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Scenes from the next millenium CD Malignant Records TUMOR CD15 apocalyptic industrial at its best - first album by this project from New York on Malignant! 2000 €13.00
The Arrow and the Wound CD Eibon Records NAV048 'Semen and Shit make the World go round.' - screaming vocals mixed with industrial noise, gloomy drones and threatening samples, focused on relationship-themes, with some suspenseful ambient-passages. Very dark, desperate, menacing and brutal at times. This is the proper re-issue of a CDR that appeared in 2003 on ANNIHILVS; back in stock this strong sonic assault by the project nowadays active as THEOLOGIAN 2004 €13.00
VTERVS CD NCC Records NCC012 digipack lim. 1000; 'features collaborative input from Cloama, SKM-ETR, STROM.ec and Silent_Command 2008 €13.00
The Gospels of the Gash do-CD Malignant Records tumorCD39 the final NTT release with material collected from various rare releases plus new material; comes in two-tray DVD digibox; a real epic TRIP into the dark side of the mind, apocalyptic & monumental drone- & pulsing noise at its best !! 2009 €16.50
Your Suffering will be legendary do-CD Malignant Records TUMORCD60 re-issue of the two bonus-CDRs that came originally with the box-version of the last N.T.T. release from 2009, "The Gospels of the Gash", containing 18 collaborative tracks & remixes by: TROUM, AUN, HERBST9, DEUTSCH NEPAL, JARBOE, HECATE, [LAW RAH] COLLECTIVE, etc. etc.; comes in stunning 8-panel DVD-sized double-digipack 2013 €15.00