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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Evening / Leaves pic-7 Eternal Autumn Editions EAE004 last copies back in stock ! 2001 €10.00
Sleeping and Hiding LP DAIS Records 007 lim. / numb. 500, full colour cover with metallic embossing 2009 €17.50
Ghost Years CD Tursa Records TURSA 101 retrospective CD with rare & vinyl-only tracks and plus previously unreleased material (1995-2004) by the "ghost ambient" singer 2010 €13.00
The Shipyard LP DAIS Records DAIS 031 new album by the "melancholic painter" TOR LUNDVALL (working as both visual artist & musician) with his typical /unique song-based isolationistic electronica; created during a time he was active doing portrait studies of local maritime themes and nautical life at the docks; lim. 500, numbered, with free MP3 download coupon 2012 €18.00
The Park LP DAIS Records DAIS 068 new album by the great ambient composer from the US, again completely instrumental this sounds especially droney & spheric, a soundtrack following a timeline from a spring morning to a summer evening in a park, using lots of nature field recordings... lim. 300 2015 €22.50