Drone Records
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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Ordinary Things CD Fylkingen Records FYCD 1004 great droning work, back in stock! 1995 €13.00
A Revelation CD Firework Edition Records FER1006 great monumental drones in four movements, thundering & pulsative sonic spaces, reminds on the best massive dronescapes from the likes of DANIEL MENCHE, FRANCISCO LOPEZ or JOHN DUNCAN; back in stock ! 1998 €13.00
Transmission CD Firework Edition Records FER1045 five great ur-drone pieces from the SONS OF GOD-member, pointing to Objectlessness BACK IN STOCK, a still almost undiscovered Drone-classic !! 2003 €13.00
There is nothing to attain CD-R Firework Edition Records FER 1086 rare CDR only release by the one member of SONS OF GOD, restrained "pure drones" & waving deep sounds form a stunning one-tracker (60+ minutes) 2010 €13.00