks, almost 79min. playtime, an excellent industrial compilation! 2012 €13.00
Staring into the Sun - Ethopian Tribal Music do-LP Sublime Frequencies SF 074 compilation of Ethopian tribal music: OLIVIA WYATT recorded various tribes in 2009 with their most original pieces (usually based on chants & rhythms) often used for ceremonies, using very different self-made instruments like lyres, bowed lute, various flutes, animal horn, rattles, gongs, hand drums => an amazing range of different music & approaches, lots of background info in the credits, nice gatefold-cover 2012 €26.50
Tensions at the Vanguard: New Music from Peru (1948-1979) do-CD Pogus Productions POGUS 21065-2 amazing collection of early experimental / electronic music from Peru, you won't know the names of these composers but this "wild" mixture of tape compositions, electronic experiments & 'new music' in classical formations with acoustic instruments; curated by LUIS ALVARADO, comes with 24p. booklet in Spain & English; for explorers of exotic electronics ! 2012 €18.50
The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (OST) CD Sweet Nothing SNCD55 soundtrack for the film of the same name by MARIE LOSIER about the art & life of GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE (THROBBING GRISTLE, PSYCHIC TV) and "his" wife LADY JAYE and their incredible "Pandrogyne" project (using sexual transformations to create a complete symbiosis with the beloved other); music by PSYCHIC TV, THEE MAJESTY, GENESIS BREYER P. ORRIDGE & LADY J., and other collaborations... 2012 €13.00
The constant Rise of Expectations CD-R Klappstuhl Records SP 003 electronic / experimental / post industrial & independent compilation with old & new names & wide range of styles: (AD)VANCE(D), MULTER, N, KALLABRIS, SOLANACEAE TAU, GERSTEIN, F-SPACE, THE MMVP, etc... dedicated to LYDIA TOMKIW (1959-2007)of ALGEBRA SUICIDE 2012 €12.00
TOUCH. 30 Years and counting do-LP Touch Tone 33 the famous British experimental label celebrates with this their 30th anniversary - all tracks are exlusive and original to this release: FENNESZ, BRUCE GILBERT, BJ NILSEN, CHRIS WATSON, MIKA VAINIO, VON HAUSSWOLFF, BIOSPHERE, Z'EV, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR, etc... coincidenes with the "Touch.30 Atmospheres 4 festival" in London 5./6.Dec. 2012; comes in gatefold-cover, lim. 1000 BACK IN STOCK LAST COPIES; HIGHER PRICE UNAVOIDABLE! 2012 €24.50
TOUCH. 30 Years and counting CD Touch Tone 33CD the famous British experimental label celebrates with this their 30th anniversary - all tracks are exlusive and original to this release: FENNESZ, BRUCE GILBERT, BJ NILSEN, CHRIS WATSON, MIKA VAINIO, VON HAUSSWOLFF, BIOSPHERE, Z'EV, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR, etc... coincidenes with the "Touch.30 Atmospheres 4 festival" in London 5./6.Dec. 2012; lim. 1000 2012 €14.50
XTRA HÖGTALARE CD Elektron Records EM1016 new experimental & electro-acoustic composers from Sweden, all recorded in the legendary "Elektronmusikstudion EMS" in Stockholm (existing since 1964!), with MATHIAS JOSEFSON (aka MOLJEBKA PVLSE!!), HELENE HEDSUND (great collage working out the "in between" sounds of instruments), MAGNUS JOHANSSON, LEONARD TSOUO, BOA PETTERSSON, EVA ERBENIUS and GIRILAL BAARS... very experimental / daring / conceptual stuff, long tracks, comes with booklet 2012 €13.00
Yokomono 03.5 ("triple grooved" MERZBOW, MIKA VAINIO, NO ARTIST, JAAP BLONK, CYNTHIA ZAVEN) LP Staalplaat - Yokomono 03.5 the fourth in the Yokomono-series is a uniquely mastered vinyl: three parallel soundtracks / grooves per side were cut into the master in a way that the needle will jump between the three tracks randomly !! REALLY a "experimental" record, use turntable & record as an instrument! Lim. 500, clear vinyl 2012 €12.00
ZugZwang-Festival III CD Chamber Music Recodrs CMR004 exclusive material from CLUB MORAL, SUTCLIFFE JUGEND, LA NOMENKLATUR - released at ZugZwang III - Festival Nov. 2012 in Darmstadt, Germany; lim. / numb. 300 copies with metal-plate cover! 2012 €10.00
