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MIMIR - same (first)

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Streamline 1014R
Release Year: 2007
Note: totally re-worked / re-mixed version of the first MIMIR-album from 1990. Supergroup consisting of EDWARD KA-SPEL, ANDREAS MARTIN, SILVERMAN & CHRISTOPH HEEMANN
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"A completely remixed/reworked version of the first Mimir album which was originally recorded between 1989/'90 and released in 1991: Edward Ka-spel, Andreas Martin, Silverman and Christoph Heemann concentrate on a variety of analog synths and Krautrock guitars: '...immediately after he caught sight of the lights marking the town, he pressed the ejection button and felt himself flung upward with a greater violence than he had expected. For a moment he was enveloped in darkness; then, as his body spun, he saw the lights of the town again. His fall was slackening and suddenly, as the chute popped open to its full extent, he was jerked sidewise and began swinging in wide arcs. An updraft caught the chute, forcing it back toward the looming peaks and slowing the swinging; but in a moment it slid out of the updraft and was floating smoothly downward.'"
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