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WATSON, CHRIS - Oceanus Pacificus

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Touch Seven TS02
Release Year: 2007
Note: field recordings from the Humboldt current around the Galapagos Islands / locked grooved 7" on both sides
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.50

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TOUCH frdert die 7"-Kultur mit einer wunderbar gestalteten Reihe - das Material dieser Kleinode gibt es nur auf Vinyl und nicht als digitalen Download zu kaufen! Nr. 2 in der Serie kommt von CHRIS WATSON, der wieder unglaublich plastische Feldaufnahmen unter Wasser gemacht hat, und zwar vom Humbold-Strom in der Nhe der Galapagos-Inseln (eine Seite 3 Meter tief, die andere 10 Meter)!

" Brand new two track 7" from sound recordist extraordinaire Chris Watson. Having done time in both the Hafler Trio and Cabaret Voltaire, Watson deals now almost exclusively in unadulterated field recordings, mostly of nature and wildlife. Past full lengths have
been huge hits around here, and this single is just as compelling. Demonstrating that, it takes much more than a tape recorder and a
microphone to capture magical field recordings. It takes an amazing ear, and a bit of technical savvy, one listen to these two tracks, recorded underwater around the Galapagos Islands, make that abundantly clear.
Two tracks, each recorded at a different depth, both dense and deep, rife with all manner of unexpected sonic subtleties. The first at 3 meters, is gorgeous and clear, it sounds nearly the same underwater as above, the sounds of the boat, and the water lapping
against it, sea gulls, what sound like stones knocking against one another, all of these sounds wrapped in that haunting undersea
shimmer, and captured perfectly, crystal clear and so vibrant. The flipside finds us dipping down to 10 meters and the sound changes dramatically, deeper and more resonant, all the sounds more warbly and indistinct, burbling and languid, muted and softly glimmering, all naturally smeared into a warm soft focus soundscape of underwater drones, and muted sonic events. So lovely. And both sides end with gorgeously hypnotic locked grooves, which were so nice, we ended up letting both play for a long time before realizing
they were looping...
Thick vinyl and a super striking Jon Wozencroft sleeve" [Aquarius Records]