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MACHINEFABRIEK / BLACK TO COMM - Stofstuk / Stickstoff

Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: Dekorder
Release Year: 2007
Note: lim. 100 grey marbled vinyl / handstamped labels / 100 different individual covers (handprinted laserprints)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

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" ....So consider this a best case scenario, two AQ faves, both masters of abstract drone and beautiful ambience, each given a side to do what they do, and it sounds like the two groups worked off each others sounds. Thats how great these two tracks sound together.
Machinefabriek goes way minimal, a super abstract, nearly static tone poem, each note stretched out into long barely pulsing streaks, rich luxuriant tones allowed to ring out and slowly subside, crystalline and gorgeously minimal, the lows deep and fluid, the highs soft and shimmery, a subtle sound that dissipates softly, as if it was designed to be a constant fade out from the very first note.
Black To Comm unfurl clouds of reverberating tones, thick billows of metallic shimmer, deftly (and VERY subtly) crafted into muted melodies, sounding like a louder, more dense reinterpretation of the Machinefabriek track. Chimes and bells, smeared into blurs of warm melodic drone, distant percussive twinkles, all wrapped up in BTCs gorgeous dreamlike sprawl.
Pressed on beautiful swirled grey vinyl, and packed with an original full color, hand painted collaged insert/cover, every one is
different. LIMITED TO ONLY 100 COPIES!!!!" [Aquarius Records review]