70 Years of Sunshine do-CD Monotype Records mono070 compilation dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the first LSD trip through ALBERT HOFMANN => a follower to the famous "50 Years of Sunshine" from Silent Records 20 years ago, now again curated by KIM CASCONE; experimental, droney, impro, psychedelic soundscapes & tracks by: MAKOTO KAWABATA, R.A. IRISARRI, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, ANDREW LILES, RAPOON, ROBERT WHEELER (PERE UBU), MIRT, and many, more unknown acts + nice liner notes... a must have if you are experienced !! 2013 €19.50
80s Compilation EP 7inch EE Tapes EV07 NINE CIRCLES, OPERA MULTI STEEL, THE MISZ, BERNTHOLER; rare material presenting the typical Belgian & European minimal synth / new wave 80's sound; lim. 350 2013 €8.50
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 3 LP Drone Records MIND-03 Vol.3 features: JIM HAYNES (USA), MANINKARI (France), KSHATRIY (Russia), EXIT IN GREY (Rus). stunning artwork paintings by British artist PETE GREENING, great design by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS using bronce-colour & UV gloss! AVAILABLE NOW!! 2013 €15.00
Epicurean Escapism I CD & DVD Silken Tofu stx.23 / The Epicurean cure 1 great luxurious industrial compilation feat. the artists that took part in the first "Epicurean Festival" that happened in Berlin in 2012: JARL, IRM, KRANK (with JOHN MURPHY), HUMAN LARVAE & ANEMONE TUBE, all with very long tracks (the JARL track has over 25 min.!); + DVD with five intense video works by MARTIN BLADH (IRM), and a 24 page catalogue with essays & artworks by him; comes in 6 panel oversized folder, lim. 350 copies 2013 €20.00
Epicurean Escapism II CD & DVD + book Silken Tofu stx.29 / The Epicurean cure 2 released to the 2nd festival of the same name (Berlin, June 2013), the CD has exclusive material by the performers KE/HIL, ANEMONE TUBE, POST SCRIPTVM, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, DIETER MÜH, CON-DOM, the DVD early super 8 short films by CON-DOM; comes with 20p. full colour catalogue/book with art & texts by various people... lim. / numb. 350 2013 €22.00
Framework Seasonal Issue #4, Spring 2013 CD-R Framework Editions limited fund-raising release for the great 'Framework' radioprogramme dedicated to all kinds of experimental field recordings, run by PATRICK McGINLEY aka MURMER; comes in handmade silk-screened origami packaging, first volume feat. unreleased material only by: TERJE PAULSEN, MAILE COLBERT, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, YANNICK DAUBY & OLIVIER FERAUD, etc... explore the beauty of field recordings, found sounds, environmental micro-worlds !! 2013 €20.00
Framework Seasonal Issue #5, Summer 2013 CD-R Framework Editions limited fund-raising release for the great 'Framework' radioprogramme dedicated to all kinds of experimental field recordings, run by PATRICK McGINLEY aka MURMER; this edition presents obscure amateur location recordings by two East Midlands 'tape recording clubs' made 1959-1978 (!), from airport sounds to zoo recordings to a girls football match, these documents are as coming from an aural picture book, a vivid insight into British history.. 2013 €20.00
Framework Seasonal Issue #6, Autumn 2013 CD-R Framework Editions limited fund-raising release for the great 'Framework' radioprogramme dedicated to all kinds of experimental field recordings, run by PATRICK McGINLEY aka MURMER; comes in handmade silk-screened origami packaging, first volume feat. unreleased material only by: MATHIEU RUHLMANN, DAVID VELEZ, ERIC LA CASA, ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, SAWAKO, etc... explore the beauty of field recordings, found sounds, environmental micro-worlds !! 2013 €20.00
Hassaniya Music LP Sublime Frequencies SF083 Sahrawi music from Western Sahara & Mauritania, recorded in 2006/2007, all based on the 'Hassaniya' dialect; using typical folklore-instruments but also electric guitars & synths; comes w. beautiful gatefold-cover & much background info 2013 €27.50
In Progress II CD Laznia - Centre for Contemporary Art Polish compilation with acts that performed in Gdansk at the great art-centre LAZNIA, many exclusive tracks by: RAPOON, TROUM, ANDREW LAGOWSK, FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM, AKI ONDA, Z'EV & HATI, ROBERT PIOTROWICZ, MATS LINDSTRÖM, etc.. special price !! 2013 €8.00
