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Chamber Music CD Lumberton Trading Company LUMB002 remarkable album by the uncategorizable Welsh artist ('Musique Concrete meeting Electronica & Prog-Rock?') who worked with / became member of COIL, SPIRITUALIZED and JULIAN COPE digipack 2005 €15.00
The Lepore Extrusion CD Brainwashed Handmade Series HAND003 ed. of 500 2006 €13.00
The Clisto mCD Klanggalerie gg116 CD-EP, 21 minutes, digipack, lim. 500 2007 €10.00
The Golden Communion 3 x LP Editions Mego EMEGO 207 almost 10 years in the making, the new album by the COIL / JULIAN COPE / SPIRITUALIZED member covers again a wide range of genres and styles: "classical passages next to hard rock riffing, krauty experimental work-outs turning into super catchy, almost radio-friendly songs and more.." ; feat. SION ORGON and many other guest-musicians, over 2 hours of playtime 2015 €30.00