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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Dark Ambient Radio Volume 1

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Dark Ambient Radio
Release Year: 2008
Note: the great internet radio-programme from Hamburg presents its first compilation, with exclusive material from PHELIOS, SVARTSINN & ALLSEITS, AH CAMA-SATZ & ALL SIDES, MEGATONE, DARK MUSE, STEPHEN PARSICK, and some newcomers
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.50

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Das Hamburger Internet-Radio "Dark-Ambient-Radio" steht seit einigen Jahren fr ein anspruchsvolles Programm und bietet den Hrern zudem eine Plattform fr Austausch & Kommunikation. Auf der ersten CD-Compilation des Independent-Senders finden sich einige bekanntere Acts, aber berwiegend gibt es wohl fr die meisten was neues zu entdecken. Im Dark Ambient Genre mischen sich der Sinn fr Geruschhaftes und Soundeffekte mit der Sehnsuchtsweite der Drones, wobei harmonische Elemente oft ein minimales Gerst bilden.
Dabei sollen dunkle, kosmische, melancholische Atmosphren entstehen... Die "Dark-Ambient-Radio" Zusammenstellung fhrt das sehr schn vor, unsere persnlichen Highlights kommen von: SVARTSINN & ALLSEITS (die "andere Seite" von ALL SIDES), NAGUAL ART, PHELIOS...

"At eleven the track-count stops and another marvelous sampler will have played on your stereo. With the title Dark-Ambient-Radio, Vol. 1, there is not much to guess about the content of this album.
The collected artists on this sampler are in between completely new and world-famous (within the genre that is). The absolute most well-known on here is Ah Cama-Sotz, but also Svartsinn and Phelios have earned their place in the dark ambient genre already.
For Evoke Scurvee, Nihil Communication, Mytrip, and Nagual Art this is the first occurence on a CD. All others on this album have had releases before, so depending on how much you like dark ambient, you might have stumbled upon tracks or releases already.
So the balance of "something old, something new" slightly tilts towards the "new" and that is always good. Getting to know new names and finding the well hidden pearl in the oyster gives you the feeling there is still stuff to explore in an at times slow developing genre.
But does this album contain dark ambient? Well, yes and no. Partially there is definitly some references toward the definition, but at times there is also a lot of experimentation with fieldrecordings, samples, drones, and emotion. A purist would call file those tracks under drones or experimental. But let's just f*ck purism this time. :-)
A must-have for explorers and those dark of mind ..." [Bauke van der Wal / Gothtronic]

& live-stream at: www.darkambientradio.de