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Where the Language might be born CD-R Tentacles of Perception Recordings 017 a "soundsketch for radio" from sound-workshops with autistic children, recorded 1999-2000 in Belgium, also some other "sono-biotops" are mixed in (insects & fire, forest ambience, ec..); full colour cover €10.00
Vol.9: Distori (Noah) CD Sonoris SON-07 digipack 1999 €13.00
Drawing the Air CD-R Tentacles of Perception Recordings 040 a strange & surreal dance of field recording snippets & other short-timed noises & drones, unique surrounding.... CD version of a 4-track installation that happened in Ireland in 2007; prof. full colour cover, on A.M.T.s own label 2007 €10.00
Calliphon Draft (Sonosketches 1991-1994) CD-R Impulsy Stetoskopu IS 005 re-issue of old tape, comes in large glass frame w. full colour covers on both sides; numbered ed. 120 copies, weight almost 400 gr per copy ! 2008 €12.00
Singtra CD Waystyx Records WR45 work from 2004 / special cardboard cover lim. 300 2009 €16.00
Insekno (index) CD-R Tentacles of Perception Recordings 042 recordings of insects made 1994 in Czech Republic (direct to DAT); comes with full-colour cover & postcard 2010 €10.00
Xixuau Xiparinia Pt. 1 CD-R Tentacles of Perception Recordings 044 pure field recordings from flooded rainforest in Brazilian Amazon-region - first part; rare release on AMTs own label, full colour cover 2010 €10.00
Ama_Zone 1: Black Waters CD Monochrome Vision mv37 new recordings by this composer from former Czechoslovakia (now living in Ireland) who developed a unique style "sound paintings" through the years; "Ama_Zone" contains, different from his usual working method, almost solely unprocessed field recordings from a trip to Brazil - and presents the ever impressing sound ecology of the rainforest with lots of strange sounding animals during different daytimes (for example bats recordings with ultrasonic microphone, birds, giant wasps, otters, tree frogs)... 2011 €12.00
Boto [Encantado] LP Ini.Itu # 1102 a new volume in the nice INI.ITU 12" series and the first AMT-vinyl release since a long time; surreal & subtle collages, strange sounds you can hardly recognize, based on field recordings from the "Boto" = the Amazon river; stunning full-colour cover, handnumbered ed. 250 copies, simply fantastic !! 2011 €12.50
Xixuau Xiparinia Pt. 2 CD-R Tentacles of Perception Recordings 050AMT pure field recordings from flooded rainforest in Brazilian Amazon-region; rare release on AMTs own label 2011 €10.00
Chitin mCDR Taalem alm87 new composition (20 min.) dedicated to JEROME NOETINGER feat. FRANCISCO LOPEZ sources, using various insect field recordings made in Ireland, Brazil, Australia, Czech Rep.: termites, ants, sting-less bees, leaf-hoppers, electric insects, hermit crabs, bee-hives... for an other-dimensional musique concrete journey 2012 €5.00
Paradox of Paradox / Interception I do-CDR Attenuation Circuit ACR 1019 re-issue of two deleted albums from 2004, mysterious "organic" soundscapes and daring collages (mainly based on processed field recordings but you often know exactly), this is real "unconscious" music deranging the rational mind; "lots of beauty, poetic beauty actually, like the somewhat cryptic notes on the cover. Long in duration, massive in beauty" [FdW] 2012 €12.50
Ultrealith CD Gruenrekorder GR110 for ULTREALITH field recordings from the "border of perception" were used, such as underwater recordings, ultrasounds, electromagnetic signals (from crustaceans, bats, dolphins, insects, etc..) => a very own & unique micro-soundworld, comparable with works of MICHAEL PRIME, FRANCISCO LOPEZ or JOHN HUDAK; almost 80 minutes of material (8 tracks) 2012 €14.00
Attracted by Light (Collection 7) CD Semperflorens SF10 three long tracks using sounds from underwater (fishes, mollusks, etc..), but also termites and ants attacking the microphone & sounds from inside bee-nests, subaquatic insects, ultrasonic sounds of micro-bats, etc.. = fascinating new sound-worlds opening ..... 2013 €13.00
Tidal CD Auf Abwegen aatp40 new collection of field recordings made 2008-2010 in coastal areas of Ireland & Canada, on land and underwater... the material hasn't been 'processed' at all, but is organized in a special way: 'Sounds are chosen solely by morphologic associations and treated as abstractions'; listen & realize ! Lim. 300 2013 €13.00
Garig Gunak Barlu (AustralOpus 1) CD Unfathomless U20 SLAVEK KWI (aka A.M.T.) has again collected some incredible environmental audio & re-framed it to three long wondrous tracks (all recordings are from a national park in Northern Australia, such as: singing tree in the wind on abandoned red beach, screeching parrots, birds in the swamp, echolocation sounds of dolphins, mysterious fishsongs, ultrasonic insects, bats & barking geckos..); sounds from the best 'composer' in the world, our earth & nature ! lim. 200 2014 €14.00
Synkronika CD Tentacles Of Perception Recordings top 001 / Noise Below six exciting & complex new AMT pieces based mainly on animal voices & sounds, recorded on various locations around the earth, like South Africa, Amazon, Basque Country and Ireland, - listen to frogs, insects, amphibians, dogs, underwater creatures, but also ice particles, boiling oil, etc... forming astonishing, multilayered compositions of concrete material..... lim. 300, 78+ min. 2015 €12.00
Hypnotikon (AustralOpus 2) CD Unfathomless U32 so far unpublished (slightly processed and layered it seems) field recordings from Australia (made in different National Parks), focusing on the nightly noises and "chorals" from the insects, very strange organ like drones appear and incredible bird sounds...we think the central piece MORF (31+ min.) is one of his best tracks ever! "Relentless and hypnotic choruses of insects pulsate in tandem with the rush of high-tide" 5 long tracks, 79+ min., lim. 200 excellent design with artcard 2016 €14.00