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Format: 10
Label & Cat.Number: We Break More WE-10 005
Release Year: 2008
Note: lim. 300
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.00

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Ein Low-Noise-Maelstrom voller Rauschen & tiefen Feedbacks & Wummern mit einigen konkreten Elementen, die sich herausschlen. Nicht wirklich harsch, eher dumpf krachig und vielschichtig. JASON LESCALLEET im Zusammenwirken mit DUE PROCESS.

"Combine xxi, Combine xxii' is the second vinyl album documenting the ongoing collaboration between tape loop composer destroyer Jason Lescalleet and ron lessard, aka noise legend emil beaulieau and head of the pioneering rrrecords label. while due process has been lessard's longtime umbrella for collaborations (which previously have featured like-minded outsiders tom dimuzio and john wiggins), this current iteration of due process is an altogether different beast. using severely manipulated recordings of the duo's ear-splitting live concerts, Lescalleet creates a dense sound world, abstract and visceral. Consisting of two sidelong pieces, by turns both brutal and beautiful, this latest record is a testament to Lescalleet's ability to recast rough sounds in his blurry, tape-distorted image. lavishly printed on heavyweight lennox paper and lovingly letter-pressed by smudge ink in Boston, this 10' record is limited to 300 copies." [label notes]