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01: Auf der Suche nach dem Meer CD-R ZINE Taucher t01 great new CDR-mag with many exclusive material and interviews -playable on a usual CD player - by BAD SECTOR, TARKATAK, C.O.CASPAR, ASIA NOVA, AIDAN BAKER, MATT ELLIOT, MYSTERY SEA, etc. / german language! 2005 €6.50
02: Zu Hause: Home CD-R ZINE Taucher 02 Artikel / Interviews / Compilation: VEIL OF SECRECY, JACK OR JIVE, FORMS OF THINGS UNKNOWN, FEAR FALLS BURNING, NOVY SVET, PEOPLE LIKE US, SHOCK HEADED PETERS (great piece!), CLAUDEDI - Video , etc.. + Kolumne von C.O.CASPAR !! 2005 €6.50