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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Continuous Sound Forms CD Alga Marghen plana-P 14NMN.036 digipack / tracks from 1972 & 1978 2000 €14.00
A sweet Quasimodo between black Vampire Butterflies CD Cold Blue Music CB0025 live recorded piece from 2006 for two pianos played simaltaneously in the special Palestine-style 2007 €13.50
From Etudes to Cataclysm for the Doppio Borgato do-CD Sub Rosa SR272   2008 €16.00
Sharing a Sonority with Terry Jennings, Bob Feldman, Rhys Chatham, Tony Conrad CD Alga Marghen plana-P 28NMN.068 three pieces from 1974 & 1967 with different collaborations (including a 32 minute-piece with TONY CONRAD and RHYS CHATHAM!!) 2008 €15.00
Mother of us all DVD Les Editions Du Parc professional live video from a performance that happened on 27th June 2009 in Nancy, France 2010 €10.00
Relationship Studies LP Alga Marghen plana P-alga031 two very early radical works from 1967! Lim. 350 2010 €23.00
Strumming Music 3 x CD Sub Rosa SR297 unreleased piece from 1974 / 1977 performed on three different instruments (CD 1: piano / CD 2: harpsichord / CD 3: strings) => minimal repetitve structures are very slowly rising and changing in tone colours, power & density, creating more and more overtunes and playing with the listeners perception; highly meditative and immersive... comes with 15 p. booklet / 8-panel triple digipack 2010 €20.00
Bells Studies LP Alga Marghen plana-p alga 04 five recordings / "compositions" from PALESTINE's legendary bell / carillon playing in the tower of a church in New York City, on which he performed almost daily from 1963-1970! Lovely metallic /harmonic drones & overtones; lim. 400 2015 €20.00
CharleBelllzzz at Saint Thomas CD Alga Marghen plana-p 35NMN.O unreleased tape recordings from 1966-1968, made in the Saint Thomas Church (New York City) which holds a carillon with 26 bells => two very long pieces (over 30 min. each) of pure church bells resonances and attacks performed by the young PALESTINE... "The sounds became physical, visceral, each crack of the clapper was like a small earthquake." 2015 €15.00
Ssingggg Sschlllingg Sshpppngg CD Idiosyncratics IDCD010 new album with a stunning 51 min. multi-layered dronescape, incorporating surprising elements like animal (?) noises and percussion... "Not only my favourite record of 2015, but maybe the best work I have ever heard from Mr. Palestine"- Jim OĺRourke (Wire magazine, Dec 2015) 2015 €14.00
Cathedrale de Strasbourg do-LP Erratum EM10 recording of a 70min organ concert made in November 2012 at the Strasbourg Cathedral, "..slowly developing a wild crescendo and filling the gigantic space with his own ritual full of trance and ecstasy.." lim. 500, beautiful gatefold cover, download code 2016 €33.50
GesammttkkunnsttMeshuggahhLaandtttt BOOK Sternberg Press / Kunsthalle Wien art book to document PALESTINE's solo exhibition work, including his early video works, sculptures, paintings, installations, and sound scores; feat. an interview with LUCA LO PINTO (director of Kunsthalle Wien) and an essay by JAY SANDERS; 80 pages, full colour illustrated, oversized hardcover book, english 2016 €26.00
Godbear LP Black Truffle BT 019 vinyl re-press of the BAROONI CD from 1998 (with recordings already made in 1987) which became a classic, with 3 solo piano recordings demonstrating his minimal ecstatic overtune-drones... (contains a version of his famous 'Strumming Music' piece) "an ideal introduction to Palestine's ecstatic and mysterious sound world" 2016 €16.00
Strumming Music LP Aguirre Records - Les Series Shandar SSH03 first re-issue of this milestone LP from 1974 (released by the legendary french label SHANDAR), a manifestation of PALESTINE's floating piano drone muzak, that never needed a score... "soon Palestine and his B÷sendorfer are enveloped in sound and bathed in a shimmering haze of multi-coloured overtones. For 45 minutes this rich pulsating music swells and intensifies, filling the air." 2017 €23.00
STTT THOMASSS MC Blank Forms Editions 001 rare US-import, a recording of a performance for TONY CONRAD (who died in 2016), held on his 77th birthday at the place where they first met....: "On March 7th, 2017, Palestine climbed the spiral stairs of the Saint Thomas Church's bell tower once again. This cassette features a full recording of STTT THOMASSS....[ ], preceded by a brief incantation delivered one month later at a Tony Conrad memorial." 2017 €16.00