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HINSIDAN - Shapeshifter Blues

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Verato Project verazitt 051
Release Year: 2007
Note: back in stock this great power-drone release reminding on JARL or R.Y.N.
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New Drone-discovery from Denmark! HINSIDAN produce a power-drone you can not resist, with slow changes, fat & esoteric drone-walls, waving and drowning, subtle pounding pulsations from deep underneath... this has a very nice "mystic" quality, really stunning'!

Hinsidan translates from Swedish as 'The Here After' and with 'Shapeshifter Blues' the Danish duo of Atish Pare and Superjus have incorporated the exaggerated minutia of the title of their earlier 'God is in the Details' into the majestic drone of simultaneous presence and absence reflected in the group's namesake. Embodied too, is the usefulness of a name constantly translated, as it sets the listener up for the intertwined cycles of shuffling space and metallic flutter that permeate the compositions. While 'God is the Details' called attention to small brash cracks and slips that skated the surface of mesmerizing atmospherics, on 'Shapeshifter Blues' those scratches have been bound and compressed into a heady, churning static that sounds of questions. The cover art announces as much, spackled circles overlap and colors move from very light to very dark, aiding and transcending each other. Voices, however, occasionally drift up to answer the resounding tones. On 'outnumbered by sound' the fragmented, mutilated echoes of children mutate the rhythmic cascade of stomping volume. Sound might outnumber the voices of those who taunted during recess, now, but the power of an angry army of kids sustains; that the piece alternates between sound and numbers reveals a syncretic relationship between objects working together and undermining each other. The following track, 'a second in the mind, a day in the life', provides a response to the children as the pitches drift seamlessly up higher and higher, climbing into the vibrant, rising female voice that they might one day become - or that might just be gliding sound untied to identifiable sources. Hinsidan unfurl this mysterious logic throughout 'Shapeshifter Blues', moving from pitch to idea to pitch in conjunction with a steady backing arch that never breaks drone." [Heathen Harvest]

"Packaging craziness here: for whatever unknown reason, this release was smeared with shampoo, maybe to indicate we deal with nice music here? Hinsidan is a duo of Supertius and Atish Pare, and 'Shapeshifter Blues' is their second CDR release, while a 10" on Ant-Zen is forthcoming. That's about the extend of information to be given as we don't know anything else. 'Mastered by Lasse Marhaug' it says on the cover, but don't be fooled by that: Hinsidan doesn't produce noise music, although their machine like drone sometimes comes very close. In each of the seven pieces they enroll a drone that is omni present, enlarged and enhanced by sound effects to make it thicker and fatter, but also more of a menace. Only in one track, 'A Second In The Mind, A Day in The Life' they approach noise very close and it happens to be the weakest link here. The other six pieces are beautiful drone within the well-defined area of course and it makes a very solid release. I wouldn't be too surprised if they will have a release on Mystery Sea on day too. Very nice." [FdW / Vital Weekly]