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TAMING POWER - Twelve Pieces

Format: 10"
Label & Cat.Number: Early Morning Records EMR 017
Release Year: 2007
Note: numb. ed. 525 copies / lovely full-colour design / 20 years of TAMING POWER - celebration release !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Der wohl auflagenstńrkste Release bisher von dem norwegischen Geheimtip TAMING POWER - und wieder eine 10" ! Der Nachfolger von THREE PIECES und SIX PIECES beginnt mit kleinen Minimalismen jeweils fŘr eine Solostimme, in Form von Gitarre, Casio-Synth & Zither... Auf Seite B aber finden sich weitaus komplexere & dronigere StŘcke, wo Instrumentalflńchen-Sounds Řbereinander geschichtet werden - das erinnert dann mehr an die sch÷nen "three pieces" und "six pieces"- 10"es...
Die Coverartwork (handgeschriebene Labels & Credits, etc.), die Musik - all das strahlt einen sehr pers÷nlichen DO IT YOURSELF - Geist aus, abseits von jeglichen Trends kreiert hier jemand sein eigenen kleinen Kosmos.

"Until now releases by Taming Power, and there has been quite a few, were highly limited editions of around 150 copies, but this new one is released in an edition of 525 copies: the pressing plant don't do any less anymore. A pity since Taming Power has to 'sell out' before making anything new, so this might be one of the last before some time. Taming Power, the musical project of Askild Haugland from Oslo, Norway, is a man who loves drones, but as you can tell by the title these don't have to be long. Twelve pieces on a 10". The seven pieces on side one are short, sketch like pieces, played on the guitar, zither and keyboards. Haugland feeds the sound through a little bit of reverb, fortunate not enough to drown the sound, but to make the whole thing a bit 'rounder'. The pieces are simple melodies, effective and work best when played on the guitar. The keyboard pieces are bit less in quality I thought. The five pieces here are more complex, layered sounds, more sound effects, and effectively more drone related in the way people associate this with drones. Layered sounds, with the usual analogue means of Taming Power (who works with tape recorders rather than computers), these pieces are more along the lines of his recent works. Complex, drone based, this is some damn fine music going on. It would be a pity not see any new thing from him in a while, but maybe he should consider doing CDs? So I recommend any serious lover of drone music to get a copy (or two) and keep Early Morning Records alive." [FdW, Vital Weekly]