IPEM - Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music: 50 years of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music at the Ghent University BOOK & do-CD Metaphon 004 collection of recordings from the archive of the IPEM - for the 50th anniversary - with mostly unreleased material (from 1958-1999) by many New Music composers from Belgium (but also other countries): LUCIEN GOETHALS, LOUIS DE MEESTER (amazing piece from 1963!), HELMUT LACHENMANN, KAREL GOEYVAERTS, RAOUL DE SMET, RICARDO MANDOLINI, PETER SCHUBACK, etc. CD version with BIG 12" x 12" 88p. book !! 2013 €33.00
Magnetic Traces 2 CD Swarming 005 4 years after "Magnetic Traces 1" ERIC LA CASA presents on his label the second part of field recording / sound art pieces from France & Australia, originally combined with a multi-channel exhibition at Les Instant Chavires in Paris, June 2011(curated by PHILIP SAMARTZIS and LA CASA): listen to great works by YANNICK DAUBY, TARAB, THOMAS TILLY, CEDRIC PEYRONNET (TOY BIZARRE), PALI MERSAULT, J-L. GUIONNET, etc.. lim. 100 copies only! 2013 €13.00
Presque Rien CD-R Rhizome.s rhizome.s # 03 42 artists were asked to compose a piece under 2 minutes based on the words "presque rien" (= "almost nothing"), taken from a phrase by FRANCIS PONGE ('Le verre d'eau', 1948) - a curious compilation with curious results, and many unknown names to explore, for example: BRUNO DUPLANT, D'INCISE, DARIUS CIUTA, DELPHINE DORA, EVA-MARIA HOUBEN, JAMIE DROUIN, KEITH ROWE, LUCIO CAPECE, MICHAEL PISARO, etc. etc.. numbered ed. of 120 copies, 80 min. playtime!! 2013 €11.00
Rising from the Red Sand Vol. 1 - 5 5 x LP-BOX Vinyl-On-Demand VOD120 re-issue of the set of legendary MC compilations (1982/83 by THIRD MIND) with the 'creme de la creme' of the early (post)industrial & tape undergrund movement => "a five hour Encyclopedia Industrialis" (Frans de Waard); with: METAMORPHOSIS (anyone remembering this amazing project??), P16.D4, FIVE OR SIX, SECTION 25, HULA, DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS, MUSLIMGAUZE, NURSE WITH WOUND, LPD, TEST DEPARTMENT, etc. etc.; comes in luxurious LP box with golden embossing 2013 €85.00
Smm: OPIATE LP Ghostly International GI 187LP ambient / drone / minimal compilation with exclusive material by: JIM HAYNES, CELER, A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN, SIMON SCOTT (SLOWDIVE), NOVELLER, and others... lim. ed with printed inner sleeves 2013 €16.00
Stein: Interpretationen eines geologischen Materials und seiner Symbolik do-LP & 7inch Verlautbarung - mitteilung 94 great experimental / post-industrial compilation to the theme "stone" and its geologic processes - feat exclusive material only.: CONTRASTATE, DIETER MÜH, MNEM, FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM, JEPH JERMAN, CLEW OF THESEUS, etc. etc.. lim. 199 with 16. booklet, very nice edition !! 2013 €38.00
The Post Romantic Empire Album do-LP & 7inch Our Sweetest Songs OSS001 re-arrangements of some "archetypes of contemporary music" like "Love will tear us apart", etc., re-composed by MATT HOWDEN and others, performed by an incredible gathering of musicians from the alternative scene like JULIA KENT, DAVID TIBET, PETER HOOK, BABY DEE, ANDREW LILES, JOHN CONTRERAS, GITANE DEMONE, LITTLE ANNIE, MAJA ELLIOT, etc. etc. , beautiful edition lim. 1001 copies 2013 €39.00
Throne do-CD Cold Spring Records CSR181CD cheapo label-compilation presenting 33 tracks from the label-catalogue, spanning over 100 releases by now => the ideal introduction to this long going label (& record shop!) from U.K. for industrial & noise, power electronics, dark ambient & drone, neo-folk & esoteric ritual muzak: EMME YA, Z'EV, SLEEP RESEARCH FAMILY, MERZBOW, DEADWOOD, PRURIENT, SATORI, SKULLFLOWER, FIRE IN THE HEAD, NORDVARGR, etc. etc.. 2013 €7.50
VERNACULAR do-CD Whereabouts Records WHACD-13 absolute lovely Japanese ambient compilation curated by YUI ONODERA presenting various atmospheric acts from experimental to minimal, from known to unknown, all exclusive material by 15 sound artists: STEVE RODEN, SIMON SCOTT (SLOWDIVE), YUI ONODERA, JANEK SCHAEFER, TROUM, DALE LLOYD, KIM CASCONE, JOHN GRZINICH, LAWRENCE ENGLISH, etc.. long tracks & extensive 16p. booklet 2013 €14.00
Waschzwang - sensitiv USB-stick / object Ömschen Cloud Öckel 2 / K'02 second compilation with (mainly) Bremen-based experimental projects, this time a USB-sticked packed in a piece of glittering SOAP (!), comes in nicely printed/handmade cardboard-box incl. inlay; 1000SCHOEN, ALI BAHNHOF, ALLSEITS, ANSGAR WILKEN, OGIERMANN/VAN HASSELT, FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM, DOOMBRUDER, and many more that are completely unknown to us; lim. 123 copies absolutely unique packaging you have never seen before!! 2013 €15.00
