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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: TAIGA Records TAIGA 1
Release Year: 2008
Note: re-issue of the Staubgold-CD from 2006; ed. of 500 copies, gatefold-cover, one exclusive bonus-track
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €18.00

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"Vinyl version of Toral's latest creation. After 15+ years of accomplished work on guitar & electronics, the Portuguese musician, producer & sound engineer found his way into a complete renovation of his music. Leaving the guitar behind, Toral has equipped himself with instruments such as a theremin-controlled noise generator, amplified coil spring percussion, & a random pulse width modulation oscillator. With these he has launched a jazz-fueled craft through Earth's atmosphere, into outer space. The resulting voyage is one where the sounds created recall the blasts of a ray gun, the gurgle of a velociraptor, the rush of a primordial geyser, all seasoned with vintage analog appeal & interspersed with meditative moments of silence. Includes unreleased 17-minute vinyl-only bonus track." [label info]