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TROUM - Darve sh / Ajin

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: NEFRYT N 016
Release Year: 2008
Note: re-issue of the deleted vinyl-releases (Darve sh 10" from 2003 & AJIN 12" from 2005), all tracks for the first time on CD! Numbered edition of 404 copies / oversized cardboard-cover with design by Jarecki Szeliga
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More Info

Two rare vinyls as one CD. The ritual face of Troum!
DARV SH was released in February 2003 as 10-vinyl on Beta-Lactam Ring Records (mt030) as part 10 in the Lactamase - series. AJIN was released in December 2005 as a picture-12 vinyl on Equation Records (E=mc11).
DARV SH: etymological persian source for Dervish, it means doorway (metaphor for being between this word and the netherworld. AJIN: hebrew for Eye. It also means Colour or Source and is the 16th letter of the hebrew alphabet. The right eye that looks into the sky for transcendence, the left eye that looks to the ground to the worg of god (one that dances and the other that speaks) -> balance of contradictions." [credits]

"Troum has brought us to another fantastic dreamstate. This anticipated new release is the tenth installment in the Lactamase 10" series. Each side has the driving force of a sonic spiral that will leave your head spinning. Play it loud and the revolving pulse will envelop your being. You may find yourself levitating.." [Anomalous Records about "Darve Sh"]

label: www.nefryt.serpent.pl