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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cold Spring Records CSR102CD
Release Year: 2008
Note: released on the occasion of a concert of all three artists happening in London in April 2008; one exclusive studio track from each artist; lim. 1000
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Speziell aufgelegte CD fr ein Konzert der drei Bands vom April 2008 welches in London stattfand. MERZBOW zeigt auf dem pumpend-drngenden "-feedyellow mix.1" (14+ min.) seine ganze Klasse, SUTCLIFFE JGEND geben auf "Pigmother" den Power Noise Blues,
und die COLD SPRING-Hausband SATORI schafft mit dem "Paralysis [Hypnopompic Mix]" Musik wie einen Lovecraft'schen Organismus, monumental-noisig atmend, perkussiv & wuchtig & unheimlich.
Die etwas kurze Spielzeit der CD wird durch diese drei heftigen Adrenalin-Ausschtter, die hervorragend zusammen passen, mehr als wettgemacht.

"Released on the occasion of Merzbow, Sutcliffe Jgend and Satori at ULU, London, 19th April 2008. Japanese Noise, Power Electronics and Fortean Electronics from these 3 giants of the Noise / Industrial scene, with one exclusive studio track from each act. This CD is presented in a full colour card slip and is shrinkwrapped. Limited to 1000 copies only - act fast!" [label info]

"Three exercises in ear-crushing symphony on this one! Japanese noise-legend Masami Akita alias Merzbow opens the show with the astonishing work "Feedyellow mix"; a repetitive piece of aural machismo clocking 14 minutes runtime. With an excellent hypnotic atmosphere of blasting noise this is Merzbow at his very best. Second on stage is Sutcliffe Jgend with the utterly bizarre track "Pigmother" containing probably some of the sickest vocals ever recorded. Together with noises from something sounding like a distorted chamber orchestra the listener will feel anything but comfortable throughout the five minutes in company Sutcliffe Jugend. Last sound destructors are owner of Cold Spring, Justin Mitchell, in joint venture with Neil Chaney of Pessary. Operating under the name "Satori", the two sound pilots crush the hell out of the listener with a multi-layered noise-inferno. The work is a so-called "Hypnopompic" mix of the Paralysis-track originally from the "Kanashibari"-album released on the Dogma Chase-label in april month. Crushing drones of high frequency noise creates the ground layer meanwhile ritual rhythm textures of acoustic drumming add a great structure to harsh sound symphony. The result is hypnotizing and brutally intense. If you're looking for the art of contemporary noise music this split-album is a very good opportunity to destroy silence. Highly recommended." (NM, Vital Weekly]