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"Der Mann aus Brighton gehört zu den hintersinnigsten Köpfen und bestechendsten Ästheten des Dröhnminimalismus und des Dreamscapetravellings. Schon wie er seine Werke tauft, verrät einen stereoskopen und obsessiven Geist - The Henaed Hand of Glory (2000), Viva! Raudive! (2000), An Un-World (2001), Aural Anagram (2003), My Long Accumulating Discontent (2004), Mother Gooses‘s Melody: Or Sonnets for the Cradle (2005). Liles zeigt sich fasziniert von Erotik und EVP, Hans Bellmer und Anais Nin, während seine musikalischen Tauchfahrten ins Unterbewusste und in Anderwelten mit H3O und Elaine Radigue verglichen wurden...." [Bad Alchemy]

Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
All Closed Doors CD Infraction INFX006 back in stock this very early LILES album (the 2nd properly pressed CD it seems), this evokes an eerie darkness with the use of melancholic piano tunes, etc... a surrealistic, day-dreamy atmosphere..... 2003 €13.00
Aural Anagram CD Macrophonies Org. mac015 back in stock this early LILES album 2003 €13.00
My long accumulating Discontent CD Nextera ERA 2035-2 stunning early album by the British master of surrealistic, unsettling ambient atmospheres, combined with human voices and concrete elements a somehow "nostalgic" sound is formed reminding both on NURSE WITH WOUND and DAVID LYNCH films, ending with a melancholic folk-song.. 2004 €13.00
In my father's house are many mansions CD Fourth Dimension FDCD68 remixed / re-organised LILES-material by PAUL BRADLEY, COLIN POTTER, J. COLECLOUGH, BAND OF PAIN, BASS COMMUNION, ARANOS, DARREN TATE, IRR.APP (EXT), HAFLER TRIO, UNSONG, NURSE WITH WOUND, VIDNA OBMANA, FREIBAND, etc 2005 €14.00
New York Doll do-CD Infraction Records INFX013 calm ambience set against collaged voice recordings & cut-ups creating a quite unique & dense atmosphere.. back in stock last copies of his third work for INFRACTION, lim. 550, last copies !! 2005 €16.00
The Dying Submariner CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt110a heavy cardboard / gatefold cover 2006 €13.00
Black Beauty CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt127 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 7 The Vortex Vault part 3, black cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Black End CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt136 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 16 The Vortex Vault part 12 (final album in the series), black cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. Featuring STEVEN STAPLETON (NURSE WITH WOUND), MATT WALDRON (IRR.APP(EXT)), and others! 2007 €16.00
Black Hole CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt126 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 6 The Vortex Vault part 2, black cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Black Mamba CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt129 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 9 The Vortex Vault part 5, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. 2007 €16.00
Black Market CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt131 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 11 The Vortex Vault part 7, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. TONY WAKEFORD appears on one track 2007 €16.00
Black Out CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt132 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 12 The Vortex Vault part 8, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. Feat. FREEK & MIRANDA KINKELAAR (BRUNNEN / BEEQUEEN) 2007 €16.00
Black Panther CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt133 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 13 The Vortex Vault part 9, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Black Sea CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt130 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 10 The Vortex Vault part 6, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Black Sheep CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt134 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 14 The Vortex Vault part 10, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. feat STEVEN WILSON (BASS COMMUNION) 2007 €16.00
Black Widow CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt128 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 8 The Vortex Vault part 4, black cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Ouarda (The subtle Art of...) do-LP Dirter Promotions DPROMD 68 feat. DANIELLE DAX, MAJA ELLIOT, ROSE MC DOWALL, KARL BLAKE, EDWARD KA-SPEL 2008 €22.50
Somnambulance to Dream General CD Klanggalerie gg109 re-issue of deleted CDR plus bonus material 2008 €14.00
Anal Aura Gram LP + 7inch Beta-lactam Ring Records mt186 back in stock this re-issue of the long deleted early LILES album based on HANS BELLMERs works & ideas (originally a CDR from 2003), comes on blue vinyl and has a bonus 7" with remixes from STEVE SEVERIN (SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES!); luxurious cover, lim. 300 2009 €20.00
Miscellany Deluxe do-LP Vinyl-On-Demand VOD61 earliest recordings, comes in nice gatefold-sleeve, full edition (together with the box edition) of 600 copies, 300 as do-LP 2009 €21.50
Miscellany Deluxe (Box Edition) 3 x LP-Box & T-Shirt Vinyl-On-Demand VOD61B great silver box edition (w. violet lettering) has a third LP and a ultra-weird pink T-Shirt !! Lim. 300 2009 €60.00
Ouarda (The subtle Art of...) CD / DVD Dirter Promotions DPROMD 68 feat. DANIELLE DAX, MAJA ELLIOT, ROSE MC DOWALL, KARL BLAKE, EDWARD KA-SPEL; this is a "dualdisc", the DVD-side has a film by MICHAEL TANG with music by COLIN POTTER and a film by LILES, and FREIDA ABTAN remixes 2009 €16.00
Honey Monster 7" Quasi Pop QPOP REC11 another one in the MONSTER-series with beautiful Monster-Pop; purple vinyl, incredible full-colour cover, lim. 500 2010 €7.00
