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NADJA - Skin Turns to Glass

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: The End Records TE101
Release Year: 2008
Note: re-issue of the 3 pieces from the CDR from 2003 (Nothingness Records) in different / new versions, plus unlisted bonus-track!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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So ziemlich alles was NADJA in ihre Frhphase jemals herausgebracht haben, wird dieser Tage wiederverffentlicht, so auch SKIN TURNS TO GLASS; die drei Stcke erschienen 2003 als CDR auf Nothingness Records und prsentiere NADJAs unnachahmlichen "Ambient Metal"-Sound, vom emotionalen Charakter her betrachtet sind das Drone-Stcke mit Hang zum Unendlichen und Dunkel-Kosmischen, als stilistische Mittel werden Metal-Elemente benutzt..
Als besonderes Schmankerl gibt es hier noch einen wunderbaren vierten, unbetitelten Track (fast 30 min lang), der NADJA von ihrer ambient-experimentellen Seite zeigt, mit endlosen Wellen von an- und abschwellenden Soundflchen......

"Dirge-like metal riffs & heavy, minimal percussion w/ ethereal melodicism & something of a shoegazer asthetic, creating a swirling amorphous wall of sound that strives to be both obliterating & uplifting. 3 tracks with a running time of 80 minutes." [label info]

"....So why buy this one? Or the two forthcoming releases? Or the 30 or 40 past releases? Well, if you're like us, we can't get enough of the sound of Nadja. And like we mentioned above, we HAVE figured out a way to make this sound go on forever. Each record, takes the dense blissed out buzz, the lurching doomic trudge, the gloriously effulgent majesty of Nadja, and stretches it out just a little bit further. Each time adding something crucial that wasn't there before. On Skin Turns to Glass, the songs are evenmore meditative and repetitive, looped endlessly, the riffs churning mantra-like, a buzzing slow motion hynorock, separated by spaced out stretches of glimmering ambience, and deep cavernous drones. Every Nadja record we're tempted to declare it the best yet, but we'd bet you if we went back to one of the first releases, we'd immediately think that it was in fact the best one. Such is the magic of Nadja, the sound they've created, the soundworld, each piece is as important as any other, the sound wouldn't be complete, in fact can naver be truly complete, until there are no more records, no more songs, no more pieces to add to the ever expanding puzzle. Hopefully that will never happen.
Includes an unlisted bonus track, nearly thirty minutes of shimmering doomic minimalism, droning dark bliss, that explodes in
the last minute or so, in a flurry of incendiary white noise, a drum damaged blown out psychguitar metallic meltdown, that ends quite abruptly, leaving us to wait patiently for the next movement, coming soon..." [Aquarius Records review]

label-website: www.theendrecords.com