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AUN - Blackhorse

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ORAL 18 CD
Release Year: 2007
Note: great experimental power-drone music from Montreal-based MARTIN DUMAIS; back in stock finally!
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Der Nachfolger & Schwester-release von "Whitehorse" und bisher aktuellste AUN-Verffentlichung: rauhe, elektronische & und doch untergrndig melodis-organische Dronescapes, fr uns klingt das wie eine Mischung aus W. BASINSKI, TIM HECKER, TROUM & DANIEL MENCHE.... horizontale Fliessmuster, dort wo Kraft & Melancholie miteinander verschmelzen..
One of our favourite "archaic drone" projects from the last time with a fabulous album,
highly recommended of you like it raw, harmonic and amorphous!! [Drone Rec. 2007)

"Following the release of the MULE album for Oral records, AUN pulled out his stringed instruments and dusted them off for a series of concerts and new recordings, bringing to life the dark and brooding Blackhorse' album and it's more luminous companion cd Whitehorse (fall 2007). Echoes of an adolescent past, nurtured to the sound of Swans, Ennio Morricone , Zoviet France and some dirty shoegazing came to the forefront, even including a 1990 squeeling guitar solo in the track Horsemen. Blackhorse' is a raw, forward thinking, highly musical album, firmly based in his DIY, no holds barred past. AUN serves as an experimental interpretation of Martin Dumais music ; where brutality, the dark, the beautiful and the melodic come together with engaging results. Ambient' is often used to describe the sound of AUN, but the music is not intended to function as backround, yielding physical response to the listeners. Before Martin Dumais was in the somewhat off-kilter and acclaimed electronic duo Les Jardiniers with JF Magnet. Les Jardiniers released four albums, received two adisq awards (Qubec' Grammy's) and played internationally until he got weary of more dancefloor oriented production. He also recorded the 1996 album Juicebox, with Marc Leclair who would later be known as Akufen. There were several early incarnations of AUN like his soon to be re-released O.D.D.S. project (Angle rec 2008). Initiated at age of 13 and inspired industrial music, Dumais used primitive musical equipment to forge his own sound. AUN now blends low-fi aesthetics with his fetish of new technology, recognizing the open ended area of AUN' work and yearning for more experimentation without the trappings of rock and electronic music."
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"Canadian electronic artist Martin Dumais has been active in the Montreal underground music scene throughout the past two decades, beginning with the industrial project Odds in 1990 and later moving on to techno with Les Jardiniers and Juicebox. AUN is his latest project, steeped in dark drones and loops that are primarily sourced from guitar. I found out about AUN after Martin sent me a copy of his Blackhorse album that he released on the Oral label earlier in 2007, and was really impressed by his evocative, mesmerizing dronescapes and hypnotic melodies. The sound of Blackhorse moves from deconstructed guitar melodies that are heavily processed and reshaped into abstract forms, to deep reverberating powerdrones and distorted feedback. Beautiful, eternally rumbling strings and crushing, smoothed out frequencies somewhere in between the blissful dream-drones of Troum, the classic industrial ambience of projects like Cranioclast and Lull, and, at his heaviest on tracks like "Inkblot", the subterranean ritual throb of Sunn O))). Seldon Hunt's abstract album art and the appearance of those aforementioned heavy guitar drones might at first lead you to belive that this is indeed something along the lines of the current wave of dronemetal projects in the vein of Sunn O))), Black Boned Angel and the like, but AUN's dronescapes are more synthetic sounding, and much more detailed, with slowly drifting waves of oscillating tones sweeping over crystalline loops that seem to shimmer with dark luminescence. On "Unta Eyeless", something like an orchestral Troum is achieved, and "Cyan Card Rejector" turns into one of the more rhythmic pieces on the disc, as black buzzing distortion soars over robotic whale calls and dubby percussive hits. Blackhorse is a constantly changing and evolving album, an excellent collection of shadowed, heavy, and frequently crushing droneworks that reveals glimpses of great abstract beauty as each piece unfolds. Highly recommended." [Crucialblast]