Xenophone International presents COSMIC OVERDOSE / TWICE A MAN / LARS FALK 1979-1985 3 x LP-BOX Vinyl-On-Demand VOD113 re-issue of three early tape releases by this Swedish label: "Final Koka" from COSMIC OVERDOSE (1980), "A Goat in a Room" by TWICE A MAN (1983), and a solo-tape (1983) by TWICE A MAN member LARS FALK; comes with bonus-material, lim. 500 2013 €54.00
15 Poems by Franz Kafka BOOK & do-CD Zhelezobeton Distribution Division ZHB-06 amazing lyrical complilation project using 15 poems by FRANZ KAFKA combined with musical interpretations on two CDs, along with a little book presenting these in Russian and German for the first time, + illustrations.... very varified material by: BARDOSENETICCUBE, NICK SUDNICK (ZGA), UHUSHUHU, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, MONOCUBE, SAL SOLARIS, etc.. a truly unique release not to be missed for any KAFKA fan! lim. 300 2014 €16.00
BALI 1928, Vol. II : Tembanf Kuna - Songs From An Earlier Time CD World Arbiter - 2014 recordings of "Songs from an Earlier Time" made 1928 in BALI - original Balinese vocal music, which was pressed originally on 78 rpm discs in 1929 !! "The lyrics, fully translated, some from the archaic Old Javanese language and included in the liner notes, reveal intensely urgent erotic, mystical and romantic meanings."... comes with 110 page PDF with in-depth essay on the topic.. 2014 €14.00
EIDOLON. A Tribute to REUTOFF CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 189 exclusive remixes and re-workings of REUTOFF material by: ATRIUM CARCERI, CISFINITUM, DESIDERII MARGINIS, WERMUT, DEUTSCH NEPAL, TROUM, SVARTSINN, SAL SOLARIS; etc... plus a collaboration track by DEUTSCH NEPAL & REUTOFF; excellent stuff from the dark ambient, drone and post-industrial regions of the current underground scene, lim. 400 2014 €13.00
Es läuten die Glocken CD E-Klageto EXKLAGETO 11 genre-conneting compilation with mainly Japanese artists ranging from 70's psychedelic rock to experimental electronics, feat. the legendary MARBLE SHEEP (anyone remembering Jean-Herve PERON in Schiphorst?), TYLEAN, UP-TIGHT, KARL BÖSMANN, ULTRA MILKMAIDS & HARRIS PILTON, CONTAGIOUS ORGASM, ATTRITION, ERIC LUNDE, HIROSHI HASEGAWA, etc... on the PSYCH.KG sublabel Exklageto 2014 €10.00
Incendium #4 CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 61 cheapo label-compilation with tracks from various newer LOKI & POWER AND STEEL-releases of the last years plus forthcoming material, the ideal overview about this great label for dark ambient & experimental esoteric music! Features INADE, HERBST9, NORTHAUNT, CIRCULAR, FJERNLYS, LAND:FIRE, S.E.T.I., SVARTSINN, FIRST LAW, etc.. and a previously unreleased BAD SECTOR version of "Ampos" 2014 €4.00
Insane 80's [EV01>EV10] CD EE Tapes EE30 collection of pieces from the (mostly deleted) 10 x vinyl 7"es on EE Tapes, + 5 bonus tracks from rare cassettes: NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE, PSEUDO CODE, HUMAN FLESH, OPERA MULTI STEEL, BENE GESSERIT, NINE CIRCLES, etc.. bringing you back to the glorious times of the typical 80's minimal wave & industrial synth pop; liner notes by PETER VERCAUTEREN (GONZO CIRCUS); lim. 500 2014 €12.00
Musics in the Margin Vol. 3 : Inside Out Music CD Sub Rosa SR393 the series of bewildering anti- and outsider music continues, truly unknown artists are presented again with often multiple tracks: AIDAN WALSH (who calls himself 'Master of the Universe'), DION McGREGOR, COSMIC DENNIS GREENIDGE ('Spaghetti Yeti'), PNEUMERSHONIC, STEVE WALLIS, SPEEDY (the man who sings faster than his tourette-syndrome), etc... discover the 'primitive', anti-professional, discover the deviation !! 2014 €13.00
MV X : Monochrome Visions 2004 - 2014 3 x CD Monochrome Vision [mv50] the 10th anniversary of this important Russian label is celebrated with this crazy compilation containing 48 exclusive tracks from all so far appearing artists of the label (almost 4 hours of music), we can only name few: CISFINITUM, VOX POPULI, ASMUS TIETCHENS, BARDOSENETICCUBE, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, TBC, IF BWANA, ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, MAURIZIO BIANCHI.... everything from past & present combined, sound collages, post industrial, musique concrete, etc. etc. fantastic !! 2014 €20.00
