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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Furious Eclipse 12inch Soleilmoon SOLV001 lim. 693 copies, special cover-paper 1996 €14.00
Field of Skin CD Soleilmoon SOL 58   1997 €13.00
Vent CD OR hold 5 re-found copies of this deleted early menche album !! 1998 €14.00
Incineration CD Soleilmoon SOL 21 originally rel. 1993, first Menche CD ! 1999 €13.00
Rusty Ghosts do-7 Duebel Records WHOL 6 great early release, back in stock last copies, exquisite artwork 1999 €12.00
The Face of Vehemence CD Ground Fault Rec. GF019 www.groundfault.net 2002 €12.00
Deluge LP Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt043 ed. of 333 copies 2003 €17.50
Drunk Gods maxi-CD Lapilli Recordings lapcd2   2004 €8.00
Soundtrack for the Film HOPE AND PREY mCD Soleilmoon SOL 135 CD lim. 500 2004 €7.50
Flaming Tongues CD Blossoming Noise bn007cd   2005 €13.00
Radiant Blood (SOLD OUT) 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-01 first release in a new 10"-series focused about "the unknown". lim. 500 on special brown-black marmorized vinyl. Stunning artwork by ROBERT SCHALINSKI (COLUMN ONE) !! 45 rpm 2005 €12.00  
Radiant Blood 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-01 /test test-pressing of the very first SUB 10inch! Edition of only 3 copies on black vinyl! the test-pressing will be delivered with an original cover sleeve 2005 €25.00
Scather mCD-R Taalem alm23 one-tracker 2005 €5.00
Scattered Remains:Early Remixes do-CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 139CD   2005 €13.00
Sirocco CD Important Records IMPREC 046 digipack / contains remixes / processings of material from JOHN DUNCAN, ANDREW LAGOWSKI, ASMUS TIETCHENS, MAIN, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, etc. one-tracker, 52 min, deluxe digipack 2005 €13.50
Together we shall melt Mountains with our Blood CD Waystyx Records 13 back in stock last copies, one of his masterpieces we think, a 49+ min pure process drone of higher beauty & contemplative ecstasy...only 101 copies made, fabric pressed CD, on the now defunct Waystyx label from Moscow!! 2005 €16.00
Wings on Fire CD Tantric Harmonies TANTRA X33 lim. 555 cardboard cover; two epic tracks of energetic Ur-drones, flickering like an acoustic Dream-Machine! SPECIAL OFFER ! 2005 €10.00
Concussions do-CD Asphodel ASP2031 Menche goes percussion ! 2006 €17.50
Creatures of Cadence CD Crouton Music crou032 back in stock this rare MENCHE-album, rather meditative/contemplative drones based on real instruments as cello, zither, horns... lim. 500 - special cover-package & inlay cards 2006 €15.00
Jugularis CD Important Records IMPREC 103 digipack 2006 €14.00
Kanticle mCD Ferns Records rhizome_01 lim. 500 / dedicated to Koji Tano / one-tracker 20 min 2006 €8.00
Animality CD EMD.PL / Records Letztes Album seiner Reihe mit Perkussion-Sounds, diesmal benutzt er mit Tierhuten bespannte Trommeln von amerikanischen Indianern... 2007 €14.50
Bleeding Heavens CD Blossoming Noise BN026CD digipack, new studio-material 2006-2007 2007 €13.50
Deluge & Sunder CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt137 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 5 lim./numb/signed 350 copies - expanded re-issue of the LP-tracks with two long bonus-tracks! One of the finest MENCHE-works so far ! 2007 €15.00
Wolf's Milk CD Utech Records 007 lim. 500 / Arc-series Volume 2 2007 €14.00
Blood of the Land mCD Ferns Recordings ferns_rhizome_08 "pure sonic nature" ! Fantastic new one-tracker based on multiple layered STORM-recordings! 20+ minutes; lim. 500, typical FERNS design 2010 €7.00
Kataract (Alpha Mix) LP DeMego 008V feat. the original mix, edition of 300 2010 €15.00
Terre Paroxysm CD Utech Records URCD054 pure electro-acoustic drones derived from wind, ice and rain sounds! lim. 500 2010 €13.50
Feral CD Sub Rosa SR322 / New Series Framework # 8 four ecstatic new compositions that could be based on wind-recordings and other environmental stuff (not completely sure), in a new series from SUB ROSA ! 2011 €13.00
Guts CD Editions Mego emego 138 GUTS is using the inner parts of a piano as only sound-source; single sounds drown into unusual drone-fields & dark reverb, you can feel almost bursting metal & wood... four masterful tracks 2012 €10.00
Guts do-LP Editions Mego emego 138v GUTS is using the inner parts of a piano as only sound-source; single sounds drown into unusual drone-fields & dark reverb, you can feel almost bursting metal & wood... four masterful tracks, lim. vinyl version 2012 €20.00
Marriage of Metals LP Editions Mego eMego 174 MENCHE reworking GAMELAN orchestra instruments, which means all kinds of Gong sounds (incl. the gigantic 'Gong Ageng') are transformed into a multi-layered, slow & subtle contemplation UR-drone, with rising distortion & overtunes appearing.. 2013 €16.50
Vilke do-LP SIGE Records SIGE019 the howling of WOLVES!! DANIEL MENCHE is again focusing on one main sound source to extract its acoustic essence & power - VILKE is based on howling wolves-recordings, building resonating, multi-layered choirs in connection with percussion loops, developing into wonderful subtle & hazy drone-fields...four side-long, very different, at times completely otherwordly movements.. . feel the wild spirits! Fantastic drone-release, gets us goosebumps! lim. 500 2013 €25.00
Sleeper 3 x CD SIGE Records SIGE 057 a monumental three hour work made to fall asleep to, mirroring the strange condition between waking and sleeping: deep sub bass pulses and waves, organ-like harmonic layers, rough edged "chainsaw" drones with hypnotic effect, metal object clatter, all drenched in overtune resonances... NOT an ambient record to lull you in: "The ghostly frequencies that flare out of from his drones almost always evolve into sharp and blinding coronas of sound, embruing the album with an unnerving tension." lim. 500 2017 €22.00