Mind mangled Trip Monster CD Dirter Promotions DROM 78 first CD in the monster-cycle, feat. vocals by ELISABETH OSWELL 2010 €13.00
Miraculous Mechanical Monster LP Dirter Promotions DPROMLP77 next part in the monster-series, telling stories about damaged robots, monsters & bizarre sex; lim. 500 2010 €16.00
Monster Munch 7inch Tourette Records 016 8-track EP, full colour poster cover (lovely psychedelic porn art), red vinyl, lim. 300 2010 €11.50
As if Punk Rock never happened / Pretty vague cunt pic-7" Dirter Promotions DPROMEP81 THE CENSORED DISC ! Released for the "International Record Store Day 2011" and as a 'commemorative" item for the Royal wedding on April 29; one side of this picture disc showed originally distorted pictures of CHARLES & DIANA and has been censored by the manufacturer! You can see the uncensored (& great) artwork at the Dirter-webpage. 2011 €11.50
Muldjewangk, Morgawr & other Monsters CD Tourette Records tourette 021 TIME TO MEET THE MONSTER AGAIN! Another part of the monster-series, using much spoken word & choral material by different language speakers in a surrealistic way....weird "Alice in Wonderland" atmo... amazing, almost uncategorizable stuff... one of his best albums as yet !! lim. 500 2011 €12.00
The Flesh creeping Gonzoid & other imaginary Creatures 6 x CD-BOX Dirter Promotions DPROMX 86 collection of ALL compilation-tracks, rare- and out of print records, studio outtakes, alternative versions & unreleased stuff. Lim. 500 incl. glossy artwork & booklet 2011 €29.00
Schmetaling Monster of Rock LP Dirter Promotions DPROM 087LP LILES long (4 years) prepared "mock rock"-album in the crazy monster-series, expect another personal brain-drain! 12 tracks and lots of guest-musicians, lim. 500 on red vinyl, luxus gatefold-cover 2012 €18.50
Diagonally through Time (Illusion Two) CD Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P. 017 second in a trilogy of releases about the topic "Time" for this Hongkong-based collectors label; comes with two full colour postcards & luxurious gatefold cover; lim. 200 only ! 2013 €17.00
Reversing through Time (Illusion Three) CD Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P. 018 third in a trilogy of releases about the topic "Time" for this Hongkong-based collectors label; comes with two full colour postcards & luxurious gatefold cover; lim. 200 only ! 2013 €17.00
Sideways through Time (Illusion One) CD Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P. 016 first in a trilogy of releases about the topic "Time" for this Hongkong-based collectors label; comes with two full colour postcards & luxurious gatefold cover; lim. 200 only ! 2013 €17.00
Fast Forward through Time (Illusion Four) LP United Dairies UD 19571969 the first vinyl release on UNITED DAIRIES in over 20 years (!!!) - a recording inspired by the concept of "Self-Replicating Machines" (JOHN NEUMANN), based on eerie piano tunes & noises...lim. 500, 180 gr vinyl, fourth & final part in the 'Through Time' series 2014 €20.00
The Maleficent Monster and other macabre Stories LP Blackest Rainbow Records BRR666 music for imaginary horror films, influenced by DONALD RUBINSTEIN, JOHN CARPENTER, FABIO FRIZZI & ENNIO MORRICONE..."themes, incidental music, bridging songs, interludes, creaks and groans".. lim. 350 copies on green slime / blood splatter vinyl 2014 €20.00
Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens and Wicked Witches LP Blackest Rainbow Records BRR667 sister album to "the Maleficent Monster...", music for imaginary horror films from the 70's/80's and a horror story narrated on French by ISABELLE MAGNON; pink splatter / multicoloured vinyl, horror-film poster artwork from GRAHAM HUMPHREYS (who designed posters for films as "Evil Dead" and "Nightmare on Elm Street".. ); lim. 350 2014 €20.00
Cover Girls CD Dirter Promotions DPROMCD111 ANDREW LILES continues to surprise the fans with almost every new release - on "Cover Girls" we find only cover versions sung by diverse female singers (for example BABY DEE, COSEY FANNY TUTTI, MELON LILES, MIRANDA KINKELAAR - probably the wifes of LILES and F. KINKELAAR [BRUNNEN] ), repolishing & de-constructing tracks like "Morning has broken" (CAT STEVENS), "Zerstörte Zelle" (NEUBAUTEN), "Video Killed the Radio Star" (BUGGLES), etc. etc... 2015 €14.50
First Monster Last Monster Always Monster CD Dirter Promotions DPROMCD114 "the devil may care but I don't mind" - a tribute to SISTER OF MERCYs "First and Last and Always" album from 1985, exactly 30 years after its release => this is an instrumental, eletronic adaption of the whole album, with LILES typical organ-like / plastic synth sounds and even typical 80's sequencer & rhythm box tunes, an incredible mind-fuck !! 2015 €14.00
Life is an empty Place LP Norton North MMXIV-VI an album that seems to be focused on personal childhood & adolescence memories filled with judgements, disciplination and control (school, work) as the cover-art shows; musically based on drum machine and machine gun sounds, lots of processed (vocoder) voice material and analogue / digital synths, this is like a dismal journey into LILES implicit autobiographical memory... lim. 400 on golden vinyl, gatefold cover with front artwork by BABS SANTINI (aka STEVEN STAPLETON) 2015 €25.00
A Million infant Breaths 10inch Dirter Promotions DPROMEP110 a very special LILES release again: Side A contains a short story written by MICHEL FABER (author of UNDER THE SKIN which has been adapted to a great film in 2013!), Side B a cover-version of the famous HAWKWIND-song "Master of the Universe" (from 1971), feat. as a guest the original bass player DAVE ANDERSON (who was also in AMON DÜÜL II); lim. 300 in mirror laminated sleeve, looks marvellous 2016 €16.00
The Power Elite CD United Dairies UD 26658CD second album for LILES on the legendary UNITED DAIRIES (NWW label), a very political and dark release evoking claustrophobic feelings... "an unexpected foray into modernist composition, adopting influences from the vanguard of '50s and '60s avant-garde.." 2016 €14.00