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Amnemonic Site CD Alluvial Recordings a28 first complete solo-album from SETH NEHIL after 5 years... secretful soundworlds derived from objects and environmental recordings, somehow a meeting of microsounds, field recordings and drones, multi-layered and not easy to decipher.. phantastic stuff again, BACK IN STOCK !! 2007 €13.00
Flock & Tumble CD Sonoris sns-06 advanced obscured concrete-ambience, lovely unexpected & challenging, hard to compare to anything else 2009 €12.00
Furl CD Sonoris sns-09 sequel to the amazing album from last year "Flock & Tumble"; unique, wondrous music build mainly on instrumental sound sources 2010 €12.00
Bounds LP Auf Abwegen AATP47 SETH NEHIL continues his journey into unknown / new territories of ingenious transformed SOUND - on BOUNDS he uses percussion materials (drums, gongs, cymbals, vibraphones, etc.) and treats them often in a way you can hardly recognize the source, connecting them to 11 breathtaking compositions, where very concrete acoustic objects erupt and vanish in strange patterns & textures... great album again! Lim. 300 2014 €18.00