Phra Rahu do-CD Gterma [gterma040] massive compilation (2 x 80 min.) inspired by the Hindu demigod PHRA RAHU, feat: MATHIAS GRASSOW, SEETYCA & ETHEOCLES STEVENS, LAST INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, INDO, DAVID PARSONS, etc.. "Phra Rahu is an awesome, perfectly paced astral journey, anything but meditation music, an instar struggling toward surface and light." [Cyclic Defrost] Comes with 16p. booklet 2014 €19.50
Tincture of Japanoise CD Attenuation Circuit ACU 1002 another 'fabric pressed' CD on Attenuation Circuit presenting fresh / unknown acts from the brooding & insane Japan noise scene, most stuff is completely excessive & over the top, with crazy found sounds and restless ultra noisy collages... flushes your braincells free! ABISYEIKAH , Zr3a, NAOKI NOMOTO, EMEME, ELMA ,HEDOROMERUHEN, ZPORE ZPAWN, JAH EXCRETION.. special priced ! 2014 €8.00
United States Bestial Forces 3 x CD L. White Records LW 064 a different kind of "Americana" - only Power Electronics acts from the U.S. on this ultra long & brutal compilation with 50 (!) acts, 'celebrating' the tabooed and violent sides of human mankind in a carthatic way... FIRE IN THE HEAD, RICHARD RAMIREZ, VIOLENT PINK, MURDEROUS VISION, PHARMAKON, XIPHOID DEMENTIA, R.S.P (REPTILIAN SEXUAL PREDATOR), DETERGE, SLOGUN, GNAWED, STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES, CUSTODIAN, etc. etc. lim. 500 2014 €20.00
Wandlungen Unplump CD Edition DEGEM ed02 / CD 11 german compilation with new "contemporary" composers of electro acoustic and radical new music by the DEUTSCHER MUSIKRAT, which could also be called "Autonomous Music"; MICHAEL HOELDKE, STEFAN SCHULZKI, DENISE RITTER, ROBERT HENKE (also known as MONOLAKE), RALF HOYER, BRIAN SMITH, JULIA MIHALY; lots of new names / concepts / approaches / SOUNDS to EXPLORE !! 2014 €13.00
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 4 LP Drone Records MIND-04 after a long break listening to many demos of newcomers (showing us the drone 'scene' is alive & kicking!) we can finally present you Vol. 4 in our ongoing series, with new names you probably don't know yet: JEREMIE MATHES (France), KIRILL PLATONKIN (Russia), ILIOU PERSIS (Portugal), and ROMAN KHARKOVSKY (pseudonym for a drone ambient newcomer from Pakistan!); edition of 400 in four vinyl colours [each lim. 100 for every artists choice] 2015 €15.00
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 4 LP x 4 Drone Records MIND-04 - ALL COLOURS get all FOUR vinyl colours of the fourth Drone Rec LP for a special price, feat: JEREMIE MATHES (France), KIRILL PLATONKIN (Russia), ILIOU PERSIS (Portugal), and ROMAN KHARKOVSKY (pseudonym for a drone ambient newcomer from Pakistan!); lim. 400, each vinyl colour 100 x ! 2015 €50.00
NEW SONGS OF THE HUMPBACK WHALE CD Important Records IMPREC433 six NEW recordings of Humpback Whales that excite with their great recording quality and incredible spatial details, strange trumpeting and groaning rattle sounds form amazing patterns and melodies after a while... DAVID ROTHENBERG curated this project, MICHAEL DEAL created graphic visualization; in the 70's the first collection of Whale Songs became the all-time bestseller of animal recordings..."it encompasses the full range of emotions in the longest song performed by any animal" (up to 24 hours!) 2015 €15.00
Nostra Signora delle Tenebre do-LP Backwards BW20 already the 2nd edition (500 copies on violet vinyl) of this very successful compilation dedicated to the glorious era of Italian (B-) movies in the 60's & 70's of last century, when a special soundtrack style was established; tracks from this 'Italien occult psychedelia" time are re-interpreted by Italian indie bands such as FATHER MURPHY, JENNIFER GENTLE, HEROIN IN TAHITI, LAY LLAMAS, MAMUTHONES, etc... 2nd edition of 500 copies on violet vinyl 2015 €20.00
Wieza Cisnien II CD Zoharum ZOHAR 095-2 the right compilation to dive deeply into the Polish experimental / industrial underground, with : ZENIAL, SUMPF, DEMONSZY, MONOPIUM, SAMBAR, BACHORZE, KALEKA; X-NAVI:ET, TER, MICROMELANCOLIE, MIRT... lots of new names & sounds to discover (all exclusive tracks), presented by the main Polish label for post industrial, ambient, and experimental electronics.... lim. 500 2015 €12.00
