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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
L'ile Re-Sonante CD Shiiin1 back in stock, now rare ! sublime 55 min one-tracker, composed 2000 2005 €20.00
Naldjorlak CD Shiiin 3 "for Charles Curtis" (based on the "wolf-tone" of a Cello), high price unavoidable 2008 €20.00
Jouet Electronique / Elemental I mLP Alga Marghen plana-R alga029 two early pieces "JOUET ELECTRONIQUE" (1967) & "ELEMENTAL I" (1968) using feedback sounds on magnetic tape and the feedback of natural sounds, recorded when she was assistant at PIERRE HENRYs studio, never published before! Lim. 300, ACT FAST if interested !! 2011 €18.50
L'ecoute virtuose - a film by ANAIS PROSAIC DVD La Huit 65 min documentation about the French pioneer of electronic drone-minimalism (since 2001 she works with acoustic instruments), based on recordings made at the "Spitalfields Summer Music Festival" in London, June 2011; feat. RHODRI DAVIES, KASPER T. TOEPLITZ, KAFFE MATTHEWS, CHARLES CURTIS, EMMANUEL HOLTERBACH, etc.. french & english 2011 €16.00
Feedback Works 1969-1970 do-LP Alga Marghen plana-R alga 40 three so far unpublished tape-pieces / sound installations from 1969-1970 using processed feedback sounds, plus two new mixes of VICE VERSA done by EMMANUEL HOLTERBACH on the second record; pure transcension-vibes & strange microsounds, minimal & contemplative... lim. 400 gatefold cover & 16 p. 12"x 12" booklet 2012 €37.00
Opus 17 do-LP Alga Marghen plana-R alga045 another great studio work previously unreleased: OPUS 17 from 1970, consisting of 5 long 'scenes', was her last work composed from feedback and 'found sound' (long tape-loops) material; premiered on May 23rd, 1970 at an art festival in Verderonne (France) where everyone was dressed in white; lim. 400 gatefold cover with incredible photos from the event and extensive liner notes by EMANUEL HOLTERBACH 2013 €36.50
PSI 847 do-CD Oral Rec. ORAL 57 FIRST EVER release of this work from 1972/1973, performed with the ARP synthesizer; contains studio & live version => "PSI 847 was her breakthrough piece - for the first time her musical conception was closely matched in execution over 80 minutes of sustained, gentle sound." hypnotic & trance-inducing, a must have if you are into minimal / early drone music !! Deluxe version with 24p. booklet, lim. 1000 copies 2013 €25.00
Occam Ocean Vol. 1 do-CD Shiiin shiiin eer1   2017 €28.00