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Day 3 of LP + CD-R Cortical Foundation CORTI 018.2 luxus gatefold-cover, incl. CD-ROM w. movie of Day 3 of the Orgies Mysteries Theater August 1998 in Vienna. lim. ed. 500 2001 €35.00
Die Geburt des Dionysos Christos 3 x LP-box Vinyl-On-Demand VOD60 recordings from 1986; comes in wood-box with luxurious booklet, total edition 600 copies 2009 €98.00
Eighth Symphony do-CD Tochnit Aleph TA 093 re-issue of the deleted do-LP (Cortical Foundation) feat. recordings of the first performance of NITSCH's 8th Symphony, June 1990 in Vienna; new edition in do-CD box with new artwork, 2 posters, and text "Die Gigantische Symphonie" by G▄NTER BRUS; edition of 650 copies 2010 €20.00
Orgien Mysterien Theater - 25. Aktion LP Cien Fuegos CFX006 in 1982 the "Orgien Mysterien Theater - 25.Aktion" ritual was re-performed in Vienna (the premiere happened 1968 in New York, after an invitation by JONAS MEKAS); these recordings appeared first on a tape release by MARTIN SIEWERT in 1982, and are now (re-mastered) for the first time properly available; HERMANN NITSCH is one of the founders of the "Wiener Aktionismus" (Viennese Actionism) along with G▄NTER BRUS, OTTO MUEHL, and RUDOLF SCHWARKOGLER 2016 €26.00