25YLOKI do-CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 65 jubilee release for the 25th anniversary of the German dark ambient label and home of INADE, released for the LOKI festival in Paris in September 2016: the 1st CD has unreleased material by all performing artists: S.E.T.I, INADE, FJERNLYS, CIRCULAR, PHELIOS and BAD SECTOR; the 2nd CD has a DJ mix by PHILIPP STROBEL going through 25 years of their label history 2016 €13.00
A Taste of MOLOKO PLUS / 1996-2016 do-CD MOLOKO+ PLUS 088 20 year jubilee compilation for this interesting German label, which offers a wide range of styles from post industrial/ experimental/ambient to avant-Pop and poetic Rock, Impro and IDM, nowadays also publishing books with poetry: COLUMN ONE, MIMETIC, DE FABRIEK, JÜRGEN PLOOG, DE FABRIEK, DELPHIUM, ALFRED23HARTH & WOLFGANG SEIDEL, HERBST IN PEKING, R. STEVIE MOORE, etc. etc.. 21 tracks 2016 €15.00
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 3 3 x LP SUB ROSA SRV220 the third volume of SUB ROSA's extensive anthology now on limited vinyl, covering the period from 1952-2004, with a special focus on electronic music from Germany: MIMAROGLU, CHION, PARMEGIANI, H. EIMERT, FAUST, NEU, ALVA NOTO, A. TIETCHENS, MERZBOW, Z. KARKOWSKI, F. LOPEZ, CM VON HAUSSWOLFF, RUNE LINDBLAD, etc.. .. rare or unreleased material, comes with 6 p. poster with biographical notes 2016 €27.50
Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014 do-LP Sub Rosa SRV390 like the previously released "Anthology of Chinese exp. Music" (2009), this collects incredible material (mostly unreleased before) from a terra incognita of experimental music and soundart, Turkey => 29 artists are presented with material going back to 1961, most was created in the new millenium...except for the known names ILHAN MIMAROGLU and ERDEM HELVACZOGLU a wide range of sounds & approaches is discoverable !! Vinyl vers. lim. 500 copies, comes with inlay 2016 €18.50
Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014 do-CD Sub Rosa SR390 like the previously released "Anthology of Chinese exp. Music" (2009), this collects incredible material (mostly unreleased before) from a terra incognita of experimental music and soundart, Turkey => 29 artists are presented with material going back to 1961, most was created in the new millenium...except for the known names ILHAN MIMAROGLU and ERDEM HELVACZOGLU a wide range of sounds & approaches is disoverable!! 2016 €17.00
AUSGEWÄHLTE GERÄUSCHE do-CD & BOOK Auf Abwegen AATP50 jubilee release for this German label and magazine which links the personal history from AUF ABWEGEN from the last almost 25 years with the evolution of the German noise / experimental / drone scene: 29 rare or unreleased tracks (many Drone Rec artists!) AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF, MOHR, MAEROR TRI, KALLABRIS, HITHLAHABUTH, CRANIOCLAST, WERKBUND, LICHT-UNG, COLUMN ONE, , N, THOMAS KÖNER, etc... comes with 82 page book with infos & essays, a must have!!! 2016 €22.00
Bruitisme¹ LP Rotorelief ROTOR 0047 a phantastic and powerful French homage to LUIGI RUSSOLO and the idea of "Bruitism'"; with four long tracks by BRUME, VIVENZA, LE SYNDICAT, LIEUTENANT CARAMEL. Great & diverse material, comes in gatefold cover with texts by all four artists about their actual vision of the term 'Bruitism'; machine numbered ed. 400 copies on black vinyl 2016 €26.50
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 5 LP Drone Records MIND-05 echanting female drones by GYDJA (New Zealand), focused 'magic of the moment' drones by CLADE, (Scotland/USA), transcendental drones by MONOCUBE (Ukraine), cryptic drones by YRSEL (France): again filled with exiting experimental drone acts from the whole planet, we can finally present you Vol. 5 in our ongoing series; lim. 400 coloured vinyl, full colour artwork paintings by PETE GREENING. OUT NOW & SHIPPING !! 2016 €15.00
MEXICAN CASSETTE CULTURE Electronica 1977-1982 6 x LP BOX Vinyl On Demand VOD148 incredible collection of Mexican underground/experimental artists releasing on cassettes only from 1977-1982, most material comes from VIA LACTEA (a cosmic synth project), but there is also material by more unknown acts as HILOZOIZMO, OXOMAXOMA, ARISTEO, and VOLDAREPET... a really historic release to explore the unknown North American underground! comes in golden embossed red box with luxus booklet, lim./numb. 400 copies 2016 €98.00
