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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Chamber Music I : Song Setting of James Joyce Poems CD Sub Rosa SR81   1994 €14.00
Chamber Music II : Song Setting of James Joyce Poems CD Sub Rosa SR91   1995 €14.00
Imagination feels like poison CD Ambivalent Scale Records A-SCALE 022 back in stock last copies! 1998 €13.50
Mystery Seas (Letters written # 2) CD Shayo 006 re-release of album from 1995 2005 €13.00
Your jewled Footsteps CD Sub Rosa SR257 solo and collaboration works 1979-2005 / many unreleased tracks! / 8-panel digipack & booklet 2006 €13.50
Americas Dissonance LP Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt197lp lim. vinyl-version, only 150 copies! (220 gr vinyl). the very first tape of MARTYN BATES project, re-issued 2007 €20.00
Unsung CD A-Scale Records A-SCALE 045 10 new songs, the purest form of enchantment - just "vox" and guitar by the EYELESS IN GAZA singer + some tiny droney "instrumental colourings", great poetic songs of love & nostalgia.. 2012 €13.00
Arriving Fire CD Ambivalent Scale A-SCALE 048 after the stripped down 'Unsung' CD (2012, only voice & guitar) the new studio album shows more additional instruments and arrangements again like piano, pump organ, dulcimer, tambourine, banjo, claves, church bells, orchestral percussion, field recordings, ukele, etc.. feat. ELIZABETH S, ALAN TRENCH and PETE BECKER..."to build some kind of form of spiritual space of our own, in which to survive" - 13 songs bursting with so much emotion, passion and beauty!! 2014 €13.00
Fireworks & Jewels / The Colour of Amber CD Ambivalent Scale Records ASR 053 3rd album in a kind of trilogy of works, that started with "Unsung" (2012) and continued with "Arriving Fire" (2014), being collections of mostly guitar/voice pieces with a focus on SONG... an album about those moments in life that occur like " an elusive, tantalising light that you know is eternal, and forever, and yet its somehow, always, always held out of reach" [Martyn Bates] 2015 €13.00
I Said to Love CD Ambivalent Scale A-SCALE 056 MARTYN BATES always had a liking for spheric, experimental (background) sounds and drones, and they also play a big role on this new album with 15 songs, mixing his unique voice, guitar-playing and song-writing with suspended sound effects, to our great delight...this album sounds like a dream, filled with so much passion, longing and precious melodies.... the perfect mixture of folk, lyrical poetry and atmospherics ! feat. ELIZABETH S. and ALAN TRENCH (ORCHIS, CUNNAN, etc.) 2017 €13.00