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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Summer Rain (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-03 lim. 200 1993  
Sugarbush CD Raum 312 RAUM 02 2nd BQ album, for us a milestone of experimental ambient, KORM PLASTICS re-found some copies in their headquarters, long deleted! 1995 €13.00
Aughton LP Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt084 nice vinyl-only release with older recordings by the Dutch experimental ambience project with FRANS DE WAARD; organic & dark drone/musique concrete at its best ! lim. & numbered ed. 300, full colour inner sleeve, last copies available 2004 €17.00
Music for the head ballet CD Infraction infx 009 re-release / ed. of 500 2004 €13.00
The Bodyshop CD Important Records imprec044   2004 €13.00
Der Holzweg (13th anniversary edition) CD Tantric Harmonies TANTRA X35 re-issue of the glorious first BQ album (1993), with bonus tracks (for example the DR-03 drone EP "summer rain") !! 2006 €13.00
Long Stones and Circles mCD-R My Own Little Label MOLL 018 re-issue of the Staalplaat mCD from 1997, based on an original text by Richard Long from 1975 2008 €5.50
Sandancing CD Important Records IMPREC 177CD BEEQUEENs first real "pop" album with vocals by OLGA WALLIS; charming, atmospheric, airy... with some experimental/ambient influences.. comes in oversized gatefold cover 2008 €13.00
Time waits for no one CD Herbal International CD 0801 re-issue of the Staalplaat CD from 1994 (their 2nd CD) 2008 €13.00
Around Midnight CD Cat Sun CAT17 on their latest album BEEQUEEN surprise again with their charming, slow Pop-music sound with female vocals, often with a psychedlic and jazzy touch and some experimental noises or phrases mixed in.... described as 'surreal dream-pop, straight out of DAVID LYNCHs TV series Twin Peaks'... 2014 €12.00
Sturmwind and Gilbert 7inch Tonefloat TF157 BEEQUEEN is no longer!! After 30 years of existence (incl. their fabulous drone-noise statement 'Summer Rain' 7" on Drone Rec. in 1993) this is their farewell-release, with two rather incredible pretty pop songs (drumbox, guitar, sequencer & synths, female vocals paraphrasing dadaist KURT SCHWITTERS in German)...it also documents a rarely before seen evolution of a band starting with rough ambient noise and ending with a kind of 'Schlager' pop.... wow! Lim.300 2016 €9.50