Music of Morocco, from the Library of Congress (recorded by PAUL BOWLES) 4 x CD BOX Dust-To-Digital DTD 046CD incredible recordings of traditional North African music, made by writer and composer PAUL BOWLES (1910-1999) in 1959 during his half-year journey through Morocco; comes in a beautiful silkscreen box with 120 page book, feat. extensive liner notes by PHILIP SCHUYLER, field notes by PAUL BOWLES and an introduction by LEE RANALDO 2016 €55.00
Musique Concrete LP Cacophonic!!! 17CACKLP / Finders Keepers Records re-issue of this all-time classic from 1960 (!) which contains the results of 2 years of studio-work by the early "Groupe de Recherches des Musique Concrete" (GRMC): through tape manipulations, filters and "phonogenes" incredible pieces were created: XENAKIS "Diamorphoses", LUC FERRARI "Etude aux sons tendus", "Etude aux accidents", PIERRE SCHAEFFER "Etude aux sons", but also lesser known works by MICHEL PHILIPPOT and HENRI SAUGUET, showing the microscopic details & richness of M.C... 2016 €20.00
Now it's dark: DAVID LYNCH tribute CD KultFront KF-XXVII a Russian tribute to the master of dark & surrealistic films - recently DAVID LYNCHs 'Mulholland Drive' was voted as the best film of the new century (BBC), his immense influence also on the post industrial underground becomes distinct listening to this Russian dedication with 11 tracks by: SAL SOLARIS, REUTOFF, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, RELIC RADIATION, DMT and more unknown/new names to us... 11 tracks, 78 min., lim. 200 2016 €13.00
PYRE CD Cold Spring Records   2016 €4.00
SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA STARTER SET : 10 SUBS (your choice) as SET 10 x 10inch-SET Substantia Innominata SUBXXTEN SPECIAL OFFER! You can choose 10 SUB- releases of our 10" series (except SUB-01+SUB-13 which are sold out completely) for a special price! A good starting point if you decide late to collect the SUBs! still available (01.2016) are: NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES, CISFINITUM, BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, RLW, OÖPHOI, HUM, VOICE OF EYE, MNORTHAM, OLHON, KALLABRIS, YEN POX, [AD]VANCE[D], LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, COLUMN ONE, BRUME, THOMAS DIMUZIO (counts as 2), MOLJEBKA PVLSE, TOY BIZARRE, soon: KRENG (do-10"), HITOSHI KOJI & YANNICK DAUBY, INADE & TROUM and many more planned!! start to collect it NOW !! 2016 €95.00
'... that first Season' - A Winter-Light Compilation do-CD Winter-Light WIN 007 first label-compilation by this new dutch label, dedicated to various forms of aesthetic, atmospheric and contemplative ambience: exclusive material from STROM NOIR, RAPOON, ABBILDUNG, PHANTOM SHIP, GYDJA (!), SEETYCA, HAKOBUNE, FOETUSDREAMS, NEXUS SUN, HAVDIS, APOCRYPHOS, etc. etc. (16 artists in total!)... a very cohesive compilation, for fans of the GTERMA, CYCLIC LAW, and ZOHARUM-circles... 2017 €16.00
Avantgarde is happening because.. CD Dirter Promotions DPROMCD132 special compilation with exclusive material only, released for the re-established "Avantgarde" festival 2017 in Schiphorst, Germany: NURSE WITH WOUND, FAUST, ASMUS TIETCHENS, QLUSTER, V!V!V!, and many more new and unknown names of projects that were performing there with lots of KRAUT and PSYCHEDELIC experimentalism...lim. 500 and almost sold out at the label as many were picked up at the festival.. 2017 €14.00
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 6 : NAM-KHAR, FOR KINGS AND QUEENS, MARKIAN VOLKOV, KEVIN DURR LP Drone Records MIND-06 the newest edition in our DRONE EXPLORERS series, for MIND EXPLORERS, with: NAM-KHAR (Germany), FOR KINGS AND QUEENS (Germany), MARKIAN VOLKOV (Italy) and KEVIN DURR (U.S.A.), ranging from nature+ vocal-drone to electronic ethno rituals to surrealistic soundscapes.. lim. 400 on beautiful blue-violet-transparent vinyl, with amazing cover-art (a true 3D effect with the use of extra golden pantone colour) by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS, using paintings by British painter PETE GREENING 2017 €15.00
Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music: Mindanoo Mistiru / Gold From Wax do-LP Sub Rosa SRV434 phantastic collection of original music recorded in Ethopia in 1971, presenting the many different styles existing at that time from folk over Christian influenced songs to tribal sounds; incl. insert with detail info for every song and recording; recorded by RAGNAR JOHNSON and RALPH HARRISON, originally these two LPs were released by Lyrichord in 1972 2017 €20.00
Fluxus Anthology : A Collection of Music and Sound LP Song Cycle Records CY997 a collection of various incredible soundworks 1956-1989 that could be labelled as part of the Fluxus movement, by: JOSEPH BEUYS, JOHN CAGE, LA MONTE YOUNG, NAM JUNE PAIK, PHILIP CORNER, YOKO ONO, EMMETT WILLIAMS, MILAN KNIZAK, WOLF VOSTELL, etc.. first released as LP in 1989, comes with replica of the original sleeve design featuring excerpts from various Fluxus writings 2017 €28.00
Metaphors: Selected Soundworks from the Cinema of APICHATPONG WEERASETHAKUL do-LP Sub Rosa SRV448 14 soundworks from the films of Thailandese director APICHATPONG WEERASETHAKUL, known for his unique, mysterious visual art, often using manipulated field recordings from the locations... Similar to the way he treats images, Apichatpong sometimes calls attention to the physicality and the fragility of the audio and to the process of audio manipulation"; comes with 12" x 12" full-colour 4 pages inlay, with extensive background info on all tracks 2017 €20.00
Metaphors: Selected Soundworks from the Cinema of APICHATPONG WEERASETHAKUL CD Sub Rosa SR448   2017 €13.00
Miracle Steps (Music from the Fourth World 1983-2017) do-LP Optimo Music OM LP 09 a gorgeous compilation of classic ethno ambient tracks (once labeled "Fourth World" music by JON HASSELL), ranging from the 80's until today, compliled by JD TWICH: O YUKI CONJUGATE, RAPOON, JORGE REYES, JON HASSELL, ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE and ARIEL KALMA; nicely designed, gatefold cover, download code 2017 €20.00
Projekt Neue Ordnung II 4 x LP BOX Tesco Organisation TESCO 111 amost three decades after the legendary "Projekt Neue Ordnung" compilation here's the second volume, feat. mainly new and lesser known projects from the post industrial and apocalyptic ambient areas, to name a few: BODY CARGO, GRUNT, SHIFT, WERTHAM, KE/HIL.. lim. 500 with full colour A4 booklet 2017 €75.00
TOUCH Movements BOOK + CD Touch - FOLIO 002 art book project to compile photographs by TOUCH designer JON WOZENCROFT, a 76pages full colour book bound in dark blue cover; on the CD music to accompany the photos: 33 tracks by many Touch artists like FENNESZ, MIKA VAINIO, JOHANN JOHANNSSON, JIM O'ROURKE, STRAFE FÜR REBELLION, WIRE, CHRIS WATSON, HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR, JANA WINDEREN, PHILIP JECK, ELEH, C.M. VON HAUSSWOLFF, etc. etc.. 2017 €39.00
Visions of Darkness (in Iranian Contemporary Music) do-CD Cold Spring CSR 242CD a colllection of Iranian "majestic, heavy, dark ambient, ritual, drone and noise" underground material with 21 acts/tracks, curated by MOREGO DIMMER and RAFFAELE PEZZELLA (SONOLOGYST); names are completely unknown but the variety of creative approaches is stunning, illustrating the the boundlessness of non-meanstream music; our favourites incl. RHONCHUS, ALPHAXONE, POO YAR,.. two full CDs to discover !! 2017 €15.00
Your Reality is broken LP Black Rose Recordings BRV 17-1014 for the 30th anniversary of the band, CONTRASTATE invited several artists who worked with them in the past to cover, re-interpret or collage their material, the result is this compilation with exclusive tracks by CONTRASTATE, RLW, TROUM, GENOCIDE ORGAN, BAND OF PAIN and ETAT D'URGENCE; a great document for one of most orginal "post industrial" bands from UK! lim. 300 2017 €20.00
TROUM TRANSFORMATION TAPES: The 20th Anniversary Celebration (1997-2017) (status: PRE ORDER) do-CD Transgredient Records TR-13 for the 20th anniversary of the band, TROUM invited friends and admired artists from their own history to cover, re-interpretate, re-process, collage, morph or just being inspired (by) any TROUM basic material; after one year of collecting masterial the result is a unique compilation of 19 tracks with a wide range of creative approaches - much more than your standard "remix" collection. ALL exclusive tracks / NEW material !! RELEASE DATE SPRING 2018 - PRE ORDER NOW !! 2018 €12.00