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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Deceit CD This Is 2 re-issue from second regular LP from 1981. Remastered 2001 2006 €14.00
Health & Efficiency maxi-CD ReR Megacorp THIS IS 3 re-issue of the 12" from 1980 2006 €9.50
Out of Cold Storage 6 x CD-Box This Is THIS HEAT BOX the great CD box back in stock, contains all lifetime THIS HEAT-releases plus a NEW CD of unreleased material & a thick book of interviews, recollections, informations, documents, photographs !! 2006 €64.00
same CD This Is 1 re-release of groundbreaking first THIS HEAT-LP from 1979. re-mastered. digipack 2006 €14.00
Deceit LP Modern Classics Recordings MCR917 first ever vinyl re-issue of their second LP (1981) more song-oriented and subtle and less "industrial" than the debut album, this is still a milestone of truly innovative experimental post-punk and avantgarde music!! Comes with extra booklet with archival photos... 2016 €26.50
same LP Modern Classics Recordings MCR916 luxus re-issue of the first LP from 1979, a true classic of TRUE Avantgarde-'rock' of that time..."Was diese so Band so ausnehmend macht und selbst unter heutigen Mastben so ungemindert bestechend, ist in meinen Ohren der Thrill zwischen schwebenden Momenten, in denen die Musik die Luft anzuhalten oder garottiert zu werden scheint und sich enorme Energie aufstaut, und den unglaublich intensiven Eruptionen in Gestalt des ostinaten Drummings und sich ins Gehirn fressender Loops." [Bad Alchemy] 2016 €26.50